Shane: Tubby’s Revenge?

By Shane from Centerpoint

With the kick-off of the 2009 college football season less than 70 days out, most of the questions that remain for the state’s “powerhouse” universities – Alabama and Auburn (sorry Troy and UAB) – are about to be answered on the field of play. I would suspect Crimson Tide fans are anxious to see if Alabama head coach Nick Saban can produce a championship this year. Meanwhile, Auburn Tiger fans don’t know what to expect. They’ve been left with a team coming back from a losing season that is void of depth and talent. They have a new head coach (5-19) and completely new system, and they face the specter of being trapped in the recruiting “triangle of death” between Saban, Meyer, and Richt. The main question for Tiger fans has to be, “How did we get this deep in the hole?” In my opinion the Auburn family can point their fingers directly at one man – Thomas Hawley Tuberville.

One thing is for sure, intentional or not, Tuberville got the last laugh. He left Auburn in a confusing mess while he drove off into the sunset with over $5 million. Tommy set himself up well by using contract savvy and left the very same people who tried to overthrow him in 2003 (see Jet Gate) with no cards left to play.

It’s now pretty clear for most that Tuberville basically lost a great deal of his passion for coaching – especially his love for Auburn football – during those excruciating weeks after the 2003 campaign when his career and everything else he had built was threatened with destruction. It is also now evident that he held a grudge over the deal.

The experts preach that recruiting is the most important aspect of fielding a competitive team every year. Signing the best players year after year creates an advantage on the gridiron.
Tuberville must’ve taken a hunting trip for the last three or four years when other SEC coaches were courting the “blue-chip” players, because he left nothing down on the Plains. In fact I think that, when his lazy attitude toward recruiting manifested itself on the field last year, Auburn fans were embarrassed.

I also think Tubby’s lame recruiting effort is the main reason he got fired – not that he cared. However, if he truly set out to destroy Auburn from the inside he should be elated because his plan worked to perfection. On the other hand, if those athletes he put on the field last year are the best he can sign, he is one lousy coach.

I agree that what the “Jet Gate” people did to Tuberville is classless, and they actually inflicted heavy damage to Tiger recruiting with that entire fiasco themselves, but Tommy hit Auburn with his own form of a “death-penalty” that might take four or five years to reconstruct.

The damage was never more evident than when the Auburn Family – who held a six game winning streak over main rival Alabama – had to watch the Tigers get manhandled by a Tide team with far superior athletes.

This year the Tide is rising, loaded with talent, speed, and depth. Across the state, Auburn is desperately trying to find some way to rebuild the program, regain national respect, and restart a winning tradition. I’ve got a feeling the damage Tuberville left in his wake will take years to overcome.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 1
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! Yeah Shane, ol’ Tubby did leave the cupboard BARE but not BARREN. Remember, they lost 4 games by 6 points or less. The internal strife took its toll on AU last season and Chizik wasn’t able to sign as many offensive & defensive linemen as he would have LIKED, but THERE IS enough talent on the plains to win 6 or 7 games in ’09. What I see when I look at Auburn (other that tractors & cow pastures) is a defense that IF they can stay healthy and are not beleagured by injuries that CAN BE very formidible. They have 7 starters returning and that secondary IF they remain healthy could be VERY strong. Their D-Line has most notably Antonio Coleman back and Mike Goggans should not be overlooked. LB Craig Stephens could emerge as one of the better linebackers in the West. Notice I said “COULD.” Time will tell. Offensively, we won’t really know how good they will be but I’ve read that they’re trying to “beef up” the line. Kodi Burns has the tools and can be a very good QB, but he’s gotta have a good supporting cast at wideout. Right now it doesn’t appear he has whole lot but they did sign DeAngelo Benton. He was very heavily recruited coming out of HS a couple of years ago. As I said earlier, that defense has a chance to be VERY GOOD. They’ll surprise some people with their physicality.

  2. 2
    Tide Tidbits – June 30, 2009 | BamaFootball4Life

    […] Shane: Tubby’s Revenge? With the kick-off of the 2009 college football season less than 70 days out, most of the questions that remain for the state’s “powerhouse” universities – Alabama and Auburn (sorry Troy and UAB) – are about to be answered on the field of play. I would suspect Crimson Tide fans are anxious to see if Alabama head coach Nick Saban can produce a championship this year. Meanwhile, Auburn Tiger fans don’t know what to expect. Tuberville got the last laugh. He left Auburn in a confusing mess while he drove off into the sunset with over $5 million. Tommy set himself up well by using contract savvy and left the very same people who tried to overthrow him in 2003 (see Jet Gate) with no cards left to play. […]

  3. 3
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    St Clair…..Godd post . And very true. You need to go ahead and switch colors. You got way too much sense to be wearing Crimson.

    Shane….You are a doosh. Auburn is not void of talent. They were in the top 15 on rivals year in and out. Some of this years class is top ten. With only last year being under the top 20.

    You see, we dont pull excuses out of our buut like Bama fans. We DO have talent, if we lose , then we just lose. Imagine that.

  4. 4

    Auburn fans don’t make excuses!!! HA!!!! I hear them all the time so thats BS!!!! You Aubarn fans might as will get uses to losing since you hired a loser and looks like you will be LOSING for awhile!! RTR

  5. 5

    Wow, another article about Auburn… I thought this was an Alabama web-site… Talk about being obsessed…

  6. 6

    Great post Shane, and I have to agree with St. Clair Bammer, you can never count Auburn out until the horn blows. It will take some luck, mostly staying injury free, but I think we could say that about most teams, i.e., what would the Gators do without Tebow?
    The deal on Tubs is he probably did do some damage with his lack of care, but I’ve always said there are two people I wouldn’t want to play poker with, Tubs and Wimp. Can you imagine a 7 card stud game with those two, and I might even give Tubs the edge.
    The fact remains though, if Bama can stay healthy the West looks pretty interesting, with Ole Miss. looking like they may be the team to look out for. As far as the East is concerned, if Florida stays healthy, it will be no contest, although with a little help the GA. dogs may surprise some folks. As for as the SUX VOLS go, they will probably be the laughing stock of the entire SEC. Ain’t life grand!

  7. 8
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    It was the internal strife that cost Auburn at least tree games last year if not more. The team had no direction, a lot of backbiting , and all around lack of direction. That falls square ont Tubbs. I do believe that they pulled the trigger on him too soon. I am amazed at how some Bama fans refuse to see fact. Do yall not remember that Auburn was one of the favorites to win the west last year ? How can that be done with no talent ? All we heard for tenn friggin years was NCAA SANCTIONS….EAKENED STATE….NO TALENT………NCAA……TENNESSEE….PHIL FULMER…….SANCTIONS………WEAKENED STATE…..UNEVEN PLAYING FIELD……..

