Shane: Everything but the kitchen sink

By Shane from Centerpoint

It’s June 21st, Father’s Day. In spite of the fact that I’m sitting on my deck protected by a roof and ceiling fan, it seems like one of the hottest days (to officially begin the summer) in Birmingham Alabama that I can remember. It’s so hot I can see the creosote boiling on the crossties that line my wife’s planter in the backyard. I’m sitting in my chair watching my Boxer Boom-r, who’s smart enough to be heading inside. I have no doubt that he’ll probably go stand over one of the outlet vents to super-cool himself. Anyway, heat like this mainly makes me think of two things: the beach and pre-season two-a-days.

Those of you who grew up in the South will fully understand the beach part. It’s a southern tradition that, at some point during the summer, Dad would reserve a week’s vacation to haul the family down for some “fun in the sun” on the Gulf Coast. To a young athlete like myself the greatest thing about the beach was the fact that, between the ocean and the pool, I was cool for an entire week.

The second thing that extremely hot temperatures like today remind me of is the fact that a very large group of young athletes across the south will be paying a tremendous price to prepare themselves mentally and physically to compete at college football’s highest level. Punishment of that type is a football player’s “right of passage”. The act itself is brutal, but the reward for paying the price comes in the form of victories on the gridiron.

In honor of Fathers Day, I raise my glass to all the fathers and sons out there who paid the price to play the game. That blazing inferno called a practice field has broken some of the best. After all is said and done, a summer afternoon practice in the Alabama sun will definitely separate the men from the boys.

While I’m on the subject of hot, I might as well turn up the heat on a few sports–related issues that have been on my mind.

Yes, Florida Gator head coach Urban Meyer has two national title belts around his waist, but it is beginning to look like the inmates are running the prison down in Gainesville. With a two-deep squad of arrestees, Meyer may be veering down a dangerous path. Parents of future players may become leery that Coach Meyer may be surrounding their young sons with a group of thugs. Along with extremely poor GPA’s, Urban’s perceived lack of team control may heavily damage the very thing that he does best – recruit.

Message to the entire SEC — enough of the whining and wailing about cheating! Everybody get a grip! There are enough great players for every team to be competitive. Besides, people outside the South are growing weary of the soap opera drama that goes with each story. Talk Radio loves it, but the man on the street wants to win it on the field. So do the coach and his players.

New Auburn Tiger head coach Gene Chizik has done a poor job of taking a leadership role since his arrival on the Plains. To this day the public face of the Auburn football program has been the Looper and Trooper Show – the one with the now–famous statewide “limo tour” and subsequent “toilet paper tossing event”. Seriously, at times Chizik almost gives me the impression that he is subordinate to his two assistants. The scary part to the Auburn faithful should be that neither assistant is ready to take on Nick Saban. I’m not sure Chizik is either. Actually, I’m still waiting for Chizik to make a major move.

I wish Tennessee’s fearless young head coach Lane Kiffin would just say what’s on his mind. Actually that’s really the main problem with this absolute clown. I tell you what, he’d better have a great staff and he’d better win games on the field because he has made a total mockery of the University of Tennesse’s legendary football program. In my “football” mind, only something like an SEC crown or a big BCS win by year two or three could wash away all the classless, sometimes childish perception of Volunteer football that Lane has created for the nation to see. Parents of future players should love this guy. We already know he can teach their sons how to lead the SEC in breaking the rules. So far it’s been really difficult to take this man seriously, mostly because he’s done nothing so far to deserve my respect.

Well, I’m about out of opinions for now, yet my original topic, the heat, is always going to be in overdrive when the Alabama sun shines all day in June. I don’t know how many days there are until kick-off, but I can sense that there are young players everywhere fighting this oppressive heat while trying to gain the “edge”. As for me personally, I’m going to follow my dog’s lead and step off this 94 degree porch into a 70 degree haven.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 4

    Match-up of the decade: Cheez-it vs. Kiffin!

    In all honesty, thus far, Cheez-it hasn’t done anything to upset me as of yet, it’s just his delusional followers who in all seriousness believes he’s got Nick Saban/Les Miles/Mark Richt’s number. On the bright side, football season isn’t too far away, meaning they’ll be casting stones once they realize they got what they paid for in a 5-19 colossal failure.

