Shane: Race for the National Crown

By Shane from Centerpoint

If the recent trend in college football continues into the 2009 campaign, there is no doubt in my mind that the Southeastern Conference has three teams who have an excellent shot at winning the crown. With the Florida Gators being the national pick as the pre-season leader, Urban Meyer has a shot at his third trophy. LSU’s Les Miles has the talent to go all the way as well and he has quality depth at all positions. However, the team with everything in place resides in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Head Coach Nick Saban has his Crimson Tide ready to make a run and I’m about to make a case explaining why.

The first place one should look for evidence is in Alabama’s defensive front seven. Saban has quietly stockpiled “blue-chip” depth, with fourteen players in the two-deep rotation that could start for any team in the nation. Opponents will be hard–pressed to run the ball on this defense, and most will be rendered one-dimensional. Also, Saban personally trains the defensive backfield, which is loaded with three experienced upper-classmen. Consider the addition of the number-one cornerback prospect in the country, Dre Kirkpatrick, and couple that with the front seven, you’ll quickly surmise that Alabama’s defense is going to be a force. Defense wins championships and this year’s version is championship–caliber.

The second biggest factor in Bama’s rise to the top has to be the improved play of the special teams. The Tide’s secret weapon, Javier Arenas, is one of the top kick–return specialists in the nation. His uncanny ability and elusive style can change field position in a heartbeat, creating a short field for the offense or – at any time – Arenas might take it to the house. He is a proven weapon that teams prepare for, but rarely stop.

Third in line stands the key to Alabama’s season. His name is Greg McElroy. Recently, at the Manning Passing Academy, Alabama’s 2009 signal–caller finished dusting-off Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford, Texas quarterback Colt McCoy, and Ole Miss’ Jevan Sneed (among others) – during the final quarterback passing competition – to finish second. By the way, Texas A&M’s Jerrod Johnson won. As I’ve said before, G-mac will be much better than many expect. I personally think he will be Bama’s best since Stabler.

The next area where I think Alabama will be better than its competition is in the receiving corps. Everyone knows about Julio Jones. He is going to get his catches and yards, no matter how many defenders are covering him. The big question has been concerned with who might be the go-to-guy on the opposite side. Marquis Maze is the answer. He is ready to step up and prove his worth. Maze clocked “forties” in high-school down in the 4.18 range. Speed kills and he has it. Marquis also has the hands and moves to compliment that speed. This position is very deep in talent.

The tight ends will also play a large role in the passing game. Colin Peek and Brad Smelly are going to give McElroy a great third–alternative target, and each has the ability to run well with the ball after the catch.

Finally, running-back Mark Ingram, who took the SEC by storm last year, is due for a breakout year. He has all the tools of a “super” back. The Crimson Tide will also be introducing one of the best true-freshman ball-carriers to wear the crimson jersey in many years – perhaps ever. His name is Trent Richardson. This stud, who shunned six hours of Urban Meyer’s pleadings to come and play for Nick Saban, could be the next Bo Jackson or Herschel Walker.

In essence – although most of the experts and pundits predicted from the day he was hired that Nick Saban would win a national championship in his fourth season – I am pulling the trigger and saying that this (his third) is the year. Knowing that Florida and LSU stand in the way doesn’t change my opinion one bit.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. See you in September.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 2
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Good grief Shane. You have officially cursed your team.

    G-mac the best since Stabler ? WHAT !!! Hold on man. I remember the last Bama quarterback you said that about. Brody Croyle. Im sure he appriciated your curse.

    The dude hasnt started a game yet. For the love man. Wake up.

    Then Richardson is the next Bo Jackson and Herschell Walker. Your out of your mind . He is a true freshman.

    For these kids sakes quit putting so much pressure on them. They probably will be very good, but your expectations are laughable.

  2. 3

    You opinions are right on the money. The only thing you left out is the offensive line which I believe will not be a weakness, but instead a huge strength. We have some serious talent that will be moving up to take the place of the 3 lost on the OL. Also, with all the major games being played in T-Town or on a neutral field just solidifies our good chance at a national title run.

  3. 4

    Man am I ready for some ALABAMA FOOTBALL !!! I can’t wait to get a hold of some hokies and show the world how mighty the Tide will be. The G-Mac will roll over them while the defense shuts them down. ROLL TIDE !!!

  4. 5

    don’t worry shane, it’s not double-dipping to write columns on daddie’s dime if the citronelle crabs isn’t paying you. fyi.

  5. 6

    Shane thats a great column. Now maybe all the folks that have been bitching about you not writing enough about Bama will shut up.

    But what happens? Immediately one of those that complain, play with his balls, jump on you for applying pressure. To me that is one of the greatest differences between Bama and most other schools, especially the one in east Alabama, the expectations in Tuscaloosa, and the most of the State are always high.

    If as a player you can’t play under that type pressure you shouldn’t be at Bama. Trouble is for most other teams, Bama’s players understand that way before they ever commit to play for the Tide.

    That’s also what separates Bama’s fans from most others. Most teams and fans hope to win a NC one day, Bama folks not only want it, they expect it. To put on the Crimson and White places you in a league that only a few other colleges understand. The only one in the SEC right now that has somewhat of that understanding is Florida, but they are a johnny come lately themselves.

    All in the SEC know that Bryant/Denny is the Mecca of College Football, but few will admit it. People will say yeah, yeah, yeah, but let me share one brief story of a team that visited the Mecca a few years ago from the BIG X, or whatever it is called now. This guy is a close friend of mine and played in that conference having grown up, up North. He said all he ever heard was about at the Horse-Shoe, which he did. He said their visit to the Mecca, nothing compares to it, and I have heard that echoed many times over from other visitors.

    Problem with most folks around the SEC is they know this but have been able to keep Bama in check for a few years now, but Saban and Company have them standing on the threshold again!


  6. 7
    Indiana Vol

    “RammerJammerJim Says:
    Bama is going to be a war machine this season.”

    Yep, just like last year when the Crimson Turd was embarrassed by Florida and UTAH!

    rammer-jammer, yeller-hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  7. 8
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Bryant Denny the Mecca ? Wow Carl. That “MECCA” holds a whopping 1 game all time vs. Auburn there. We own that stadium. PERIOD. Facts are a bitch arent they ?

  8. 9

    nice try,
    Nick has never had back to back 10 game winning seasons in his 22 year coaching career.
    you guys are drinking the koolaid .Everything went bama’s way last year.
    losses this year to tennessee,ole miss ,lsu and virginia tech.
    or bama will win one of them and lose one upset game.
    After the losses the bama fans will come back down to earth

  9. 10

    Have u bama fans forgot about lsu? We have just as much talent as u, we have won more bcs championships than anyone, and we have been killing u guys this decade. We had a horrible year last year and u were lucky to leave death valley with a win. U act like no other team has talent like u do, wake up!I’ve been to Bryant denny 2 years ago when we were # 1 and it wasn’t anything like tiger stadium, not even close. All I’m saying is open your eyes and don’t write checks your azz can’t cash!

  10. 11
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Hey IndiVol….I might not bet that Auburn will beat TN at knoxville this year, but I sure wouldn’t bet against it. For the past several years, your team has not been able to beat Auburn when Auburn was at the top of their game (2004-twice), or at the bottom (2008-once.) That’s the facts.

