Jarrick Williams commits

Safety Jarrick Williams committed to the Alabama Crimson Tide Friday night, according to Internet reports from the major recruiting services. Williams picked the Tide over offers from other BCS schools. Williams is rated a four-star recruit by Rivals and Scout with ESPN placing him in the ESPNU 150 Watch List; Williams is a Rivals 100 recruit and the #2 prospect in the state, and Scout ranks Williams as the eighth best safety in the 2010 class.

Williams is 6’2”, 205 lbs, and runs a 4.6.

ESPN provided this helpful analysis, “Williams has few weaknesses and really possesses excellent safety skills already. He should be able to adjust to the speed of the college game early. Williams can also excel on the coverage units at the next level because of his speed and athleticism.”


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    #1 and #2 in the state.
    Does someone smell smoke coming from Lee County?
    Must be some leftover from all the smoke reporters like Kevin Scarbinsky was trying to blow up the public’s ass with the “Tiger Prowl” and the “Big Fat Weekend”
    If not, it is coming out of Bobby Lowder’s ears everytime Bama squashes Auburn’s recruiting wish list.

    Look for the whole recruiting war to move into hyperdrive with rumors about Coach Nick Saban having affairs, cheating on his taxes and shooting Santa Claus under mysterious circumstances on a Deer Hunting trip.

  2. 3

    Did any one think this would not happen when CNS came to town?Sorry but turn out the lights the party”s over in aubbie town..

  3. 4
    E G White

    Yep, I was having a vicious Bama-Barner argument with my brothers Friday night. Almost turned to fisticuffs as usual. They were all pumped up with false hope and saying as how Chizik is out recruiting Saban this year, and how the Barn is already ahead in the state. Of course I knew they were full of shit, like all Barners. Right at the height of the argument, lo and behold the news service comes accross with the Jerrick Williams report. That gives us #1 and #2 and 7 out the top 18. Auburn has #9 and 3 out of the top 18. The idiots tried another tack and said there aren’t many 5* this year for Bama to pickup late, so Auburn will catch us later cause they only have 8 commits so far. More ignorant Barner bullshit! They don’t understand that at this time last year Bama was ranked #25 and finished #1. This year we started out #2, so people better get scared! RTR!

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