    The game I’ve circled on the calender, isn’t Alabama vs. Va. Tech, or Alabama vs. LSU, it’s Florida vs. Tennessee. Oddly enough, Lane Kiffin reminds me of an Aubarn (AL) fan due to his inferior puns toward his superiors. He’s going to be in for a rude awakening when Meyer hangs 90 on him in The Swamp. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to seeing Alabama slam his face into the dirt, but more importantly, I’m ready to see just how bad Meyer and the Gators are going to manhandle this jerk with little man’s syndrome.

    Roll Tide!

  2. 5

    Ya know SHane sticks some decent stuff in some blogs and then jax them up with some….,some,,…… SOME SHIT!!
    Chizik is military that means he understands what it REALLY MEANS to have subordinates not like just coaching. I dont know for sure but I sure hope that man comes out and has all you bitches calling him “SIR”!

  3. 6
    bluetick hound

    Yea, The only other thing Lane Kiffin has done is bring confidence to his players,get them exitied about playing football at UT,getting them focused on school work and going to class and only keeping them out of trouble. Zero arrest since lane took over. taht should be enough to gain your respect but you’re in Alabama so I expect that!

  4. 7
    14 trooper

    The first thing I’d like to comment on is Shane saying he’s a former athlete??

    Ok, on to the next comment.

    Cap, I’m confused? Didn’t you say this guys name was Chadd scott. You know the obnoxious AU fan who shouldn’t be allowed to report cause of his bias towards his alma mater? Thought so!!

    To comment on Shane’s take? BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PUKEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


    Altough you brought back some nice memories of my childhood. For it being Fathers Day, I say thank you.
    HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the fathers on this blog.

  5. 8

    I didn’t say Chadd Scott shouldn’t be allowed to report or comment. I just said I was glad the guy wasn’t cluttering up the airwaves in Alabama.

  6. 9
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! Yeah, the off/pre-season conditioning can cause a young athlete to long to be ELSEWHERE, but give them credit: the guys that stick it out ARE WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE. As for Urban, Gene, and Lane, let’s start with Meyer. I would dare to say that even though there has been some unsavory behavior by some players on the team, he’ll straighten them out. NOW, on to Coach Chizik. SHANE, DON’T YOU KNOW THAT AS LONG AS CHIZIK KEEPS THE 3 GOOD OLE BOYS HAPPY ON THE PLAINS THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT? Seriously though, Chizik is THE FALL GUY. Its gonna be his team and his philosophy. He has hired a good staff, and as long as there ain’t any “infighting” amongst the assistants they have a chance of being competitive. Remember that I said that he’s “THE FALL GUY.” Auburn has a decent chance of getting to a bowl game, but IF they have another 5-7 record this year some of the AU people will be ready to promote someone from within the staff. I believe that the guy HAS to win at least 6 in his inaugural season, just to SHOW that some progress has been made. Personally, I think they’ll win 6, MAYBE 7. In closing, I MUST SAY THAT “THE LANE KIFFIN SHOW” has been VERY AMUSING. The show should continue to be a laugh parade! I CAN’T WAIT FOR SOME OF HIS POST-GAME COMMENTS! I see the same win total for the Vols, 6 or 7. Anyway, until September rolls around all we have are baseball, NASCAR and THANKFULLY the College Pre-Season Magazines! Later.

  7. 11
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I remember 2 a days well. They were terrible. Our old HS coach played for Bryant and he was a killer in the summertime. To have 5 guys puking at once wasnt abnormal. The ambulance came at least once a summer to pick up someone for overheating. When I joined the military it was like a vacation. Anyhow, these guys , and by that I mean ALL CFB players are paying a big price that most cant comprehend. It takes a rue man to endure what they go through,

    Shane, you just couldnt help it could ya ? No omention of your own team.( except for the cheating part) Just Tenn., FL., and Auburn. You are the one that needs to get a grip.

  8. 12

    Everytime I hear an Alabama fan gnashing their teeth over another school breaking the rules, I burst out with laughter.