    Carl I do agree with you about one thing. To expect the best, you’ve got to demand the best. Auburn has not always demanded the best, and it has shown. I have been mixed in the past about Tubby’s firing, or Lowder’s involvement with the program, but the bottom line is this: If Auburn wants to be a consistent elite program, and pay their coach an elite salary, we should expect elite results year in and year out. There should be no 5-7 embarrasments, or 8-5 mediocrity (2003) when you have the best backfield in college football. I believe Auburn is beginning to think that way, and results should be coming to a stadium near you soon. (Please disregard the hiring of a 5-19 head coach….that kind of blows a hole in my theory. Hopefully that was just an anomaly.)

  11. 12


    I got your anomaly, and will raise you 1 hyperbole.

    Ball play, yeah y’all have owned Bryant/Denny of late, but that to my friend is over, and it still doesn’t take away the fact that it is the Mecca.

    Lsu, y’all are about to find yourselves back in familiar territory, behind Bama and Auburn. I been to that hell hole y’all call tiger stadium many times and I wouldn’t trade you a good shack in east Alabama for it.

    Sux Vol, why don’t you go hang with the other SUXS, because you and your vols SUX! Y’all should become the gator2 school, because just like your coach you are all mouth and NO ass.

  12. 13

    about to fall behind auburn and Alabama huh? What do u base that comment on? Your psychic ability? Get real, I speak facts, not trash talking what I thinks gonna happen. Alabama is not the class of the sec and hasn’t been in a long time. Auburn has never. We have been this decade along with Florida. This may change next decade but who knows, but until then, we can talk all we want and u can’t! Wait your turn.

  13. 15
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    i Carly. You are huffing paint my friend. If there was a Mecca for Bama ball it was Legion Field. But that was a looooooong time ago.

  14. 16

    Aside from going undefeated and winning the BCS national championship, Alabama will obviously go on and get a spot in the NFL playoffs, where they will surely win the Super Bowl. There is not a doubt in my mind that Alabama will NOT be stopped this year; it’s simply impossible.

    Also, once Alabama reaches #1 in all the polls (probably by the 2nd or 3rd week, easily) they will not list a #2 team in the polls, simply because the gap in talent and ability between Alabama and the next *scoff*scoff* team is that obvious.

  15. 17
    Gator Guru

    Because I was laughing so hard at the content, I didn’t even finish reading the article, blog, commentary, whatever you want to call this Shane Sez thing. The only reason I looked at it is because my buddy in Birmingham sent me the link to Finebaum to read his latest insight on Urban going to South Bend. It seems EVERYONE on here is on crack!

    Is Shane and Carl the same person or just Siamese Twins conected at the head? Let me remind and put into perspective the way this season will pan out. Florida will win it’s 3rd National Championship in 4 years…undisputed! Same defense…will be better, better, faster offense, TEBO, TEBO, TEBO and URBAN, URBAN, URBAN.

    I understand how easy it is to get carried away before a season starts…we used to do that (many years ago) at Florida when we didn’t have great success. Bama has a new offensive line, new key players on defense and a new, green QB. Beside Florida and Utah, I can think of at least 10 or 12 teams better than Bama, none of which are currently in a 2 game losing streak! I think LSU will win the west despite Les Miles.

    Anyway guys, thanks for the laugh, it made my Monday! Keep up the enthusiasm, it makes Gator victories that much better!

    Tebo for president! It’s time for a real leader!

  16. 18

    It still makes me roll every time I hear you bammers talk about how great McElroy is. You truly believe that your qb play will be instantly improved, and you don’t even ask yourself why McElroy didn’t start last year if that were true. Spare me the “JPW was a senior” crap. You think Saban would have given a flying rip about that if he thought that McElroy would have even given him a 1% better chance of winning? See, that’s the same stupid mentality that makes you believe that McElroy is better than Bradford and McCoy because he put up better skeleton stats at a freakin’ passing camp. He threw for a 50% completion rate in a freakin’ scrimmage with two picks and now you geniuses think he’s the best thing since Stabler??????? Bud Foster’s got something waiting for Stabler-2 in the Ga-Dome, and it ain’t no certificate from a quarterback camp.

  17. 19
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Ohhhh….julio….You didnt realize that he was throwing against ALABAMAS defense in the spring , did you ? If it were any other defense , he would have thrown for 100% with 17 touchdowns and 1465 yards…

    Sorry to be a jerk julio, but what were you thinking ?

  18. 20
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Gator Guru….forget about Finebaum’s theory on Meyer. No one really knows if Meyer is staying or not (even Meyer), especially Finebaum. Take it from someone who knows the song and dance……Finebaum preached that crap about Tuberville for 6 years. “He’s going to Arkansas….no Texas A&M….no Miami….he’s not really on a hunting trip, he’s fishing for a better job….blah, blah,blah.” Any team/coach that presents an obstacle to bammer winning, he tries to stir up controversy and fracture the team’s fanbase.

  19. 21
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    You see julio, what you saw wasnt a lack G-MACs ability , but the phenomonal defense that Alabama has. Its all about perspective .

  20. 22


    Class in the same sentence with the kitties from Baton Rouge, now that’s one for the books. Once upon a time there were a few class folks associated with lswho, but that along with most everything else except the chemical plants and the shit holes known as Louisiana was washed away by Katrina.

    Keep on running your coon-ass mouth because come August you will wish you had been washed away as well.

    One of the high points of the season for me used to be LSU-BAMA weekend, but since y’all had a little success the only team I would place on y’alls level would be the SUX VOLS. Rude, arrogant, stinking, mixed bred mongrels is not he type I enjoy watching a game with.

    But like you said, you can run that mouth all you want, the seasons coming and you along with Sux Vol will be lost among the rocks you crawled out from under.

    Bama is back and that is something you or any of the other anti-Bama posters on this blog refuse to accept.

  21. 23

    playing with balls, (who’s I’m not sure)

    You seem to have Bama’s Q.B. all figured out so lets talk about the cow paddy slinger on the plains. Do they even know who it is? Best I remember the 2 starters for the toilet paper spring game really shined as well. I guess just like Mac though they were playing against the best defense since the start of college football.

    I had begun to think that you were somewhat more level headed than the dumb asses that post on here from the other wanna bes, wrong again.

    The only person I can’t really, in good heart, argue with on here is the Gator fan. I don’t know if Florida can be beat this year, but it wasn’t that long ago people thought the same thing and Bama beat them twice in that year, one in the mighty mud hole.

    FACT: Bama is loaded with talent, they have one of the finest coaches to ever walk the sidelines, and a fan base that will go anywhere to see them play. I made my predictions earlier and I stand by them, but I don’t think many people were giving them a chance in ’92 either.

    Whether its this year or next, Bama is about to go on a roll for a number of years, while you, sux vol, and bait boy try to figure out what has happened.

    Keep running that mouth, the clock is ticking. TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK, you got 53 more days.

  22. 25

    1 season means nothing. Just like our bad season last year means nothing. If we had perilloux and pelini last year we win the west again. I don’t remember lsu getting to the sugar bowl and losing to anybody much less Utah! And if I remember right we beat notre dame, Illinois, and Oklahoma in sugar bowls this decade. Not to mention Ohio state in the bcs championship game. 1 hell of a resume huh? And bama? Lol! U have been a joke this decade. Even when u were supposed to be good a few years back, what happens?lsu wins!

  23. 26
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Hey tigerbait…SEC football didn’t begin in 2003. You guys aren’t the class of the SEC in any respect. Your obnoxious, greasy headed, drunk fanbase has assured that will never be the case. Seriously, y’all are an absolute embarrasment to the SEC.
    As for the ultimate ON THE FIELD achievement (I’m not talking about NC games you by lucky chance backed in to), how many undefeated seasons have y’all put together?? Since you apparently think SEC football began in 2003, let me answer it for you. Zero. Zip. Nada. Auburn has 3 and counting. Now go eat a corndog you stinking yankee want a be.

