Saban vs. Shula; Chizik already alienating coaches

According to one coach who attended camps with former Alabama Crimson Tide coach Mike Shula and present Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban, there is a big difference between those men. Shula was a “dog-and-pony show.”

“His first year down there, all of us coaches went from (Mike) Shula to Saban,” Sardis assistant coach Dusty Darnell told the Sand Mountain Reporter. “Shula was a dog-and-pony show, and Saban came in and it was daylight to dark (the difference).”

According to the coach, Saban works the high school players at camp just like the college guys. Saban’s even made a few players cry too.

But the real news is how Saban impresses even Auburn fans, and this is very informative about Alabama’s approach to high school coaches and camps compared to the “new” Auburn approach under Gene Chizik.

“They’re going to get their money’s worth. I’m an Auburn fan, but I told Alabama’s coach the other day if I had a kid right now, I’d send them to Alabama,” Darnell said. “They’re going to work if you send them down there. … “I didn’t get to work the Auburn camp this year. They closed the doors at the Auburn camp and wouldn’t let us in. I worked it the last three years.”

Already alienating high school coaches in the state? Sure sounds like Gene Chizik is off to the right start. If 5-19 is his Auburn goal.