Saban, Finebaum, Bryant Jr. make power list

The Orlando Sentinel released its list of the SEC’s 10 Most Powerful, and included on the list were Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban, University of Alabam trustee Paul W. Bryant, Jr., and Mobile Press-Register columnist Paul Finebaum.

Saban was second on the list behind commissioner Mike Slive. Finebaum was eighth on the list. Bryant was tenth.

About Finebaum the Sentinel writes, “Paul Finebaum, newspaper columnist and talk show host: With a syndicated show heard in multiple SEC states that also commands a big audience on the Web, the Birmingham, Ala.-based Finebaum has proven in more than two decades of pot-stirring in print and on the air that his barbs can influence a coach’s fate.”


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  1. 1
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Cap, did you see the article in the sports page of the Gadsden Times ? Good one about Shaun Alexanders call to preach.

  2. 2

    Paul deserves the recognition and has earned it the hard way. He has taken a lot of shit over the years to open up – to foster Perestroika for the Bama Nation.
    It should and must be noted too that the callers have been given an platform by Paul to influence and change policies and people in the AD.
    At least some seeds of change have been planted at Auburn by Paul’s Show. In the Aubie Desert – they would call it a Turd Blossom.

  3. 3



    that’s the sound of pluto’s lips on paul’s ass!

    just kidding pluto!

  4. 5

    Hell I see Saban and FINebum but JR?????

    I reckon huh am I wrong? I know the name is all that but is he???

  5. 6

    Don’t know about that ass kissing but – Paul is a nice guy and deserves an occasional prop.
    Don’t we all ?

  6. 7

    omni, it’s all about the benjamins and the strings that come with them.

    does anyone here really think mal moore calls the shots down there?

    what other fortune 500 company could mal moore run??

    for better or worse (and i lean towards the latter) pbj’s money wields a lot of power.

    an awful lot of power.


  7. 9
    Hunter Ford

    Finebaum deserves to be on the list but it is not anything he says directly that gets coaches fired. His power lies in his platform. Usually when a coach is doing bad enough he will start getting factions against him. I don’t think Paul cares that much about (at all really) about trying to get any coach fired. Paul’s vast and wide network of communicating, and especially the callers to his show that give a measure of public opinion, usually end in a natural conclusion.

    Paul has NEVER been able to get anybody hired that I can think of….. maybe Paul’s show helped hire Mike Dubose. Not that it would have been Paul’s pick…. but remember the vast grassroots campaign to hire Dubose?

    I doubt Paul could call any trustee or college president and get anybody hired or fired or even the consideration thereof…. that would be POWER the way PAUL BRYANT Jr. is said to have.

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