  24. 27

    Lsu also is loaded with talent, also has great coaches and also has a great fan base that will travel anywhere! U r not the only great program in the country. Truth is is there are quite a few and every year Is different. A few injuries or bonehead players hurt alot. It’s good to root for your team, but let’s be logical here. Geaux tigers!

  25. 28

    Im talking this decade. We won the sugar bowl in 2001. We have been the class of the sec this decade. It’s a fact, look at the numbers. And if u r talking about auburn, u did have a great football team in 04 and deserved to play in that game but what happened that year against lsu? U won 10-9 on a bull call on an extra point at your field with your greatest team ever.

  26. 29
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    You might be alright…..but lsu fans in general suck a big one. Y’all have been the team of this decade based on wins and championships, but to say Auburn has never been the class of the SEC is wrong. Check out the 80’s for example. No other team had more SEC championships.

    Auburn will tie our series up for this decade this season……5 and 5, count on it.

  27. 30

    What exactly has the great Saban won at Alabama? Oh yea, an Independence Bowl, which was during that same year he couldn’t out coach La-Monroe with at least twice as much talent, but now just because he’s got “stockpiled blue chip depth” he can beat anybody! Well compared to La-Monroe he had 3 times the stock piled depth he needed to beat that team. So what happened? Could it have been Coaching? No way not with the Great Saban as the coach! Well we know it wasn’t because Alabama had less talent, right? Maybe it was just that the football gods didn’t like Alabama then, but now they do and Alabama will go undefeated every year from now!

  28. 31

    He can sure sell this SHIT to Citronelle!
    He was pimpin it on Finebum today. That Mcelroy crap… just wai till hes got LB and Defenxe coming at him. NO lie I can throw a football 40 yrds thru a tire 8 outta 10 times but you put SEC BIGUNSCOMINGAT ME AND IM DONE

  29. 32

    TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  30. 33


    Talk to me 11/08/2009.

    Take the c l out of class and by george I believe you would hit yourself and team, and coach square in the head.

  31. 34

    Class at LSU!

    Now thats funny right there I don’t care what nobody says, but you know what they say, “you can’t fix stupid, or a coon-ass for that matter.”

  32. 35

    bait, if you would take the c l out of class you would have no argument from me. Teams do go back and forth, kinda like a pendulum of a clock. For a few years now, prior to ’08 it seemed the pendulum had stuck for Alabama, but we have it running again now.

    But to claim that your pussy cats are the class of the SEC because they have had some success since ’03. Now I’m going to say something that all of you always come back with, yeah that was then and this is now. Bama has 21 SEC crowns, 12 N.C., more bowl wins than anyone, more bowl games than anyone. Don’t talk to me about class if wins equal class.

    I have saw some of the most classless teams and fans have runs where there hot a little while, (flash in the pan), i.e. Miami. Wins don’t require class, however dynasty does.

    Does a certain coach mean class, if so then the class of the SEC at present goes to Georgia, and yeah I know about the Florida game, but even with that he has more class than probably all the other SEC coaches combined. I would rate Urban high on that list as well.

    Bama and Auburn have owned the coon ass school forever. The only teams you can talk your crap to and make any sense at all are west of Alabama. You have exactly the coach you deserve, just as classless as all the pussybait hollering idiots that can’t even spell go.

  33. 36
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    We Barners and Bammers hate the crap outta each other, but even we can agree that your coonass, corndog smellin selves are out of your minds. I wont even drive my truck to a game vs LSU at Auburn for fear you degenerates will cut my tires. the Saban fled for the hills to get out of that swamp with the first job he could find.

  34. 37

    Nick and Terry hated that cesspool; would rather rais their kids in Ttown. Didn’t like Miami either, snother cesspool. They are happy at home.

  35. 38
    E.G White

    What’s so hard for you inbred retards to believe about GMAC? Are you blinded by hate and predjudice, just plain stupid, or both? I’ve been warning you about him for 7 months. Why shouldn’t he beat the other Texas qb’s Bradford, McCoy and Snead in head to head competition? He was better than them in high school, and now that he’s got his chance he’s gonna be better than them in college – not to mention that he has better rb’s and recievers to help him out than those other qb’s have, and as soon as Fluker and the rest of the ol gets their mojo working together he’ll have a better line in front of him too. Oh yeah, dipshit, as far as playing against an SEC defense being tougher than throwing footballs through tires – well damn, he seemed to be pretty accurate in the face of the mighty Barner defensive rush!!! 36-0!!! People seem to be forgeting that Va. Tech is a running team and that spells their doom against our defense. After we slaughter them we’ll go wire to wire as #1. RTR!

  36. 39
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO, PEOPLE! “INDIANA VOL,” and I’m backtracking a bit because I read your comments concerning the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry after Shane’s last article. The rivalry between ‘Bama & the Vols started DEGENERATING with the hire of PHIL FULMER. HE more than any other turned this into a war. The history of hiring & firing coaches at Tennessee REVOLVES around the SUCCESS THAT A HEAD COACH HAS AGAINST ALABAMA! You probably don’t remember Bill Battle, but he played for Coach Bryant at Alabama and was the head coach for the Vols from 1969 to 1976. From ’71 to ’76 the Tide OWNED TENNESSEE. 6 straight losses to Alabama equals being FIRED. Y’all had more patience with Johnny Majors because he’s one of your own. The OWNERSHIP that ‘Bama had on this rivalry continued after Majors’ hiring (1977-1981). From 1982-1985 all were HAPPY up on “Rocky Top” because under the leadership of Coach Majors (who I respect, BTW) y’all put together a string of 4 in a row. All close games decided by 7 points or less but y’all won and y’all were happy. During these years this was A CLASSY RIVALRY. Sure, we hated losing 4 in a row but Bammers & Vol Fans got along with each other. When y’all started losing again and ESPECIALLY after our UPSET of Tennessee in 1990, that’s when the heat got turned up on Coach Majors. In 1992 y’all pulled the plug on Coach Majors even though he led the Vols to yet another winning season & bowl berth because of a 7-year LOSING STREAK to Alabama. The UT AD Doug Dickey and UT Asst. Phil Fulmer and others performed the “coup-de-ta” and EVEN THEN y’all didn’t beat us until 1995. AS FOR THE REASON why WE CAN’T STAND UT, its mainly because of Phil Fulmer. Yeah, he was the “secret witness” that the NCAA used in the Albert Means recruiting scandal, but there are some lawyers that followed a “paper trail” that led back to Phil Fulmer that suggests VERY STRONGLY that the “Fulmer Regime” CUT A DEAL WITH THE NCAA to keep from being PENILIZED FOR ACADEMIC FRAUD. The “Fulmer Regime’s” end of the deal was to supply evidence if illegal recruiting by Alabama. Now I MUST SAY that this is all “ALLEGED,” but the evidence is VERY STRONG. What really upset us BAMMERS is that the NCAA uncovered a “bidding process” that was was going on for Albert Means’ services as a player in which SEVERAL SCHOOLS including UT WERE PARTICIPATING IN AND WE WERE THE ONLY ONES WHO GOT PENILIZED. Sure, we deserved to be put on probation but WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER UNIVERSITIES WHO WERE BIDDING? They got caught with their “pants down,” too.

  37. 40
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    NOW as for Shane’s prognostications concerning the upcoming season, I AGREE that ‘Bama WILL WIN THE WEST. As for the National Championship, I agree we DO HAVE THE DEFENSE, but THERE ARE serious question marks ON OFFENSE. Hey, I HOPE HE’S RIGHT, but I’m NOT GONNA PREDICT A National Championship. SEC Championship? Very STRONG possibility. Some GATOR FANS have FORGOTTEN how tough their team had to play to beat us.