    Breaking News: Lane Kiffin doesn’t want or need the respect of Shane from centerpoint

  9. 13

    Shane—–excellent job of deflection!! Not one mention of your beloved team. To think of everything that has happened with bammer in the last couple of weeks, and you being “sick” and everything, you would have something to say. But nothing. Ignore it. Turn your head. Sweep it under the rug. Guess what?? It’s that arrogant attitude from you and your fellow bammers that will seal the deal with your program. You know, the culture difference is probably the biggest distinguishing factors between the two big programs of Alabama. About mid way through Auburn’s “football” season last year, the Auburn faithful acknowledged the problem and sought to rectify it (whether right or wrong, we will see.) On the other hand, you bammers are always last to admit a problem with your program. Let’s see, it took, what 4 or 5 years before SOME of you realized a complete buffoon was running your football program. It’s looking like it may take the same number of years before y’all realize you have a “problem” in Gadsden. But that’s to be expected. I forgot which one of you crimson necks likes to use the ticking clock analogy when describing the Auburn program. Well, here’s another. Do y’all hear that cracking sound? That’s the sound of an elephant skating on VERY thin ice. Seriously, I may be overstating the gravity of the situation. I mean, the bammer football program only has to remain absolutely trouble free for the next three years. Shouldn’t be a problem.
    Remember in Dirty Harry, when the crook is staring down the barrel of a 44 Magnum, trying to guess whether or not Harry has any more ammunition??

    “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

  10. 14
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Dead on………..They never realise when they are in the wrong, because they are NEVER in the wrong. Shane , remember in 05 afer 9 wins , your pulitzer prize winning article….”THE TIDE IS HIGH AND SHULA IS THE MAN” ? EGGs constant insistance on appealing the NAZI regime called the NCAA…??? What gives , the guys did what the NCAA said they did. The FB program got away relitivley speaking with a slap on the wrist. The NCAA plainly said in their memo DONT APPEAL THIS OR RUN THE RISK OF EVEN STIFFER SANCTIONS……But nooooooooo, lets press our luck. WHY , PRAY TELL ????


    Yeahhh, o.k. , I hear ya. I think they know that they cant go 3 years without getting pinched…….Ill tell you this, If the Gadsden crap is true, and they get caught while on probation, It will make the Albert Means think look like a slap on the wrist. But like you said, they dont even entertain the possibility that it could remotely be true. And maybe it isnt. But they dont even entertain it. That my friend, is insane.

  11. 15

    insane shane you are a stupid human being. the gators will be the king of sec football in 09. your ua@t team will lose 4 games. vols will be much improved auburn will go to a bowl.after the gadsden violations come out and the ncaa pulls the trigger on your team its over for saban. he will head to his next dream job. maybe old mal can hire mike price once again.

  12. 16
    E.G White

    To Ballplay, Omni, Oskie, Bamasux and 14. Don’t look now tards, but you’re invading a Bama blog! Just what the hell do you expect to find except criticisms of our rivals. If you’re looking for the mention of any faults that we ALLEGEDLY may have, then go back to your own teams blogs! Ballplay, it’s getting real old constantly having to explain the english language to you and Omni. There is absolutely no where that it says the sanctions can be worse upon appeal! Morons! It says that if Alabama modifys the sanctions without NCAA approval then the sanctions could be increased. It also says that the COI reserves the right to review any modifications to the sanctions that may be recomended by the NCAA upon appeal, but that in no case can the original sanctions be increased by the appeal process. In other words, there can be no retaliation by the COI as long as Alabama doesn’t try to modify the sanctions themselves. You people are hopeless! And for once Shanes article was right on. The only questionable statement that wasn’t an opinion and could be refutted with fact is the GPA of the Florida team. I don’t know if he was right or wrong. I certainly won’t take that moron Florida bloggers word for it. What he said about Kiffen and Chizek, right or wrong, is what everybody but Barners and UcheaTers think! As far as the Volunqueer blogger saying that Kiffen has had no arrests. I don’t know if that’s true or not. But everyone knows he gave a scholly to a child molester. Don’t think that’s gonna help his recruiting with athletes parents who are of the moral majority! For all of you ignorant turdflys – keep on masturbating over Gadsden. Even Slive is tired your bullshit. LMFAO! So just STFU! RTR!