    Excuses after excuses…..The whole while refusing to see the real problem was administration and coaching. Or lack of it. Nick Saban is a winner , so Bama will be a winner. end of story. Auburn is not out yet guys. I wanst tickled pink over the hire of Chizik, but so far so good. He inherited a stellar defense that will be much better than most give em credit for. How many times last ear did they have zero offense to keep them off the field ? ALL YEAR LONG…..They were still a top 25 defense. Thats amazing……

    St Clair, my fovaorite LB of the group is Josh Bynes….He took away the job from Blackmon last year. Like you said our D ends can match up with anyone in the country. Our D tackles are underrated as well. D backfield is very strong.

    The problem will be offense. I like the running approach that Mahlzan is gonna use. Its a lot safer for a young offense like we have. I think if they get the COACHING the talent is there.

    Again, at Auburn we dont make excuses. We never have. That is a trait that the western part of the state has the patent on.

  8. 9
    14 trooper

    great points as always. Have to agree the cupboard isn’t that dry and the internal problems caused alot of what happened last year.

    I also agree that ears tried to sabotage AU on his way out the door. Ears wanted it to be the way it was when he got there. He didn’t want to do AU any favors cause they did none for him. Ears is a vindictive person to say the least. Made my skin crawl watching him on the sidelines with that idiotic look on his face. ugh!


  9. 10

    I see bamafan36 is back. Funny he couldn’t come up with an original name, so he used mine and stuck a 36 on the end. He’s obviously not a bamafan, even though his name suggests he is. Must’ve lost a bet like Ballplay.

  10. 11

    “He inherited a stellar defense that will be much better than most give em credit for. How many times last year did they have zero offense to keep them off the field ? ALL YEAR LONG…..They were still a top 25 defense. Thats amazing……”

    That WAS amazing, and seems to be the single biggest fact overlooked by nearly everyone. If Auburn can muster ANY kind of offense this year, with defensive guru Chizik at the helm, WATCH OUT!!

  11. 12

    Come on now SuxAub, cheeser a guru? I can go along with him being a guru, but defense guru. I believe the 5-19 mark he brings with him attests to that. Lets see him win some games that he probably shouldn’t because of his defensive prowess before we label him a guru, unless you would say going to university of auburn makes him a guru’s idiot. Piss on the WDE!

  12. 13

    Fair enough, Carla. Chizik may not be a defensive “guru”, but as a defensive coordinator, he was definitely top 5 in the nation. Point is, no serious follower of college football expects Auburn’s defense to digress this year. With any semblance of an offense, and that’s not a stretch with Malzahn at the controls (consistently does more with less), Auburn will be a serious threat to anybody they play. Imagine just a few sustained, productive offensive drives to allow the defense to rest….dangerous.

  13. 14

    Suck Boy, it’s MR. CARL to you.
    Imagine… that’s about all you SuxAubs will be able to do this year. Imagine… imagine OJ didn’t really do it. Imagine… imagine MJ really didn’t like little boys. Imagine… imagine jet-gate worked the other way. Imagine… imagine Pat Dye never came to the cow college. Imagine… imagine not sucking so bad. Imagine… imagine not living in Alabama’s shadow. Imagine… thats all you guys can ever do is imagine. You guys are going to live in a theoretical world, where we @ the Mecca are living in reality. YOU can imagine all day, the fact of the matter is AUB SUX. And we already have a spot waiting for the next national championship. And that’s reality

  14. 15

    Yea, whatever, internet tough guy. You know, all of this speculation and prognosticating from both sides will be proved (or disproved) when the season begins. Difference is, some of us (St. Clair bammer, myself, OMNI, BI and others) use logic and reasoning to cogitate intelligent opinions during the off-season. And others, like yourself, just spew your biased ignorant rants. You’ve been relegated and dismissed, Mr. Carl.

  15. 16

    shaneola, I guess you missed it when you were “out sick”, but uat was put on probation for ANOTHER three years. That makes four times in the last 14 years and you are still looking down the barrel of a gun. That must be the only reason you consistantly talk about Auburn instead of your cheating tahd.

    I guess losing six out of seven times to Auburn and the fact that you can’t win without cheating just tears you up inside. Go fondle yourself in front of your bahr shrine some more and be sure to clean up the mess when your done. uat will be caught cheating again before you win a national championship. It’s your turdishun

  16. 17

    Say What?
    You come on here spewing your BS and then question someone’s response.
    Don’t even put yourself in the same sentence as omni, st. clair, and others who speak of fact.
    I have more knowledge, reasoning, and understanding in my little toe than you have in your entire body.
    You call your self SUX, so I believe that is fitting SUX BOY. I have seen aholes like you come and go, and I’ll say 3 to 4 games into this season you’ll run hide under a rock just like the other SUX who shows up on here from time to time, that being SUX VOL.
    Both of you are in for a long season, accept it.
    Anytime you would like to debate X’s and O’s, bring it on SUX BOY, but don’t start something you can’t finish. If you start me up I never stop. Now its probably past your bed time SUX BOY, so go have a glass of warm milk and imagine what it would be like to be a real man.
    Anyone who calls himself SUX, can’t be much to him.
    Just Imagine, you don’t have to stay a dumb ass all your life, but like they say you can’t fix stupid, which you are the poster boy for. Imagine…..SUXBOY

  17. 18

    Oh and by the way I don’t believe you have the ability or the intelligence to dismiss anyone, let alone me. You are dismissed when you misbehave at the dinner table, or in your case when the school bell rings.
    You better find someone more to your pea brain thinking to throw that line at, as for me a SUX BOY like yourself will never dismiss me………Just Imagine…….

  18. 19

    Thanks John Lennon. You sure like to imagine a lot. You go be a tough guy with your grandkids or neighbor’s kids, you’re way out of your league with me. I hire and fire rednecks such as yourself on a daily basis. I come on here to stir up the crimson necks who have their entire self esteems wrapped up in bammer football. Now you go to bed, and dream bear’s still the coach.