  38. 43

    Thank you, thank you, thank you St. Clair. Your last two posts are excellent, trouble with all these other pan flashes their programs have always been measured to Bama’s, and on very few years have they been able to measure up. Tennessee being an excellent example.

    Everyone knows that Battle was fired because he couldn’t beat Bama or Auburn. Majors as you said had the same problem.

    The only school that has come close to measuring to Bama through out the years in the SEC is Georgia, but there again in head to head play Bama holds that edge as well.

    Bama holds a winning edge against every other SEC school and have done that with a target on their back, year in year out. Thats why I said the other day its one thing to talk a good game, but to deliver year in and year out, no one in the SEC can measure to Bama.

    In a nut shell thats all of their problem, for as long as we wallowed around with Shula, Fran, Dubose, we were, or had become just like the rest of the SEC, maybe have a good year every 4 or 5 years.

    AS far as the future, if Florida is able to keep a good staff in place, they are going to be hard to stop. With all the talent in the High Schools there, Charles from reel town could win 6 or 7 a year as their coach.

    I honestly hate to say this, but it is going to be soooooo funny watching these other schools struggle for awhile, because if most of them would tell the truth they all wished Bama had got the death penalty.

    But boys like I have said on here several times, you have had your chance. Didn’t happen, times up, and the count down has began to what will be a most memorable season for all concerned, in the case of all, except Florida, Ole Miss., and Bama I’m afraid its one the rest will want to forget.

  39. 45
    Got Saban?

    Tiger Bait…


    And of course, YOU LOST TO DADDY NICK!

    Got Saban? YOU SURELY DON’T!!!!!!

  40. 47
    Got Saban?

    By the way, did any of you envious/wannabe Alabama fans hear about McElroy finishing second at the Manning camp ahead of Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, and Jevan Snead?

    Spit all the trash out now, because when the season arrives you idiots won’t be found until two months after Alabama obliterates you. Then you can move on to talking up next season and how “bad” we’ll be. You can also talk about how “bad” we’ll be in recruiting as well.

    You guys are so pitiful. It must suck wanting to be Alabama.

  41. 48
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    You are just another pompous bammer. its a good thing that “G MAC” did well at this passing camp….Hoooray for you. bbut if your suggesting that he is now a better quarterback than McCoy or Bradford (1 hiesman finalist and 1 heisman winner) you are hopeless.

  42. 49

    Sorry I haven’t been around for the fun this week. Shane, great article btw.
    Carl, you’re keeping ’em stirred up on here this week. You guys better be careful. I know ole Carl and that’s one crazy S.O.B. And he’s been to every stadium in the SEC just lookin for trouble. But they say that’s what the war will do to you, ain’t that right Carl?
    Although I am a quint essential Alabama fan, I guess I’m drinking the Tebow Kool-aid right now. Until someone can stop the Gators, they’ve got to be considered the team. But all I can say to you Gator fans is you better enjoy it this year. Because next year you’ll be looking for a new QB and head coach, and I don’t care what the Urban Myth comes out and says. Cheers Mates!

  43. 50
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Jeez….has anyone read Finebaum’s latest column on Ole Miss? I didn’t know you could bash a team that many times in one column. Seems a little odd coming from someone who has said they will most likely beat bama and auburn this year. I’m not sure they will make it to Atlanta, but they will be a major threat to anybody they play.

    By the way, obama, Carl has kept up the good fight quite nicely during your absence. If egg white and Carl got into a fight, my money would be on Carl, hands down.

  44. 51
    Indiana Vol

    Carl the Moron wrote:
    “All in the SEC know that Bryant/Denny is the Mecca of College Football”. What he meant to write is All in the SEC know that Bryant/Denny is the Mecca of College Football and home to the dirtiest cheaters and most classless fans in inn college football.

    Here is what was said by the the top rated player in the state of Tennessee, Jacques Smith:

    ” “They want me to come up for another visit,” Smith said. “Coach (Joe) Pendry, the offensive line coach, said I’m the only person in Alabama’s whole recruiting history that said they didn’t like the campus.

    “I really don’t like Alabama’s campus. I don’t like their football team, either.”

    This kid is smarter than the Crimson Turd, its fans and recruits and should be given a scholarship based on his statement!

  45. 52

    WOW, AMAZING. Shaneola can write an article and not mention Auburn. Too bad he is still a coward for still not mentioning ANOTHER probation for the most cheating institution in recent history. Guess yall figure that if he doesn’t mention it, it didn’t really happen. Still staring down the barrel of that gun.

  46. 54
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Finwbaum is just stirring the pot. We all know he cant write an article about anyone without slandering them. I agree with him on Ole Miss. Htey arent gonna live up to the hype. Nutt couldnt cut it with the studs he had a Arky , he sure aint gonna do it at Ole Miss if he didnt do it last year. Plus Greg Hardy may be done for the first half of the year. It could get real ugly. I predict the Ole Miss / Nutt honymoon will be over after this years. the Rebs win 6 or 7 games.

  47. 55
    Indiana Vol

    Carl the Crimson Turd Moron forgot to mention Phil Fulmer in his drivel.

    Hey MORON, what was the Crimson Turd’s record vs Phillip Fulmer????

  48. 56

    Sux Vol, I didn’t know we keep records based on coaches. You idiot. I will agree though that the Sux Vols should give that kid a pass. One thing for sure, if his orange shit ass don’t like it here we damn sure don’t want him here.

    When are they going to renumber the seats at the Sux stadium and call it an expansion. What is it up to now 150,000? Whatever the number is you couldn’t put that many 10 year olds there, must less an average size adults.

    How is ole phat phil doing now with his tomato stand? Oh I forgot they ran your inbred ass out from there.

    Later SUX BOY!!!

  49. 59

    in all seriousness here, I don’t speak in code. If your puke-orange-sux-ass has something to say to me, say it. Don’t be sending me some coded message. But I guess being from that suxstate, you have to speak in code because no one can understand your dumbass hillbilly English. You said they wanted that second-rate recruit to go back “up” to Alabama for another visit. Stupid SuxBOY. Last time I checked Mecca is south of that suxstate. He’s the top recruit in suxstate? Big deal. Just tells me that high school football must sux there. We don’t want puke-ass-sux-people in our state, let alone on the football team.
    Does this mean something to you… eat me SUXBOY!! Nevermind, your queer-sux-ass probably would.

  50. 60

    One other thing Suxs, will you be at the game this year, Bama vs Sux vols?

    If so let me know, I’d sure like to meet your dumb Sux ass. I guess its probably to far from, wherever your at. Load ole phat phil and his tomato wagon and come on down, we’ll show you some real southern hospitality.

    Bama is going to kick y’alls ass so bad laney will probably be offering Nick some of his wife at half to call off the dogs.

  51. 62

    Shane, I totally agree with you. This defense is going to be nasty and with Javy returning kicks, our offense might not even play! We will beat Tebow and McCoy to be #1. Roll Tide

  52. 63

    Oh Yeah, Ole Miss is going to choke away 3 to 4 games this year to be this seasons dissappointing team. Hotty Toddy……..NOT RTR

  53. 64
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! SHANE, you said something about Greg McElroy being the best QB since Kenny Stabler. HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN about RICHARD TODD? Great QB that went on to have a productive NFL career. What about JEFF RUTLEDGE? Very long & notable career in the pros, also; he was considered as one of the BEST backup QB’s in the league for several years. YEAH, HE WAS A BACKUP in the NFL but nevertheless, ANYONE who achieves LONGEVITY in that league deserves some props. Dude, I SERIOUSLY HOPE that YOU ARE RIGHT, but I have my reservations. ITS TOUGH in the SEC to break in a new QB. Coach Joe Pendry is a QUALITY OL COACH, but ANYTIME you have to find & fill 3 brand new starters for an offensive line its considered a DAUNTING TASK.