  13. 17

    Egg white…..thanks for confirming the thought that bammers are delusional. You are correct in one respect… is certainly within bammers right to appeal, according to the letter of the law. However, do you not think the questioning of their authority will have ramifications in the future? The NCAA is on a constant power trip, and one thing that personality type hates more than anything, is being questioned. You would know this if you spent any time in the real world. But go ahead, and believe as you will. You guys are priceless. I don’t think a better comedy of errors could be scripted if I tried.

  14. 18
    Indiana Vol

    Typical BS from Shane the Bammer Moron.

    Shane, your Crimson Turd program and fanbase is made up of dirty cheating bastards that will go to any length to win.

    Hopefully, the NCAA will shut your dirty program down when one of your idiot boosters pay another player.

    rammer-jammer, yeller-hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  15. 19
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Eggy……….Thanks for making my post look so accurate. You really do personafy the bammer mindset. Wellll, you and Shane anyhow.

    As far as where I go and what I say, deal with it.

    Quit using turdfly. I have registered that at the trademanrk office.

    Lets pretend your right about the appeal not getting you any worse punishment or probation. O.K. ……Lets put that over there.

    Now over here you gaot the pissed off NCAA……Then you got the Gadsden deal about to come to fruition. Now, are telling me that it wont affect you in the future ? ( O.K. the Gadsden comment wasnt neccesary but youll get caught doing something in three years, just dont know what )….

    Egg, youve got WADS out the ying buddy.

  16. 20

    hey EG why do we have to have this conversation once a fukn month! SHOW ME WHERE I SAID SOMETHING TO FIT INTO YOUR ANALOGY! You stump drunk boy chasing inbred fukn bamma put up the big brush and get the small one! FUK YOU! Its dumb asses like you who come in here and throw up the shits thats in you and metion everybodys name you can. For the Record I think BI and Julio can run intellectual circles around you but me I’ll just mindfuk your retarded ass. LEAVE ME OUTTA YOUR SHIT I come here as an AUburn FAN to read this site I visit many site so dont get all proper on me, You guys keep hollaring about how we feel inferior to you guys WELL only those who feel superior would even think that way(SEE HITLER) you ignorant fuk noones above anyone you hear me? Your name says it all MR IDOL WORSHIPPER!
    cya in the funny pages rookie

    COME BACK WITH SOMETHING NEW Instead of the inbred, red head, step whatever, cow college shit all of you stupid bammers throw up every chance you get. I am not asking much just SOME originality


  17. 21
    E.G White

    How typically retarded you Barners are. You get all indignant when the truth of what you say is repeated. You can’t have one original thought or remember anything you said 2 seconds ago. Omni what a retarded tirade. You gonna sit there and try to say you haven’t asked Cap over and over again to explain things and that I haven’t had to correct your incorrect interpretations of the textbook case? Give me a break! Ballplay, apparently you’re yellow! What the hell kind of Chickenshit would run from pursuing their rights just because they’re afraid of retaliation? Guess you feel the same about Fla. St. too! Oh what the hell, I’m talking to posts. I’m outta here.

  18. 22

    I didnt ask Cap to Explaine SHIT! I asked him if he had 1ST hand knowledge of the VIDEO and only becuase I half ass trust him that if he did I would beleive it! And YOU all YOu do is correct peoples spelling and english as if you have the right!! And I HAVE NEVER ASKED YOU TO EXPLAINE THE TEXTBOOK CASE TO ME?????? I waited patiently on the findings to READ FOR MY OWN DAMN SELF!

    I thinks its your waste spittin ass that doesnt remember who you talk to about what. I got a feeling that goes on alot with you….

  19. 24

    And I also see how to shut you the fuk up!

  20. 25
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Egg…..What you dont seem to get……And what the rest of the CFB world is now witnessing, is the very thing that BS said. You cant seem to admit when your in the wrong. YOUR ARROGANT !!!! But the thing that baffles us all is WHY ARE YOU ARROGANT ? Your team hasnt done anyhting in the last 17 years to be arrogant about. In fact, ANY OTHER FANBASE WOULD BE HUMBLED !!!! After the whole Means deal went down , One would expect a fanbase to want a coach and administration that would crack down with great prejudice when stupid BULLCRAP like the textbook thing happened. BUT NOOOOOO…..NOT BAMA……LETS APPEAL THE DAM THING !!!!! THEY CANT DO THAT TO US !!!!! WERE ALABAMMER !!!!! ROLLLLL TIIIDEEE !!!! You just dont get it . YOU WERE GUILTY !!!!! MAN UP !!!!!! FACE THE MUSIC !!!!!! TAKE YOUR MEDICINE !!!!!!