  19. 20
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! Hey, BALLPLAY! I can’t simply change colors. I’m TOO FAR GONE A BAMMER! I just call’em like I see’em. Ya’ll’s defense kept y’all in several games last season AND IT CAN’T BE OVERLOOKED. I commend your HC for bringing in an OC like Gus Malzahn. This guy has consistently done a good job at all of his stops and he’ll do well at AU, just don’t expect too much too soon. AS FOR MYSELF & MY BAMMER BRETHREN, we do our share of SMACK TALK but I would RATHER have a FACTUAL DISCUSSION about our favorite pastime than continually spew venom back & forth. Interestingly and also ironically, I tend to have better conversations about the GAME with AU fans. I sadly admit that a large percentage of our fans ARE UNREALISTIC, but it is what it is. ROLL TIDE, ANYWAY!!! Later.

  20. 21
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Couldnt agree more. Its not beyond me to say a compliment or two for the Tide. For one, your defense will be top five. Your running game will be great. Coaching is great. The Tide is on the rise. I woud like to see Auburn and Bama play an Iron bowl that decided the West. That would be cool wouldnt it ?

  21. 22

    I’m glad to see the tide better. That just further improves strength of schedule factor for SEC teams.
    Well, maybe not 36-0 better, but better.

  22. 23

    SUX BOY,
    This will be my last comment to you. You are the one that started the imagine crap, I just played off that. Like I told you earlier if you don’t want it, don’t start with me. As far as a cum shot like you hiring and firing folks like me, you don’t have a clue. You’re right about me being out of my league though, as I see it your in a league all by yourself.
    I like to do a little stirring myself, and it seems I have, but like I said I’m through with you, you’re a SUX BOY and that’s all you’ll ever be.
    You are probably one of those guys that never attended college a day in your life and have been to maybe 2 or 3 games.
    I graduated from Georgia Tech, and have a Masters from Alabama. Now you tell me who you think has more hiring and firing power SUX BOY!! I just hope you never come in front of me for an interview, although I kinda doubt that would be possible with your 6th grade education.
    Now Go Sux Off SUX BOY!!

  23. 24
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Carl….Grow up boy. Or else I might slap you upside the head……I dont like reading reprobate bullcrap like you posted. There are plenty of “sites” for guys like you on the internet. Go find one of em you degenerate.

  24. 26

    Carl, let’s agree to disagree. If you had paid closer attention to the dialogue of the last couple of weeks, rather than engage in your “imaginative” blatherings, you would know I am a ’97 grad of Auburn. But who cares? Their are many passionate fans of football who never went to college. But that’s for another discussion. I know many egg heads with walls full of diplomas that can’t pour piss out of a boot. I think you have shown yourself for what you are. Take your master of B.S. and figure it out.

  25. 28

    Be careful Ballplay….he may hit you with a control-shift-delete. Or maybe a delete-backspace-F11. He’s a “shifty” guy, that Carl. Come on, Carl, picking fights on the capstone report?!? That beats all.

  26. 29

    looks to me like the one picking the fight is “play with my balls Indian”, not Carl

  27. 30
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    It wouldnt be a fight. I am a peaceful man. I would just slap the boy into next week , and in that process he would clean up his mouth and show some respect. Thats all turds like him understand.

    It would be like, WHAAAAPPPPP!!!!!!

    Then Carl says ” Yes sir”……….

    But like I said, Id hate to have to do that .

  28. 31
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    And o-bama………I hope that sig name is a joke.

  29. 32

    Thanks O-Bama,
    It’s about time some more bama fans joined in here. I’m just trying to have a little fun like everyone else, but you call one of those east alabama idiots out and its like you slapped them or something.
    In all reality I probably shouldn’t be conversing with them anyway, after all they are way out of my league.
    But the real crazy part of all this to me is, there are not but maybe 5 to 7 teams that are really able to talk sense along with Bama anyway, those being Nebraska, Oklahoma, USC, Notre Dame, Texas, and maybe Ohio St. and Penn. St.
    The rest are just wanna bes or johnny come lately.
    If they were to admit it, which they wont, they know thats a fact. But thats ok as well, I don’t wont to understand their level of thought. After all when the Mecca is home, what compares?

  30. 33

    Joke man that plays with his balls,
    Like I said anytime, anyplace. You name it, I’ll be there and we will see who leaves answering by Sir.

  31. 34
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Hypotheticly speaking, of course, it would be you saying Sir and Daddy as well.

    If your are in the “mecca” of CFB, how is it that 2 financial magazines just showed “little brother” raking in more revenue than you ? Yes , you won last year. Congrats. We couldnt keep whoopin your tail forever . And you wont here any excuses from me about it. We are 6-1 against you, and its like you turds dont remember the last 9 years. YOuve got WADS Carl. Major WADS.

    And save it with the “time and place” garbage. You know you dont want any. You aint whoopin nobody, and niether am I . But just to let you know, I could if I wanted to.Iv never met a frat boy from UAT I couldnt whoop.

  32. 35

    6-1? What happened to the last 50 years. I believe there was one run in there of 10-0. But then again you don’t believe in history do you? It will more than likely be another 5-6 years minimum before university of east alabama lays claim to another. You want to talk facts, that’s fact, simply judging from what is on each schools campus now.
    You are the one that started the threats, and I knew all along you would back down, but now for the 3rd and final time pocket pool boy, you just let me know.
    I grew up in a different time from the frat boys you are referring to. I am afraid of no one, especially someone that hides behind a fake name, and one that belittles his school at that. Now either get real or STFU Boy!!

  33. 36
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    “Carl”……Please dude. You aint whoopin nobody. Your a joke. Stop making a total jackass out of yourself. How many times in internet history has someone said ” Well by goshdarnit, you jest tell me whar an when and Ill whoop yor rearend ” ………….Your a joke. Ill bet you are a buck twenty five soaking wet. Far from the 6-4 270 pound war machine that you are messing with. I have chunks of corn in my crap meaner than you “CARL”………Go away before you blow a gasket. And Im belittleing your school with absolute and great prjudice…..And guess what, there aint a dang thing you can do about it “CARL”…………

    You tell me when and where. THat way Ill know what part of town the phsyco inbred lives in and I can avoid it.

  34. 37

    Now that’s funny there, I don’t care what nobody says.

    You think you’re dealing with some little educated wimp. Well let me ask you one question honestly, and you answer it honesty. How many tours of duty have you served for your country? Do you sorta get the picture?

    Need I spell it out completely, I fear no one, and have been trained as a killing machine.

    YOU, started this, I simply called your hand, just like Tommy Wilcox did I-man, which I know is all you east alabama’s hero, and you did the exact same thing he did.

    I will be glad to give you my address, you simply supply me with your e-mail, or phone number.

    Now either put up or shut up, you have truly shown your ignorance.

    I didn’t say you were belittling my school with your name, but you call yourself auburn is a joke, and then claim to be a fan of theirs. Huh? Am I missing something here.

    Your turn BOY!