  54. 65
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! Hey CARL; good to hear from you. ITS ALWAYS INTERESTING to hear any & ALL REBUTTALS from someone like “INDIANA VOL” or in this case, “SUX VOL.” I’m still waiting…TICK…TICK…TICK…still no rebuttal? I GUESS “INDIANA VOL” has problems DEALING with the TRUTH! Yo, AUROX (I have a problem with that but its just a name); yes, the NCAA sent me a copy…JUST KIDDING, SERIOUSLY! No, I’m just an SEC Football fan/junkie that makes an effort to keep up with the goings-on in the BEST College Conference IN THE ENTIRE NATION! Sure, I enjoy Big XII, Pac-10 and occasionally ACC & Big 10+1 games but they CAN’T COMPARE with the SEC. Maybe its a REGIONAL BIAS, but I LOVE IT! The SEC ROX! ROLLTIDEROLL! Later!

  55. 66

    Wow. what kind of toxic fumes have you been huffing up there in the hoosier state?

    We know that since you are a Vol, you have drank enough radiator distilled moonshine to retard a whale. But jeez dude. You come up with some the most seizure-like thoughts and ideas I have read in years.
    At first glimpse, you appear to be knowledgeable and then when someone actually devotes 10 seconds to reading your spew it becomes clear that you have been Mike Tyson’s punching dummy.
    Do yourself a favor and give up.
    Your team is coached by (pardon me while I laugh) the Al Davis REJECT Lane Kiffen.
    How much credibility and respect could your posts command?
    Seriously Dude. Your coach is a snotty nosed punk and you still blindly follow him and try to talk down to b

  56. 67

    ….etter programs than you have at UT.
    Do yourself a favor. Go hug Phil Fulmer’s unwashed left nut and thank him for giving you the national championship Lane Kiffen never will.

  57. 68
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    i Carly, Please quit threatening to “whoop” everyone. I know your a Vet, but dude that is getting real lame. You are going to end up saying that garbage to the wrong person one day , and youll end up in the E.R. Keep in mind that this is an internet message board. Aight ?

  58. 69
    Indiana Vol

    Carl the Crimson Turd MORON has again displayed his lack of class, brains and education.

    Keep talking Moron! When Kiffin goes 10-2 and kicks the crap out of Satan and the Crimson Turd, I will be here looking for all of you dirty, cheating bastards because you will be running for cover with the rest of the hillbilly Bammer Morons!

  59. 70
    Indiana Vol

    “One other thing Suxs, will you be at the game this year, Bama vs Sux vols?”

    I would not be caught dead in that cesspool that is Tuscaloser, especially that flea-ridden campus and stadium.

    Go kiss Nicky Satan’s ass and tell him I said he is a horse’s ass. Come to think of it Carly, you are a horse’s ass, too!

    rammer-jammer, yeller-hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  60. 72

    Joker that plays with his balls,
    Where did I say I wanted to “whoop” someone? I only ask the Sux Vol if he would be at the game this year. Here you go again reading something that ain’t there.

    Sux vol that is exactly the type response I expected from your inbred dumb ass. To defame the University of Alabama’s facilites like you did is very typical of most backwoods inbred Suxs like yourself. You have probably never attended a game outside the state of tenn. Guess its just to far that mule and wagon you travel in.

    tenn. going 10-2, you better wake up kiddo, if the Sux vols are able to even brake 500 will be shear amazement.

    Your team will be VERY lucky to stay within 25 points of most teams on their schedule this year. Your just like your kid coach, and when he is through with his first pass through an SEC schedule he’ll be wondering how in the world he can leave that SUX state. SUX BOY!!!

  61. 73
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    i Carly….July 14th 2 9:29 maybe. Id like to meet you . Show you some “hospitality”…..Not to mention a couple weeks ago when you wanted to “whoop” me…. Using much the same language. ” Tell me when and where”…Dont try to crwdad now i Carly….You know what you meant. Usually the biggest pusses are the biggest talkers. Im wondering now if you were even a Vet.

    Just grow up.

  62. 74

    Ball play you and I did have our moment and I don’t think you want to start with me again. In the case of Sux vol I simply said I would like to show him some hospitality, such as running water, inside plumbing, and many other things I’m quite sure are foreign to the backwoods vol fan.

    You telling me to grow up, now do you really want to go there. I have never had the same type conversation with anyone else like you and I did a couple of weeks ago. You said my comments were lame, while that one time they were only directed to you.

    Now if YOU would like to revisit that, bring it on, but don’t accuse me of something that just not there.

  63. 77
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    With your tone right here and now , you only prove my point. People that continually threaten over the internet are pusses. So YES you are exhibiting pusslike behavior. Ill tell you what, if you want to meet me , then go to he 6th street railroad tracks here in Gadsden. Be there on Saturday night at 1 a.m. See how that works out for you. Be sure to show up with an attitude.

  64. 78

    O.K. joker, heres the deal. I really thought you and I had made our peace and was going to go to talking about Football. Since you are still holding some kind of personal grudge my offer is back on for YOU.

    You let me know buddy, anytime. I really don’t feel as if I should even be responding to you again about this since you already backed down once, but there it is you dumb shit, you bring it, you tell where, when and you will never have to wonder again.

    You know you are the one that has started this both times, while hiding behind a fictitious name, you don’t bring much creditability to your jerk off self. So there you have it, I can make myself available at anytime BOY!

  65. 79
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    You see, its hard to tell over the internet, if someone is full of it or not. You seem full of it. I know, and you know, what you meant with the UT fan. I called you out on the internet Chuck Norris attitude you have, and you only made yourself look like an even bigger idiot. No, I am not going to meet you i Carly. You know why ? I am an adult. Adults ( at least the ones not in prison) dont act like dumbasses and go throw down with every dipwad on the internet. That is stupid. I am not going to try to convince you that I could “whoop” you. You think because youve served that it intimadates me ? While I respect people who served, Sir, I promise , it doesnt intimadate me. Ive seen guys in uniform get stomped just like anyone else. So that doesnt impress me. I too served for 4 years. In the Army. A redleg. Ft Sill Oklahoma. You just say you cant say. What does that mean? Im not doubting you but it sounds like bull. You see, that is the whole deal with the internet. All I ask is that you quit trying to act like your gonna whoop someones butt over the internet. Its stupid. But you will respond with the typical ” your the puss cause you wont meet me” or “I knew you would chicken out” garbage.

    Just quit trying to act like your gonna go fist to cuffs because someone calls you out. the whole point of these things are to rattle each others cages.

  66. 81
    Indiana Vol

    wrote: “tenn. going 10-2, you better wake up kiddo, if the Sux vols are able to even brake 500 will be shear amazement.”


    Whena re you going to learn how to spell and use capital letters? Once again, you show you Bammer, hillbilly, backwoods, inbred education, or lack thereof.

    UP YOURS iCarly!

  67. 82

    joker, once again, it is YOU that started this crap, I am simply responding to you.

    Your the one that keeps opening up the door. If you don’t want me to walk through it, don’t open it. You did for once reference yourself by the correct name “a dipwad”

    What is laughable to me here buddy is that I wasn’t even talking to YOU but to the SUX vol. Your the one that comes out of nowhere screaming and then when someone calls you out, start talking the adult crap.