    But you would drag your teams national P.R. standpoint ( whats left of it) through the sewage FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING !!!!!!! Spend piles of money FOR NOTHING !!!!! IT AINT GONNA GET APPEALED !!!!! E-V-E-R !!!!!!! All it does it make you and your tewam like like the idiots you are .

    When , not if your team gets pinched in the next 3 years, you can bet your butt the NCAA NAZIS will remember this appeal and the headache that it will cause them. They will then proceed to cut the nads off your precious Tide.

    When Auburn got in trouble in 92 or 93 I had no problem with them getting no TV and no postseason. We broke the rules. Get that cheatin crap out of there !!!!!

    Oh, and its not your “right” . Criminals dont have rights. I can assure your old, wore out, Geritol takin, Fiberall drinkin, Cialis poppin, butt that Im not yellow. I just have enough sense not to pick every hill to die on. Unlike you.

  21. 26
    E.G White

    Yours and Omnis posts exemplify everthing I said, and everybody else on here knows it. What do I have to do? Link every one of your posts over the last month that proves it. Omni’s still trying to make me look stupid by referencing only what he said on this topic, when I clearly stated I was referencing his remarks during the past few weeks. And when have I ever corrected anyones damn spelling? You’re making yourself look stupid. As for you BP, the more you rant your bullshit about sanctions and appeals, the more stupid you look! As if anyone at Alabama gives a flying fu-k what you think about it! Your both demented! Gotta Go. This argument is absurd and wasting my time! LMAO! RTR!

  22. 29

    LMAO…..RTR…..STFU…..”I’m outta here”……who the F are you? Some school girl just learning to text message? If it’s getting too hot….you have been excused from the kitchen, bitch.

  23. 31
    Auburn is a Joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Hes ended the last 15 posts with “Ah I am done with this arguement, Im outta here”, only to respond 30 minutes later.

    And Egg, my rants are the epitome of civil compared to your curse ridden tyrades. Some of your own believe its a stupid , futile, expensive decision. Do you honostly think the appeal will get you anything? It wont.

  24. 32

    Hey Red Cloud or more appropriately RED TURD and Injun Joe, shut your lame a$$ retardo goofball sucking face!!

    You and the rest of your punk a$$ gay aubretard buddies are just mad because you got your sore butts handed to you in the IB.

    Funny how one simple a$$ kicking, after six straight victories, has sent the scumbag toilet paper wielding cum faced aubretard nation into a frenzy.

    You jerk-offs have been exposed by your actions. Now all you do is pray for the Tide to get hammered by the NCAA, because you know that Opelika Finishing School has absolutely NO chance of success on the playing field. The same old pitiful goofball Cow Patty University that we all know and laugh at.

    Somehow I think that it is fitting that Auberts new logo is a roll of toilet paper. What a classy way to lure talent to your stink hole.

    One punch in the face and you take to the hills, no I should say tar-pit.

    What a bunch of sissies!!!!!


  25. 35

    The funny thing BLAHBLAH is your the one sounding like a girl. I remember when GIRLS thought it was funny to go
    BLAH BLAH BLAHBLAHBLAH when men were talking so I will tell you like I told there silly asses BLAHBLAH, Get you wet crotch ass back in the house and cook SOMETHING OR CLEAN! fukn rookie take that 8th grade shit back to school in September. And just to tell you If I WAS GAY??? I wouldnt give your a$$ the Time of Day! I want bamma 9-0 when they play us ya see I am a big boy. I dont wanna play lil sissies, all they do is CRY about probation and hands tied and all the crybaby shit.SO to you lady blah blah
    Get out and meet some people and try and find out what the worls is like, oh And pro-active lots of pro-active….

  26. 36
    Blue Auburn Fan

    Poor Shane, I didn’t realize he lived next to a train track. At least his wife is trying to make it better by sticking plastic flowers in between the railroad ties. I bet the flowers are crimson and white.