  35. 40

    Plays with Saban’s balls,
    is that all you do all day long, play with Saban’s balls and write on this thing?

  36. 41

    You know they used to name indians by whatever the father of the child first saw, so by that definition, I guess the first thing play with saban’s balls dad saw was his momma playing with Saban’s balls.

    Quite fitting when you think of it, since he thinks aub is a joke.

    He also probably knows when its bed time the same way MJ did, when the big hand covers the little hand.

    Good to see you join in here, we keep talking this thing through we’ll figure out who this 270 pound full of corn shit really is. Surely his name is not play with balls, but you never know about those lovely plains boys.

    He name should be alligator, all mouth and no ass.

    Red headed step child is still very fitting though. That’s all they have ever been and all they will ever be.

  37. 43

    Mr. O-bam,

    I believe all the cheeses have ran for the plains. It must be lonely at opielickie U. this time of year. I don’t think I have ever heard such silence from the SUXS.

    I believe I have them figured out Bam-Bam, just ask them a couple questions outside the realm of sociology and you have the whole place stumped.


  38. 44

    The Capstone Report…..helping like minded bammers “find one another” since 1982. Seriously, it’s great carl and o-bama have found one another. I wish them many years of fondling bliss and reach arounds.

  39. 45
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    For real Carl. I hope you know that Im joking. You do know that right ? Ill jab and poke, but when I see people really getting steamed up and makeing threats, Ill back down and apologize.

    On a serious note, I do respect you if your a vet. I served , but was never called on. Thanks for what you did. Was it Vietnam ?

  40. 46

    2 things.
    Auburn is snafu this year.

    Maybe Tuberville was a better strategist than we thought he was. Either that or the stars aligned perfectly for him.

  41. 47

    Ball Play,
    Thanks, and maybe we can put all the BS behind and poke a little fun, and talk some serious football.

    No it wasn’t Nam and I really can’t say where I was at, and I think you will understand.

    I do at times get a little, or maybe alot, reverberant, when it comes to Crimson Tide Football, but you have to understand the times I grew up in, which was by most accounts, the greatest era of Bama Football. So yeah I guess if you grew up in that time and was a Bama fan, you can’t help but have a little swagger about it.

    If you had read some of my posts from previous posts though, you would know that I said I pull for all SEC teams except when they play Bama, with one exception, that being the VOLS. I will never pull for them to even win a coin toss.

    I’m a born and bread Alabama man, in that I pull especially for all teams with Alabama roots, such as Auburn, UAB, Troy, Jac. St., Stillman, UAH, and soon South Alabama. Again unless they are playing Bama.

    The best thing that could happen for Alabama and Auburn would be for both teams to undefeated when they play each other. Not only would the entire state be riveted to the game, but so would the whole nation, and the game would mean more than bragging rights.

    Lets hope both teams get back to the level that every game they play will have national implications.

  42. 48
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    O-bama. I suppose you support civil unions, no second amendment rights, abortion , and communism. Yeah,,,, thats a lot to be proud of bud.

  43. 49

    Native American Saban Lover,
    Why would you suppose those things? Could I suppose that because of your response you have a problem with black people?

    But I will not answer those questions due to the fact that this blog is about football, not politics. But you DO need to respect our president. I will tell you what I support. I support this country! But how about you? What do you support? And if you would tell us from behind your over-indulging keyboard, how DO you feel about our president?

  44. 50

    I agree with both of your statements. They are snafu this year. And I believe that come December all of our friends from the cow college will be secretly wishing ole wingnut was back on the sidelines!

  45. 51
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Obama, oh hells no , you didnt just go there did you ? DID YOU ??!!!!!

    I would say that its safe to assume that if someone voted for someone else to lead them,,,,then they would agree with most of that particular persons views and ideals. THEREFORE , I assume you are anti 2nd amendment. WHY ? Because OBAMA IS ANTI SECOND AMENDMENT !! I assume you are for civil unions… Why ? BECAUSE OBAMA IS FOR CIVIL UNIONS !!!! I assume you are for murdering the unborn. Why ? BECAUSE OBAMA IS PRO CHOICE !!!!! His voting record proves all of the above…You cant argue that, or explain it away…..We wont even go into his voting record on taxes and on the economy. I could spend the rest of my life blasting away on that topic.

    But you are a typical lib. “Lets not talk about it” . Why ? Cause you know youll get your ass handed to you.

    I will NOT apologize for those remarks. I joke about football , talk major smack about it , but at the end of the day, if I thought I really made someone mad, Ill apologize. Its only a game. But when it comes to this stuff, its not a game. Your man is screwing up MY country.

    Only a total dooshbag lib would go the racial angle on someone the way you just did. How do you know I am not black ? Hispanic ? Oriental ?

    I respect the office of the president. Does that mean I have to agree with him ? NO…..I remember you OBAMA….Yeah, It wasnt too long ago , when dubya was in office, I could see just how much your hypocritical self ” respected” the Pres.

    Please, try to come up with wome BS about change. Blame W for the traffic ticket you got last week. Whatever man. Im telling you though. You DO NOT want to go there on this board. You are without a doubt in the extreme minority.

    Finebammer. teach this lib a lesson.

  46. 53

    Before I come unglued on your stupid ass, are you serious O-bama?? Tell me you were just trying to be cute with the word “bama”, and you really don’t support the President’s agenda.

    I shoot the sh*t about football too, but politics is serious business.

    If you don’t feel the need to defend your political beliefs, I have to believe you are a lib. Only libs have trouble explaining, much less defending, their twisted, hypocritical ideology.

  47. 54

    Saban’s lil Injun,
    It’s people like you that give Alabamians a bad name. You’d be the one they would interview if a tornado came through in your Dale Earnhardt shirt with the sleeves cut off and jean shorts drinkin a bud talking “how big that thang was” in front of your single-wide!
    You know nothing about football and nothing about politics!

    And as far as me being in the minority on this blog, you don’t know. First, you are assuming a ton with your remarks (Typical Auburn). Second, apparently the majority of America approved the president you backwoods moron. You probably didn’t even vote!

    But let me lay out what I do believe for this East Alabama Idiot! Abortion- I’m against it. Civil Unions- I’m for marriage btw a man and a woman ONLY! As a matter of fact, I’m as conservative as anyone on this blog.
    So why don’t you go crack open another can of sardines and figure out you aren’t near as smart as you THINK you are. The rest of us on here have already figured that out.
    You ought to have to walk around with a helmet on you moron. Did you eat paint chips as a kid?