    It doesn’t matter to me for one second what you believe or don’t believe about my service for OUR Country. I do understand that pea brains like yourself can’t understand that there are things that go on that can’t be talked about.

    To me the whole problem with you is you seem to have a problem with the English language or you are trying to be a physic. How can you on any occasion know what someone is saying other than what they are saying.

    Are you a SUX vol in hiding. If not you sure sound like it BUDDY. Now go play with your thimble sized balls and leave me the F alone, Buddy BOY!

  68. 83

    Oh now the Sux vol is an English Major. Listen Suxs, I know perfectly well when CAPITAL letters are need. On a blog it is used a a type of respect, which you my Sux vol will ever get from me, nor will your Sux state tenn. SUX BOY.

  69. 85

    SUX vol, if I were to say Alabamaisgonnabeatthehelloutofthesuxvolsfromtennandsoisauburngeorgiaandfloridaandprobablymosteverybodytheyplay. Could you edit that for me Suxs?
    TICK, TICK, TOCK, I believe the Sux vol really loves cock!

  70. 87
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    i Carly…..I really dont know why your so upset. I mean, what exactly is the problem ?

  71. 89

    Ballplay looks like you have found someone that can go toe to toe with your crap in ol Carl, I know you are loving it, reminds me of me and Julio back when. Please for the love let the season begin where we can talk about who is for real and who is the pretender’s. I only hate that Aub will get a free ride this year just like all first year coaches, but let me go on record now as saying Aub will be going 5-7 and will struggle for the next few years at least, due to Tubs efforts or lack thereof. I am sure that sounds biased but I truly beleive it, based on Aubs lack of depth when injuries happen, the receivers, and the fact nobody can get it to the uninjured ones you have, you will be predictable and one dimensional, sorry just the truth.

  72. 90
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! PEOPLE, WHERE’S THE LOVE? LET’S CALM IT DOWN A BIT! JEEZ-LOUISE! Ha-ha! FOOTBALL is the name of the game! AND NOW…back to the TRUE NATIONAL PASTIME of our beloved Country. OKAY, JUST ONE MORE SLAP; INDIANA VOL, you’re just a HILLBILLY with a SOAKED BEDSHEET if you seriously think that your Lane Kiffin-led Vols are going 10-2. Y’all might win 7, 8 with some good fortune. CARL & BALLPLAY, just agree to disagree. YES? Great. NO? Okay, continue the verbal venom. ROLL TIDE ROLL! Later.

  73. 91

    St. Clair, I thought bp and I had done just that, then out of nowhere here he comes taking up the fight for the sux vol.

    My goodness I really thought this was over with, and I’d much rather talk about football,

    I will never have any respect for the sux vols and I think most folks on here know that. It goes back to an earlier post, where we were talking about all the other teams of the SEC being measured against the Tide. As long as we were struggling it was fine, but even then if any of them beat Bama, it made their season.

    It’s a HUGH difference between a wanna be and a program like Alabama. All can say what they like but the fact of the matter is, Bama has always been the measuring rod and always will. Most wont admit that but the truth is the truth.

    I believe most are under estimating Bama’s chances this year. I too kinda went along with that saying Bama would win 10 or 11, but if they can keep everyone healthy and the O-line does gel which I hear they are doing quite nicely, they may go, wire to wire. McElroy is going to be better than most folks think.

    It’s a long season and a lot can happen, if you have the horses to run. Trouble is the sux vols and auburn just simple don’t have the horses to go toe to toe with with an SEC run and that my friend is eating them alive.

    I do believe though that auburn has a better chance than the sux vols. Just opinion, but after all isn’t that what all posts are. One thing the both of them can enjoy is that both coaches will be given a pass, just as any first year coach has, but in the end I believe chezz-it has a better chance of success, both in the short term and long term. Laney boy don’t have no chance, zero, and I’m loving it.

  74. 92
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Bamaman…….SUP !!!!! Where have you been ? Yeah , little i Carly thinks he can hang, but hes just a rook. You know me, I can go like thiis for months. Its an attribute Im quite proud of. Anyhooo,

    i Carly , I will get back to football. I believe that Alabama beats Tech by 14-21 points. They will NOT run the ball on you guys. Ive said all along that your D will be stellar. The only problem is they have a good D as well Im thinking 20-3 or 27-10….Something like that. Give or take a fieldgoal. Bamas D is like a meat shreddar against a running team with no passing threat.

  75. 93
    Indiana Vol

    iCarly (aka, Crimson Turd Moron),

    I have a life, unlike the Crimson Turd Nation, apart from this site.

    I hear your mother is calling, she wants you to stop “obsessing” about pics of Nicky Satan so she can use the computer to set up some “meetings” for the weekend in your trailer park!

  76. 94

    Hey Sux Boy, you worked hard for that one didn’t you. I can assure you, unlike your neighborhood, there are not any trailers allowed where I live.

    I probably pay more in association fees each year than your single wide cost new.

    Now come on Sux boy surely you can do better than this post, and by the way, it was your moma hollering, but it wasn’t about Saban. Can you understand that or do I need to edit it for you. SUX vol!

  77. 96
    Indiana Vol

    No iCarly,

    I only apply “Moron” only to those who really merit the name; and you are far and away the biggest MORON I have run across!!

    By the way, the only time I have been in a mobile home was to inspect one for work and it was in, you guessed it, ALABAMMER!


  78. 97

    Sux vol , aka moron lover,

    A mobile home inspector huh? Now that must be a very rewarding occupation, probably owned by a Vandy graduate due to the fact most of you Sux vols end up working for someone from the only respectable school in that sux state.

    That is a very interesting fact about yourself, after all I had figured you sucked shit out of porta-pots since you also love to talk about turds so much.

    Thanks sux vol, I needed a good laugh this afternoon. I’ll have to think a bit on how to describe the mental picture I have of you now.

    I’ll get back to you later, sux vol BOY!

  79. 98

    sux vol, the editor and also inspector, one quick question, what are you inspecting, again since you love the word turd, are you inspecting the water closet?

    Please get back to me asap, so as to allow me to finish up this picture of you.

    Man oh man, a sux vol that edits, inspects and is a turd lover. Now that is one talented sux vol there boys.

  80. 99

    I have a question for all you bammars but Carl… WHAT HAS NICK SABAN DONE to make him one of the FINEST coaches to EVER WALK A SIDELINE??? I mean there are 3 active coahes who have one 3 or more NC’s and 6 active coaches who have won more than ONE NC HEs not ONE of THEM? Im not doggin him out I am seriuos. Other than 1 (backed into) NC what has he done to make him “GREAT”???

  81. 100

    Oh and Carl Bro I am not attacking you…I quite reading at your 1st or second post when you called NS One of the finest.:) Then I seen that you guys went at war I WOULDA BEEN PROUD to have been a participant 😉 I LOVE ya man!

  82. 102

    Florida will once again win the BCS

    National championship. bama will go backward bigtime this year.auburn/vols will be the most improved teams in the sec with bama and ga going down hard.

  83. 103


    No problem here man. I think you and I have an equal understanding. We just simply have agreed to disagree where Auburn and Alabama are concerned. I love to see people be passionate about there team, that’s what makes College Football the greatest spectator sport on the earth.

    Since you didn’t want my feelings about NS, I want give any, but as things stand today you have made a valid point about him, one that would be hard to argue.

    I will say this though,I’m a little tired of all the BS that has gone on here outside the realm of football, but if these idiots think for a second they can out last me or back me down, well they are in for a long battle.

    I think the world of you as well Omni, you have showed your gentlemanship and passion for your beliefs in a most respectful way.

