AP: School mascots get tips on sideline safety

AP: Mascots can face “serious physical injury” from poor visibility and from “punks” who want to hurt them, said Erin Blank, owner of Keystone Mascots. ALSO, “You’re an easy target” when you’re in costume, said Fluegel, who will be a senior at Union Endicott High School in Endicott, N.Y. “Kids want to pull my tail. Even adults are like that.” (read the entire AP report on school mascots embedded below.)

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    Okay AL,
    here is the deal.
    When confronted by punks, kick them in the balls and run! Run like an elephant/gazelle!

    I am starting a new operation against Auburn. It will be called “Operation Crimson Balls”.

    I will personally start a fund and donate $1,000 to it, IF Big Al will kick Aubie the Tiger in the balls at the next Iron Bowl. I will sweeten that offer to $5,000 if Big Al will kick Pat Dye in the ass and pull his pants down. And I will pay $1.000 to the first person who posts it on YouTube.

    If the writing on the check is a little shakey it is only because I will be laughing myself shitless.

    Just in case you need instruction this video should be helpful.

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