  48. 55

    You must be hanging out at Injun’s house talking all that crap. Get on the short bus with Injun and figure out that if you were as smart as you think you are you wouldn’t be living in your parent’s basement!

  49. 56

    Look to take POLITICS serious is a fukn JOKE! Do you think any of them (POLITICIANS) take YOU serious?
    They dont! They are a bunch of MALED UP fukrs serving their DAMN SELFS … but you go ahead and you be PRO or ANTI but to take any of them LEFT OR RIGHT fukrs serious is as bad as bettin on somebody you have never seen throw a punch to beat ALI!

  50. 57

    thanks for the use of clean language. I can tell you are a class act! Probably an auburn fan

  51. 58

    Damn fool, you are wrong on nearly every count. A majority of those who came out to vote, voted for Obama. That doesn’t mean a majority of Americans approve of what the prez is doing. Big difference. Current stats and surveys would indicate otherwise, in fact.
    As for your “majority” argument, thats exactly why this country was formed as a republic, and not a majority ruled democracy. Look it up, doosh bag. In a democracy, any smooth talker with a lot of money, dishonest media, and dumbed down electorate can be elected, and run roughshod over our rights and liberties as spelled out in our Constitution. Somewhere along the way, many have come to believe might is right.
    So you go ahead and count yourself among the sheep. Your a pawn, and you don’t even realize it.

  52. 60

    Although I said I wasn’t going to respond to you again, for once I agree with you. Our great country was formed as a Republic, but based upon what you said, we have become a democracy, which I sadly must admit we have become, based on what’s happening today.

    Lets face it, this country is in serious trouble and if people don’t start to stand up for the Republic, and what our constitution stands for we are in for some very difficult times.

    I agree with what Omni said about all politicians only serving self, but until we come together and start electing smart business owners and farmers, it is only going to get worse. To do that, the first thing that needs to happen is for every man and women over the age of 18 to start exercising their right to vote, and turn out in record numbers. We have for way to long took the right to vote for-granted, and that causes me to tremble, when I think of all the American Blood that has been shed, in order for us to have that right.

    Something everyone should be paying close attention to is North Korea. If they in fact fire an inter-continental missile, as they have promised to do, this weekend towards Hawaii, this old world could get real crazy, real fast.

    Lets get back to sports, but keep our eyes open, we are living in some really troubled times.

  53. 61

    Now for the real serious stuff. I was watching Fox News earlier, but only caught the tail end of a story. They reported our government had given some town a half billion dollars to build a golf course in a town that has more cows in it than people.

    Yeah you know where I’m going with this, I didn’t hear the towns name, but thought immediately they must be speaking about Auburn. My only real question is, well really two, was it Auburn, and if so were they talking about the two legged cows on campus, or the four legged ones right outside of town.

  54. 63

    Now really, FOX did report that.
    My comment about the cows on campus is only a joke guys, cause the times I have been on the plains, there are some mighty fine looking ladies everywhere.

  55. 64

    You are right Carl. Nothing personal on this end. I would ad one addendum to what you said. I would suggest some moderate aptitude requirement in order to vote. It’s perposterous to think the only requirement to vote is citizenship. Voting is perhaps one of the single most important things anyone can do. And nothing else is required?? For Christ sake, you need more than that to get a hunting license or drivers license. Think about it. I’d be happy with one rule of thumb—if you can’t understand the ballot, you don’t need to vote. I know you’ve heard the saying…..shit in, shit out.
    Now back to football…..Auburn and bammer will both enter the Iron Bowl at 8-3. That’s my prediction, and I’m sticking to it.

  56. 65

    I hear you. I don’t know if I’m ready to make a prediction yet are not. At present I would probably piss folks off on both sides, but what the hey, here goes.

    If Auburn can get by Ole Miss. I could see them at maybe 7-4. If not I believe they will struggle to win 6 by Iron Bowl day.

    As far as Bama, again Ole Miss. is the question. If they can win that one I could see Bama at no less than 9-2 maybe better.

    The wild card in all this is Ole Miss. Can they handle success. I’m not sure they can. You know how sometimes a coach has another teams number, no matter how good a team is. Nutt has seemed to be that guy with Bama, although with Saban at the helm, hopefully that will not be the case, which is so til now anyway. Nutt has always impressed me though, and I really can’t explain it. He seems to win when he shouldn’t, and lose when he should win. One thing for sure, they wont slip up on no one this year.

    One huge factor in this though, is Auburn will have them at home and Bama has to travel to Oxford.

    One team hardly anyone is talking about is Arkansas. I look for them to be a much more cohesive group this year. Is their talent for real? I believe so. I believe this is the year we all find out if Petrino is the coach he is hyped to be. I personally don’t think he is, but I have been wrong many times before.

    So what does all this mean? I really believe if Bama can stay healthy, they could run the table again, but I admit I am always the eternal optimist when it comes to Bama Football, that swagger thing again, I guess. I’ll say this, I think Bama is the only team in the west that can run the table, but they must stay healthy, be lucky, and get consistent play at QB.

    If Bama don’t run the table I believe the west may be won with at least 2 losses, by………………any of the above, or LSU.

    Now that’s what I call digging a hole and covering yourself up, and digging out again.

  57. 66

    Obama if you want clean visit Disneys website. We are grown( I KNOW I AM ) if I hurt you im kinda sorry but dude what I said was dead on! Sorry that hurt your feelings but its true! If you got your self worth from anything other than BAMMA you would be able to make GROWN UP well read OPINIONS in any language 😉


  58. 67

    Oh and CArl I agree with the vote the lying lot of the bastards out, but Do you really think we very many good choices on all levels of Government?
    you know to vote in?

  59. 68
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO, PEOPLE! Looks like the format is politics first, then football. Okay, I’ll put my 10-cents worth in. OMNI said a mouthful. YOU CAN’T TRUST ANY OF’EM, REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAT. Both parties are bought & paid for by special interests. BAMASUX is correct that the founding fathers set us up as a Constitutional Republic, and CARL, I agree that until the electorate starts showing up in record numbers AND START SHOWING THE POLITICIANS & THE SPECIAL INTERESTS that there ARE MORE OF US THAN THEM, we’re gonna continue to HAVE to put up with the s–t we’ve had to put up with. And now, FOOTBALL! CARL, you’re right about Ole Miss. They’re the team to watch out for in the West. People KNEW the talent was there, they just needed a guy like Houston Nutt to get it out of them. As for Auburn, I stand by my opinion. That defense will be good. 6 or 7 wins. I feel that ‘Bama will win the West, but we might win it with 1 loss against a West Divison team. Of course, I HOPE I’m wrong. I believe that ‘Bama CAN RUN THE TABLE AGAIN, mainly because of our defense, but our O-Line has to gel quickly and our QB has yet to start a game. Those ARE things we have to be concerned with. I’m looking forward to the 4-MONTH PARTY that we know as College Football. IT CAN’T START TOO SOON! Later!