  84. 104
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Typical bammer response, In one thread the bammer talks about sucking feces, the next gentlemanship and class….Now that makes sense.

  85. 105

    Listen Buddy Ball,

    You think you make any sense? Only to yourself maybe. Talking about speaking out both sides of ones mouth. GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR, BUDDY BOY. You and the Sux vol are two of a kind.

    Omni, Rok, St. Clair, and most everyone else on here get it, but you, buddy, you don’t have a clue.

    Why don’t you talk about your suck football team. I guess you don’t know anything about them either. You are on here to try to attack folks that are just trying to talk a little smack about football, and I for one have about had it with your dumb ass, BUDDY!

  86. 106

    Suxs balls,

    my friend are the typical internet ass, that YOU like to refer to. Now go talk to YOUR adults, and leave us football kids alone. No on the other hand come on back and make your hollow threats again.

  87. 107
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! OMNI, I’ll “chime in” on your question about Nick Saban. GRANTED, before he came to LSU he was known as a GOOD head coach that was able to restore programs to respectibility. Michigan State was suffering when he arrived there and he was able to REVIVE that program. That wasn’t an EASY thing to do; the PREMIERE program in that state is of course MICHIGAN. They were doing pretty well in those days under Lloyd Carr. Saban was able to restore that program by hitting the recruiting trail and making potential recruits “sit up” and take notice that there was ANOTHER D-1 UNIVERSITY in Michigan. Those efforts produced and they started getting a higher quality of athlete there. LSU is where he really ESTABLISHED himself as a “coach to reckoned with.” Anytime your team wins 2 SEC Championships in 3 years it means SOMEONE has accomplished something. When LSU won the NC in 2003, it wasn’t so much “backing in” to the title. The BCS is VERY fallible. The formula that was used that particular year DID NOT REQUIRE a team to win its conference championship. Oklahoma lost to Kansas State in the Big XII Championship but was still awarded a spot in the BCS Championship Game. Oklahoma was the only undefeated team going into the post-season and was EXPECTED to make “short work” of Kansas State and KSU STOMPED OKLAHOMA. That season’s BCS Championship should have been between LSU & USC; both had won their respective conference championships but THE SYSTEM that was in place awarded OKLAHOMA. We wound up with “split” National Champions; LSU claiming the BCS and USC being awarded the AP Version. They’ve “tweaked” the system since then but, I digress. Back to the matter at hand. What makes Nick Saban a GREAT COACH? He’s a GREAT RECRUITER, very intense (ask those who have played for & are playing for him now), VERY DEMANDING of his players & assistant coaches, probably more demanding of HIS ASSISTANTS than any other HC in the Country. THAT has been said about him at MSU, LSU and Alabama. NOW I’M NOT GONNA SAY that he’s the best College Coach in the Country, but I would rank him in the Top 5.

  88. 108

    Well boys my lovely lady and I are headed back to the beach this morning for a little R&R. I’ll have to take this fun back up next week.

    That was a good post there St. Clair.

    Have a great weekend guys. What is it about 46 days until kick-off.


  89. 109
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Dang, i Carly needs a prozak. I was just making an obsrevation. Why the hatred ? Some people are just plain rude.

    Anyhow, Omni, bad as I hate it, I have to say that Nick is a good coach. He the best recruiter in the country. His recruiting prowess is really what makes him a winner. He simply gets the best players. Great players will win games consistantly with a decent coach. A great coach will inconsistanly win games with decent players.

    If he stayed at LSU, he would probably have won another BCS champ. It pains me to say this. but I have said it before. Saban at Alabama is 5 fold more dangerous than he was at LSU. Combine the seling point of tradition with his already unbelievable ability to recruit, and the man can pick any player he likes across the entire country, not just the southeast. I know, it sucks to hear ….It pains me even more to say.

    Saban does make an occasional on the field coaching error. Liek the gameplan for Florida. Why put the game on JPW shoulders toward the end ? That was not wise. Then , sometimes, his teams come out flat against inferior opponents.

    One thing I do like is his coaching philosophy. A suffocating defense, with huge linbackers, and freeks on the defensive front. Then a smashmouth running game. thats what you got to have in this league.

  90. 110

    I like Ballplays honesty so I will try and mimick it. As long as Florida is around and healthy in 2009 Alabama will not go undefeated. I think GM will be a good qb, but first year starters do not win NC’s. Next year (2010) Alabama will be loaded and Florida will have lost its best player and possibly its coach. My Troy trojans will upset Arkansas, fight gamely against Florida and lose one game it should not. I just hope they hang 70 on that joke of a team from B’ham. Auburn will be better b/c they will have a coach that hasn’t already thrown in the towel. In closing Bama 12-1 (loss to Florida), Auburn 8-4 (losses to LSU, OM, GA & AL), Troy 10-2 (losses to FL and probably Arkansas State)

  91. 111

    Good to see someone representing Troy on here. Seems like a first class program down there. You know, Troy is probably is going to be the second best team in the state, ahead of Auburn and behind Alabama.
    You know, come to think of it, not only is Auburn the third best team in Alabama, UT is probably going to be the third best team in Rocky Top, behind Vandy and Memphis!
    Anyway, I wish you guys the best of luck. I hope their exposure continues to grow here in the state and in the Finebaum World

  92. 112

    OK, I’ll chime in on the “Saban as a great coach debate.” Saban is without a doubt the best recruiter in the country. Combined with coaching at a school with a huge built in recruiting advantage like Bama, he’s always going to field a strong team. As to his abilities as an on the field coach, I’d say he’s top 15 at best. “Great” coaches do not lose to La-Mo…period. “Great” coaches do not lose to UAB…period. “Great” coaches do not allow their team to come out and play flat when they’re playing in the Sugar Bowl for the 1st time in 17 years, get their a$$ handed to them by a Mountain West team, and then blame it on the fan base. “Great” coaches are able to string together consecutive 10 win seasons when they have the talent like he did at LSU. Carroll, Brown, Spurrier, Stoops, even Richt…those guys consistently put together 10 win seasons. Saban couldn’t follow-up a SEC or BCS champ season with 10 wins. Saban has also had his a$$ handed to him in huge emarrasing losses more times than he would care to remember. He lost to Fla in consecutive years 41-9 and 45-13. He lost to Va Teach 26-8, Auburn 31-7, and Bama 31-0 all in one season. Even in 03 when he won the MNC, he lost by double digits at home to an 8-5 Ron Zook coached Fla team. During that glorious 01 SEC champ season, he lost 3 times by double digits including a home loss to Ole Miss. Don’t get me wrong, I’d claim that 01 SEC championship if Auburn won it, too, but that 01 LSU team has got to be the lousiest team to win an SEC title in the history of the conference. To sum it up, Saban is a great recruiter but he’s just a good on the field coach.

  93. 113

    Saint I think you made a very valid not worthy point! And Carl TY Sir the feelings are mutual. I just love football and Debates 🙂

  94. 114
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! Thanks, OMNI. Sometimes you have to take into consideration the circumstances concerning the issue. I DO AGREE with some of the things that BOTH Ballplay & Julio brought out, how we were FLAT when we lost to La. Monroe in ’07. It appeared that our guys felt like all they had to do was SHOW UP for that game. That loss is STILL PAINFUL. Another loss that sticks in my mind is the Miss. State loss in ’07. In the second half I saw an Alabama QB (JPW) that was COMPLETELY SHELLSHOCKED by State’s defense. I would have sat him down for a couple of series in that game just so he could REGAIN his COMPOSURE. Who knows? Maybe after he had a chance to catch his breath and taken a look at some of their schemes from the sideline he MIGHT have saw a flaw that could have been EXPLOITED. The week before that we faced a TOUGHER defense (LSU) and scored 34 against those guys. Every game’s different but you HAVE to wonder about things like that. Anyway, I STILL think that Coach Saban is one of the five best HC’s in the Country. Later, y’all!