    Boom-r the Boxer seems to have more sense than Shane, At least Boom-r’s smart enough to leave the porch. But you know the old saying on the bumper sticker, “If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch”. Looks like Shane’s right where he should be!

  27. 37

    Shut Up and stick to the facts of the post Omni and Butt-monkey!!


  28. 43
    14 trooper

    Bama fans getting BLASTED on a bama site.


    Tuck n run bammers, tuck n run!!

    Blahblah, Dude? Dude? What happened? LOLOLOL!!!


  29. 44

    Your right Ballplay, Bama has not done anything in the last 17 years but win a National Championship, you know that thing your team has never done in your pitiful existence. And if you think Dye had you in trouble before, just wait, I promise you he will be paying whoever he has to AGAIN to make sure the coach he hired succeeds. Hang on boys, this is about to get interesting. And btw, it makes you look like a complete jealous moron frothing at the mouth that something could come of Gadsden. I hear Tyrik Rollison may have got some help qualifying, more soon, I promise.

  30. 45

    What happened troop is he was reminded I am not the smartest guy here.BUT I AM NOT gonna let stupidity come to my AUburn Brethren though, as I have SOME SKILLS that can be of help ;). I will RIP these idiots new A$$E$ though and I dont have to think about it to come up with a RETORT or google smart ass comments and I DONT RUN!!

    WDE Troop!!!

  31. 47
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Reality………….Shut your ignorant trap boy……The fact of the matter is “D Kirk” has a Charger …..Just a couple days after he signed…..Wehther it does or doesnt go back to a booster , it dont look too good.

    Did someone buy Rollison a Charger so he could get to the NCAA clearinghouse comittee meating on time ?….There is no “soon I promise”…..No coach in the country would risk anything on a fresh QB that will probably get the redshirt…Well, besides maybe a coach at Bama.

  32. 51

    Unless, of course, you folks want to argue over the grade level at which his writing should be scored. I have a figure in mind.

  33. 52
    Auburn is a Joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Its sad isnt it ? The one thing b oth the Bama and Auburn fans can agree about is Shanes “journalistic” skills.

  34. 53

    Ballplay, shut your whiny ass Aub mouth, you don’t come on the superior team in this state’s website and run your trap. . .boy. Are you so racist you think a black boy going to Bama can’t afford a freekin charger? You could probably even afford one with your welfare check, it is not like it is a Ferrari dumbass.

  35. 54


    Injun, I was fixin to blast off on your a$$ but then this dip$hit jumps in calling you a racist and refers to the charger guy ‘black boy’, all in the same sentence. Dude, if you are going to be real don’t be a dam n hypocrite.

    Now Aubo joe, get off of Shane. You are just mad because he tells the truth about that sick program they run down there in turd land. What about your boy Chette, the Chetster, chetterino the money man.

    You idiots just loved the tubberchump until the board decided to stab him in the back. And guess what? All the good aubretards answered the call and jumped in on the slaughter. ET TU boody pirates!!

    And for you Omni-sexual, you had better run punk!!!!!!