  60. 69
    Auburn is a Joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    obama……You assume that because Im a southern conservative that Im a redneck, trailor park livin in , wife beatin backy chewer. You are doing what you libs consider a cardinal sin. Sterotyping.

    Answer this….How can you, with a clean conciense say that you are pro life and vote for Obama ? Simple answer….Your not pro life. NO ONE who is really for the unborn can vote for Obama. PERIOD..

    You are a hypocrite.

    Let me guess…Your great grandaddy wouldnt vote anything but Democrat , so you wont…..Talk about narrow minded..Have you not seen the way your hero has gone against every campaign promise he made ? Guess why ? Because everything Bush did was necassary…..

  61. 70

    No I don’t Omni. Thats why I said we need to get some good business owners or managers, or successful farmers interested in representing their neighbors. Trouble is most honest hard working folks want no part of politics. In most cases, on the local level, state, and national, you almost have to be a crook to gain the nomination. For sure, generally if you aren’t crooked when you go into public service, you will be after a few years.
    Once was, to be a Congress person, or Senator, was a noble or honorable thing. I can now find almost no one who has any confidence in any elected official.
    So I guess the question is, how do we change that? It has to come from the people, a grass roots effort, lead by good folks. I believe these tea parties they are having now across the nation is a good start, as long as we don’t come up with the same old scum bags, and I’m talking about both parties.
    Both parties need to redefine what they stand for. I personally don’t agree with either party on every issue. Maybe its time for a new party, a party for the people, by the people, with no allegiance to any platform now in existence. It would be a very hard battle to fight, but when the people come together for a common cause great things can happen.
    Talking on blogs about these type things is a good place to start, then spread out, kinda like the tea parties for example.
    I know that a sports blog is probably not the place, but everything has to have a starting point. What we need is not more talk of evolution, but revolution, and I don’t mean taking up arms, but rather joining arm and arm and taking back that which is ours as the constitution gives right to.
    I could go on and on, but again I don’t know if this is the place, but as I am writing this I’m hearing Fox report that North Korea has just launched 4 more missiles. One of the major charges to the President of the United States is to defend this country from any type of this kind of aggression.
    I’m telling you folks its way past time for all good men and women to come to the defense of this great nation. It’s either do it, or lose it.

  62. 71
    5-19... 8-28 in 2009

    The fighting here is humorous. But never fear ‘Bama fans, midway through the season, half of these Aubarn (AL) barnzoes here will be lining up to commit suicide. The other remaining half will take themselves out immediately after Alabama hands them there asses AGAIN in cow-town.

    Beatdown number 2 is coming… Don’t deny it. Just accept it that way it’ll be easier to cope with when that day comes, Barnies.

    Aubarn (AL) 😀

  63. 72

    bammer fans are the only ones who beat their wives and shoot their kids when they lose. Since shaneola is too much of a coward to talk about it… bammer is on probation AGAIN. 4 in 14. New NCAA Probation National Champions!!! Got 13??

  64. 73

    SC, No we don’t have but twelve, but you certainly don’t want want to go there.

    My question to you…………… you have 2?

    Do you even know the most penalized team in NCAA history? you actually do, AUBURN!

  65. 74

    Blowjob Indian,
    YOU ARE SO FREAKING STUPID. Your assumptions prove to everyone your ignorance. And you assuming has definitely made an ass out of yourself.
    I assume you ignorant pricks can read. So why don’t you take some time and go back through this blog and see where I said ANYTHING about voting for Obama. You and Suxboy and Omni all need to take a reading rainbow lesson!
    At no point on here did I say I voted for Obama. I just made that my screen name to rile up racists like yourself.
    As a matter of fact, I have never voted for anyone that wasn’t republican, though I consider myself an Independent voter (Because unlike some of you, I actually look at the issues)
    Face it… I WIN!!!
    I did what I set out to do. My goal was to see if you would assume something about me because of my name. There’s a lesson for you to learn here. This is what happens when you conjure up stuff in your head and believe what you WANT to instead of what is really there.
    I’ve actually already seen the video, and it’s great. I will join the Chief and assume something. I assume you and I have something in common… we never miss Glenn Beck. Is that right?

    Now I didn’t start this political meandering, but can we finish it already? Can we get back to the real point of this blog? The real point of this blog is that AUBURN SUXS!

  66. 75
    Auburn is a Joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    What about July 1st at 7:19 ? You calimed to be an O-Bama-ite ? Your full of it man. Plus I remember some heated “dicusssions” with you when Bush was still in office. You are NOT a conservative. Your full of dog crap. Thats what you are.

    And dude, a conservative wouldnt have gone the racial angle. Thats a lib trademark.

    So, in other words, you have been caught lying. Another liberal trait. But staying true to your colors, you will never admit it. Just as your Dem. leaders never fess up.

    Also, your “elitist” arrogant, a-hole, holier than thou, attitude……..thats another lib calling card.

    You claimed to be an Obamite, that to me indicates you supported the man, that with your history of bashing Bush, of wich , some was deserved. But you didnt bash him on the things that a conservative would consider a problem. You bashed him on the war, and social issues. Not tax reform that he didnt follow through with. Even though his hands were tied the last 2 years.

    If your not a lib…..And I think you are….You need to be one. Youve got all the characteristics.

  67. 76

    O-bama, I’m not buying it. For anyone to immediately cry racism when we disagree with the President, you are a lib through and through. It’s folks like you that got him elected. You can talk out of both sides of your mouth all you want (another lib trait) but you aren’t fooling anybody here. You stepped into a sh*t storm, your ignorance was exposed, and now you’re back tracking.

    As for the video, I’m glad you’ve watched it. Do you not recognize the path we’re on?!

    And 5-19, only someone insecure with nothing else to live for, would use losing a ball game and suicide in the same sentence. Get a life.

  68. 77

    Ball Play,
    Listen I know this guy who is calling himself O-bama, and what he did on here the last few days was typical of him. He likes to stir stuff up just to get reaction.

    But in reality he is one of the strongest repubs I have ever known. He almost single handed caused me to become a repub. instead of an independent, with a dem. slant, more than anyone.

    He believes, as I in most cases, that the Finebaum network is for controversy. He does cause people to think, and I would be very surprised if he ever said something anti Bush.