  95. 115

    Well out of everything said I beleive he is a GREAT RECRUITER, GOod Coach and probably a person that would build someones character who worked for him!
    You guys hang tight and lets see what this year holds! I just wish there was A GAME ON TODAY!

  96. 116

    Danny Sheridan said in 07 that Saban would win the NC in 4 years or less! Read that again 4 or less; who would have thought to run the SEC table the 2nd year. It might be this year, if not. Bamas gonna have a hell of a lot to say who does and every year in the future. He is reloading so fast the atrition rate is shocking! “How good do you want to be?”….Nick Saban

  97. 117

    The SEC is gonna be an Alabam vs Florida shootout in the near future; all other SEC teams are irrelivant; They will all get players but FL an Bama will get the pick of the crop. When Saban recruites the very best, and he will, then Fl will be 2nd class. This should happen post Tebow.Anyway, stay tuned cause this is gonna be fun. “What are you selling today?”….Nick Saban.

  98. 118


    It is Wallace Wade. It is Bear Bryant. It is not Bill Curry.
    It is the Rose Bowl.
    It is hearing Keith Jackson call an Alabama game.
    It is watching George Teague running down Lamar Thomas in the 1993 Sugar Bowl then rewinding it and watching it again.
    It is hearing the first notes of Sweet Home Alabama.
    It is the desire to beat Auburn at any competitive event that exists.
    It is a houndstooth hat.
    It is having enough pride to fight for your school but having enough class not to.
    It is cheering the same amount for a first down on second and 6 as on fourth and 1.
    It is watching Cornelius Bennett give Notre Dame quarterback Steve Beuerlein a concussion on that October day in Birmingham in 1986.
    It is determining who you are going to date & marry by which team they swear allegiance to.
    It is watching The Bear on the jumbotron before a game in Bryant-Denny Stadium and almost seeing him leaning against the goalpost in the end zone.
    It is spending a day at The Bryant Museum and still not seeing everything.
    It is cool crisp autumn Saturdays where you can smell football in the air and feel it whenever there is a slight breeze.
    It is watching The Bear get number 315 against Auburn.
    It is watching The Bear get number 323 against Illinois.
    It is hearing Paul Kennedy do the play-by-play when Van Tiffin kicked the 52-yard field goal against Auburn in 1985.
    It is knowing how many days until the start of a season year around.
    It is driving down Colonial Drive to see Bryant-Denny Stadium not the sorority girls.
    It is getting chills up and down your entire body whenever you hear anything about the 1993 Sugar Bowl and the pride you feel because that night tradition ruled.
    It is hearing The Bear’s voice and having all the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up because you know no matter he said, it was something special.
    It is hearing The Million Dollar Band play “Yea Alabama” and knowing it just does not get any better.
    It is imagining hearing Penn State Quarterback Chuck Fusina ask Alabama linebacker Barry Krauss “How close is it?” and hearing Krauss say “About an inch, you’d better pass” right before fourth down during The Goal Line Stand in the 1979 Sugar Bowl.
    It is almost coming to tears whenever Alabama loses to Auburn or Tennessee.
    It is The Kick. It is The Goal Line Stand. It is The Desperation Block.
    It is purposely not wearing any clothes with the colors orange and blue.
    It is the Third Saturday in October.
    It is not needing an alarm clock on game days, you sit bolt upright in the bed long before the alarm goes off because you know that it is a gameday, you can sleep after the bowl game.
    It is walking into a stadium and knowing Alabama will win the game no matter who they are playing because is just the way it is supposed to be.
    It is the saying “Offense wins games, Defense wins national titles.”
    It is the Bear Bryant ‘A’.
    It is getting to the stadium hours before the game just to be there.
    It is walking into another team’s stadium and having those fans hate you because you are from Alabama.
    It is the pride that a father has when he brings his children to a game so they may cherish the tradition.
    It is beating LSU in Baton Rouge.
    It is hearing the crunch as a linebacker dressed in crimson and white hits a running back dressed in orange and blue.
    It is the pride you take in being every team’s rival.
    It is pulling for any team that is playing Auburn.
    It is pulling for any team that is playing Tennessee.
    It is hoping for the stadium to blow up when Auburn plays Tennessee.
    It is knowing that the SEC Championship is a birthright.
    It is being respected and feared at the same time.
    It is holding up four fingers at the end of the third quarter.
    It is knowing what “Mama Called” means.
    It is whipping Auburn 31-7 in Jordan-Hare Stadium when nobody picked you to win.
    It is NOT “The Jungle”
    It is having 21 Southeastern Conference Titles.
    It is having 12 National Titles.
    It is more than I can ever mentioned in this list.
    It is class.
    It is tradition.
    It is Alabama Football.

  99. 119
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! “O-BAMA,” I believe you said IT ALL when you mentioned that “It is the pride you take in being every team’s rival.” EVERY opposing team considers it to be “a notch in their belt” if they can accomplish beating a Crimson Tide Team NO MATTER what year it is, on an “UP YEAR” or a “DOWN YEAR.” Alabama’s TRADITION and LEGACY ARE THE REASONS. Only a handful of programs have THAT TYPE of PRESTIGE, such as Notre Dame, Penn State, USC, Michigan, Ohio State, and Texas. Hey, IT IS WHAT IT IS. ROLL TIDE ROLL! Later.

  100. 120

    Who has 21 SEC CHAMPIONSHIPS in football?

    Don’t answer that question!!!!!

    Only our #1 fan can answer that question, Red-headed step-child (aka) Ballplay Indian.

    How’d you like that 36 to 0 AZZ WHOPPING in T-TOWN ????????????????????????????

    ROLL TIDE BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  101. 121
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Crimson Doosh… in the heck could anyone on the planet NOT know how many SEC or National Championships you claim ? You spastics scream it from the courthouse steps at every given opportunity.

    In my lifetime , this is what Bama football represents.

    Claiming about 6 championships you didnt win.

    5 head coaches in 8 years.

    Mike Price screaming “Its rollin Baby !!” to a 20 dollar hooker, then putting her “services” on the University credit card.

    Losing to LAMO on your home feild wiith your 4 million dollar a year coach.

    Screaming and chest thumping about pride and class when at least ten of your players are locked up in 07.

    Saban ranting about losing to LAMO being like 9 / 11 or Pearl Harbor.

    Your defensive lineman sticking a gun in a pizza delivery boys face for cash.

    Mike Dubose and his secretary (More “Class”).

    Joe Namath asking the broadcast babe on national television for a “Kitttthhhhh”.

    Kenny Stabler getting his third DUI.

    Auburn only losing to the mighty “TAHHDD” ONE STINKIN TIME ON YOUR OWN FEILD !!!!!

    Whooping that tail for 6 straight years, and then you guys winning one game and you get magically transported back to 1977.

    Jimmy Johns.

    Sherman Williams

    Northern Illinois

    Do you want some more ? There is plenty left.

  102. 122

    Great post there O-Bama-Man,

    Playing with his balls only supports what the significance of your post really says. He doesn’t, nor will he ever have a clue.

    As our Crimson Bro. points out 36-0! One down and probably 9 more to come.

    As an Alabama fan you don’t have to be magically transported anywhere, reality is quite satisfying all by itself, and the fact is Poly Tech always has been and always will be s step child to the mighty Crimson Nation.


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