    Last election I know for a fact that he supported Huckabee, which I like as well, but didn’t feel he had a chance to be elected. Thats why I think it is dangerous, but kinda in a fun way, to take what you read anywhere on the Web, as fact.

    My dad used to tell me don’t believe anything you read and only half what you see. I had a hard time understanding that until the web came along.

    As far as the O-bama on this blog at this time, there may be others I don’t know about, he is as fine a man of the Republic, that I know. He does love to fire up Aubs though. In the final analysis participating in discussion on these sport blogs its all about having a little fun.

    Can we please get back to what we all love and spend most of our time on, College Football?

  69. 78

    I said I was an O-Bama-ite, not an Obamaite. Meaning I am for Bama, you moron! READ WHAT IS THERE NOT WHAT YOU THINK IS THERE!!!

  70. 79

    No backtracking here sucky. You were just sucked into the tornoado of ignorance provided by the indian outlaw! READ THE POSTS!
    I do support the president, as any american should. I do not support his agenda though. WE all should want the president to succeed because we want America to succeed. However, that does not mean that I want his agenda to go forth.
    No liberal here. Just dealing with people who apparently cannot read and take things out of context to appeal to their own stupidity. Again, TYPICAL AUBURN!

  71. 80

    No O-bama, or whatever you are calling yourself, I asked you from the start if you were just being “cute” with the word “bama” and didn’t really support the President’s agenda. You did not respond. I was sucked into nothing.

    “WE all should want the president to succeed because we want America to succeed.” That comment makes no sense. The results of the President’s agenda, and the success of America are diametrically opposed. Why would I hope the President succeeds? I hope America succeeds, but the President is NOT America incarnate. I do respect the OFFICE, but not the man.

    Now, for crying out loud, let’s get back to football, and something non-controversial. Like the fact that Auburn will whip bammer this year in the IB.

  72. 81

    Thats good Suxer. Enough said. I got on here to talk about the Chizzmiester. I really am glad you guys have him as a coach. He’s gonna be the best player on Bama’s team this year! He’s gonna guarantee Saban a top 5 recruiting class every year!
    You’re a good sport suxboy! I look forward to seeing what you put on here. This has certainly been a lively conversation

  73. 82


    I agree completely, we need to get back to talking about football, but you have no right what so ever to question what someone calls themselves on a blog with a name like yours.

    Any football fan with a 3rd grade education knows that Bama don’t suck, and I wont go into a long tirade about that, except to say if a team with Bama’s past and future possibilities, and you have the gall to say they sux, I don’t have the vocabulary to say what Auburn should be called.

    Now indeed if you called yourself SUXBOY I think you would probably be correct on both syllables. There again I don’t know you so that, MAY, not be correct either. With a name like you have chosen to use, you open yourself up to all kinds of insults and innuendos. But that’s your choice, but don’t expect much respect on this end.

    In my heart of hearts I believe the only team, not only in the SEC, but in the entire nation, that deserves that designation would be the SUXVOLS.

  74. 83

    Tongue in cheek guys. By the way, back when I first got on here, the name bamasux was most appropriate. They were sucking at the time!! (Shula at the controls, 6 win seasons, 6 in a row, etc.) Times have changed, I admit it.

    As for truly sucking, 2008 Auburn excluded, tennessee is right up there.

    As for truly hating, lsu without question.

  75. 84

    O=Bama is full of it ? He aint sukd nuthing but US RED HEADED STEP BROTHERS!
    and 5-19 most of us have been here and I dont see any of us leaving…. sorry dude ? And Carl I got ya but I have done a lil reading on Politcian and there were very few who were noble. Even Jefferson by todays Standards wouldnt be.
    He grew HEMP… oops 😉 anyway good discussion olboy …

    AND everyone have a SAFE HOLIDAY and be Careful out!

  76. 85


    I agree, noble was not a good choice of words,in fact our Constitution forbids us from placing that distinction on an Washington elected official.

    I guess I meant honest more, but with my intention of stressing something we aren’t used to I used the word noble, my bad.

    I believe you know where I coming from though.

    I as well would like to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th.

  77. 86

    Yea Carl! Jefferson was one of my favorite reads!

    The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest.

    —Thomas Jefferson, Summary View of the Rights of British America, July 1774

    Fits Huh? with the time of year….

  78. 87

    Sure does Omni!

    To shift gears, What about Andy Roddick!
    Can he take Federer?

    Should be a super match on Sunday.

  79. 90
    Auburn is a Joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Ill take your word Carl. I just like to argue ….Its what I do. Obama….you didnt have to go all racial. But its all good.

    Happy fourth to you all…..

  80. 91

    You’re right. I probably crossed the line there. Yall have a great weekend. We’ll get it going again next week. Yall bring your A game!

  81. 92

    Now Mr. O-bama-ite Man,

    I am going to have to take exception to that last remark. How in the world can someone bring their a-game when they a still trying to figure out how to put the a in game. Most of their game is gone.

    You know what the best thing to ever come out of Auburn was/is?


  82. 94
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! “BAMASUX,” congrats on y’all’s village recieving some national recognition. It certainly CAN’T HURT, even though I wouldn’t wanna live there. If I did live there, I’d have a sign somewhere on the front lawn saying “ROLL TIDE” that would INVITE some harassment. That wouldn’t be a problem. Anytime someone tried to make the yard look like Toomer’s Corner after a big win I’d be waiting with a water hose to giv’em a bath! Happy Independence Day TO ALL! Later.

  83. 96

    Only 144 days til the university of Abarn gets their asses handed to them AGAIN!
    36-0 wont even be close.

  84. 97

    Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, TOCK!

  85. 98
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    I dont think you bammers have to worry about T-town getting named a top ten place to live by US News and World Report. But keep on dreaming. Maybe one day.

  86. 99

    Ball play,

    For your info T-Town received similar designation a number of yours ago when it was named to the All-American cities list. The only people that make a big deal out of any of these are the chamber of commerce. If you look long enough you can find just about every town in the u.s listed in someone top ten or all american list. I would doubt if abarn receives much due to this just as t-town hasn’t in theirs.
    Bottom line if a.u wasn’t in abarn or u.a. in t-town, neither of them would be much of a town.

  87. 100
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    We arent quoting the Sand Mountain Reptorter….This was U.S. News and World Report.

    Let the flame war continue !!!!

  88. 101

    I’ve lived in Auburn for the past 16 years, and I can tell you first hand, Auburn, Huntsville and their surrounding towns are two of the best areas to set up businesses in all of Alabama, and the southeast in general. The I-85 corridor (you’re right Carl), first rate education system, low crime, and high education levels are factors, to name a few.

  89. 102

    Yeah Suxs and balls I been to abarn a few times, but I’m sure after the the u.s world news has recognized it for all its greatness, many new companies and retirees will be clamoring for a piece of the next cow pasture that is available. Due to facts you listed above I guess thats why russell corporation and the wheel mill have moved out.

    Ya’ll do something right now to mooo about since the future is not very bright for the war buzzards.

  90. 103

    SUXS and BALLS,

    I took a long hard look at university of abarn’s schedule today, along with their opponents and although I said earlier the aubs might win 6 or 7, after careful review I don’t for the life of me see how they will win more than 5, probably 4.


  91. 104

    Russell Corp.= textiles=cheaper from China=no one in America can compete with that (right now, anyway.) Wheel mill……have you heard about the car industry lately????

    For every company you can name moving away from Auburn, I can name you 10 that are moving in. Nice try, however.

    Carl, list your Auburn losses. Here goes mine….@ arkansas, @ lsu, @ georgia, and maybe olemiss. We’re looking at 8-9 wins.
    My bammer losses are….va tech, @olemiss, lsu and auburn. And, of course, your bowl game if it’s against the UTES!!!

  92. 105

    ok, you agreed with 2 that are moving out, employing how many 3 to 4 thousand between them? ok your turn, you said 10 for 1, so name me twenty that will employee 200 each, let alone the thousands that were lost, or pay anything like those two. You know it doesn’t do much good to replace a twenty something an hour job with one at Wal*Mart.
    It would be much easier for me to name the 4 or 5 wins, and I believe you could figure those out. Since you already named 4 losses try adding Miss. St., the SUX VOLS, West Virginia, and Bama to the lose column and I believe that would bout do it.
    Come on SUXS, you can’t really believe aubie is going to beat Bama this year. Then again I can believe you think that because you live in a dream world most of the time.
    You all really have the perfect coach now though, a cheeser in cow country, what could be more fitting.
    And yeah, I have heard of the auto. industry, Tuscaloosa County has quite a few manufacturing plants directly tied to that, and while they have had a down turn, none are moving out. (Not yet anyway)

  93. 106

    Plays With His Balls,

    One thing you and I do agree on is aubie is a joke. Bet you thought we couldn’t agree on anything, did ya?

  94. 107

    I should have said I’ll name 50 employers for every one that leaves/closes. My bad. Start at page 24.

    Back to football. Seriously, miss st and suxvols are losses for Auburn?? We’ve owned them, and even beat them both during our worst year in over a decade (2008.) You can’t really believe that. Your west va and bammer pick is a little more reasonable, but west va comes here, minus pat white, early in the season while the defense is fresh. Don’t see it.
    As for an Iron Bowl loss, don’t underestimate home field. I know that’s never been an advantage for bammer until last year, but at Auburn it’s made quite a difference in the past.

    I really don’t see either team in Atlanta this year.

  95. 108
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! Anytime someone starts making predictions, I HAVE TO CHIME IN! So here we go. First, DIXIE’S FOOTBALL PRIDE, the Crimson Tide. Game 1: UA Vs. Virginia Tech. This should be a close game, possibly a nail-biting defensive struggle. I hate to say it, but ‘Bama might start the ’09 campaign with a loss. Va. Tech, 19-17. Game 2: UA Vs. FIU. The Tide will take out their frustration on these guys…UA, 49-0. Game 3: UA Vs. North Texas. The Tide rolls, 33-7. Game 4: UA Vs. Arkansas. Arkansas will be better, but the Tide D will slow down the Hogs. UA, 31-14. Game 5: UA Vs. Kentucky. Tide wins, 24-6. Game 6: UA Vs. Ole Miss. The Tide travels to Oxford and will face a very good team. Once again, the Tide D rises and possibly wins the game with a well-timed INT or fumble recovery. ‘Bama, 24-23. Game 7: UA Vs. South Carolina. Tide QB Greg McElroy could really shine in this one…Alabama 35, South Carolina 14. Game 8: UA Vs. Tennessee. ITS ALWAYS GREAT TO BEAT THESE GUYS. ‘Bama…27-10. Game 9: UA Vs. LSU. Former UT DC John Chavis is now at LSU. Their D will be improved, BUT LSU must come to Tuscaloosa. I believe the home-field advantage will be BIG in this one. Alabama, 28-13. Game 10: UA Vs. Miss. State. The ‘Bama D is just TOO STRONG. Alabama, 34-0. Game 11: UA Vs. Chattanooga. UA 56, Chattanooga 0. Game 12: UA Vs. AU. This game could be close going into the 4th Qtr. Alabama wins 25 to 14. Of course, THIS IS ONLY 1 BAMMER’S OPINION, but our D will be the key. I’ll even predict Auburn’s schedule. Stay tuned.

  96. 109
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! As promised, here’s AU predictions. Game 1: AU Vs. La. Tech…AU 29-7. Game 2: AU Vs. Miss. State…AU 26-14. Game 3: AU 24-20. Game 4: AU Vs. Ball State…AU 22-10. Game 5: AU Vs. Tennessee…UT 22-15. Game 6: AU Vs Arkansas…Arkansas 32-22. Game 7: AU Vs. Kentucky…AU 32-14. Game 8: AU Vs. LSU…LSU 27-20. Game 9: AU Vs. Ole Miss…Ole Miss 27-10. Game 10: AU Vs. Furman…AU 37-8. Game 11: AU Vs. Georgia…Coach Gene Chizik “becomes an Auburn Man!” AU 20-10, in Athens, no less! Game 12…AU Vs. UA. Once again, game will be close going into the 4th, but the Tide PREVAILS 25-14. There you have it. ‘Bama goes 11-1, AU finishes 7-5. Later!

  97. 111
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    I think wee will lose a game we shouldnt , but win a couple that we shouldnt. I can see us beating Georgia , and Ole Miss ( nat buying the hype)…..I think we will have a legit shot at W Virginia. If we could win those three. That would make for an outstanding season. To me ,,,,,,7-5 mildly disappointed……8-4 expected…..9 wins , ecstatic….

  98. 112

    Ball Play,

    If,if,if,……………. Seems your thinking is about like mine. IF,they win those 3 my prediction would be 7-5 as well, mildly surprised and totally unexpected. Oh but only IF…………………….

  99. 113

    Ballplay—-you stepped into Carl’s pet peave……he hates “imagining” and “iffing” as IF their is anything else we can do at this time of the year. This is all speculation….some based on empirical evidence….most based on bammer wishful thinking.

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