  36. 56
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO, PEOPLE! No matter WHICH SCHOOL is hit by the NCAA, there WILL BE A CHALLENGE to the punch that has been thrown. Oklahoma challenged the NCAA concerning those victories that our “favorite governing body” ruled that should be forfeited/vacated by the Sooners and guess what? They had SUCCESS. You HAD TO EXPECT that Alabama would challenge the ruling. Now let’s look at the FACTS. IT WAS DISCOVERED that the textbook scandal was occuring. Alabama reacted with the internal investigation, suspended the players that were involved, SELF-REPORTED themselves and awaited the outcome. When the ruling came down, the NCAA PRAISED Alabama for their timeliness & forthrightness concerning their “taking care of business” attitude about the problem and their WILLINGNESS to rectify the situation. NOW, as for WHERE I STAND concerning the ruling, here it is. The additional 3 years of probation is slightly HARSH. 2 years would have been enough. I feel this business of “vacating wins” is complete BS. When this was discovered in 2007 Alabama did the right thing. The players were suspended and DID NOT PLAY until the NCAA said they could be reinstated. Sure, there was a failure to monitor but when it “came to light” what was going on the reaction was IMMEDIATE. As for all you AUBIES that “lump” us BAMMERS in one pile, I say this: YES, WE DESERVE TO BE PENILIZED but most of the time with “name” programs, the punishment DOES NOT FIT THE CRIME. When the Albert Means scandal occurred, YES, we deserved to be hit but ACCORDING TO THE EVIDENCE there were several other schools “placing bids” for his services and THOSE SCHOOLS WEREN’T TOUCHED. Where is the fairness in that? A governing body is supposed to apply the laws equally. YES, we NEED the NCAA, but we NEED to be able to RELY on them to enforce the rules FAIRLY so that everybody gets a “fair shake.” AUBIES, all of us BAMMERS aren’t alike. SOME OF US ARE REALISTS. I’m not so ARROGANT to think that Alabama is “above the law” and there are MANY OF US that see things similarly. ONE FINAL SUBJECT: GADSDEN. For some reason this continues to be a fascination. If something is going on in Gadsden, let’s see some PROOF. From what I’ve heard Saban & Company are just OUTWORKING your boys from the village but for SOME REASON this keeps coming up. WHERE’S THE PROOF? Later.

  37. 57
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    You didnt see the pic of “Dre Kirk”s Charger. but your right , there is no proof a booster bought it as of now. SO there is really no proof , just speculation.

    You gat three years and had to vacate wins because of your “repeat offender” status, IMO………….

  38. 58

    Lady BlahBlah You better ask somebody!
    I dont run…. and you my friend better no half step because if you do??????


    Tear me open and see….

  39. 59

    Hell it only took you 2 days to respond and the best you could come up with was
    OMNIsexual????? REALLY!?!?!…


  40. 60
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Blah Blah…………..What the heck is going through your pea brain ? Crystal Meth is not doing you any good. Clean up your mouth when talking to me, or ELSE !!! You need to recognize when you are talking to your mental and physical superior.

    Bammers, is this the example of Bama “class” that you all brag on so much ? I dont know about class…..But he is definately the status quo for your fanbase.

  41. 61

    Hey Indiana Vol; aka SUXVOL, where you been sux boy? Haven’t heard from you in some time. If you think for a moment that the Tide program is on the verge of being shut down, you are a total idiot.
    Shane I’m down here on the Gulf Coast for one of our visits each year and it is HOT HOT HOT. Been here since last Saturday and a couple of times its been 103. I’m sorry I didn’t read your post until today, but to all you real DADS out there, I wish you a belated Happy Fathers Day. You brought up alot of old memories with this post about me and my dad and I hope I’m creating some now with my kids.
    To All, have a great hot summer until we all once again feel that little breeze in a couple months that will signal its football time.
    Get a life SUXVOL, your team has always suxed and always will. Team Kifin? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Think I’ll have a glass of wine and a cigar as I laugh about you and your sux team and enjoy the view of the babes on the beach!

  42. 62

    # Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian Says:
    June 26th, 2009 at 9:55 am

    Blah Blah…………..What the heck is going through your pea brain ? Crystal Meth is not doing you any good. Clean up your mouth when talking to me, or ELSE !!! You need to recognize when you are talking to your mental and physical superior.

    Bammers, is this the example of Bama “class” that you all brag on so much ? I dont know about class…..But he is definately the status quo for your fanbase.


    OR ELSE!!

    Look Punks get up put your sisters pantys back in the drawers, take the puhbs out of your mouths and LISTEN!!!!!!

    You hide real good behind a computer so that is how i know you are sissies. Finebaum just named your coach as the seventh best coach in the state and he was right only he was talking about the wrong guy. I have to say that the real coach, Pat Dye, is the fifth best coach and the worst cheater of them all. He is also the most ignorant sounding fool that i have ever heard. He is painful to listen to and you know it, don’t deny.

    Another good point that needs to be made is the biching of Auburt fans who insist that the only true fan of a program is someone who attended the respective university. That is just like a cow crap smelling arrogant Aubretard. The only reason the aubos have a disproportionate number of former students as fans is that only a dipcrap fool who went there would be so foolish cheer for such a turd.

    Now i know that you will not address the points of this post and will go off with some douche-bag rant about something else because you don’t have the guts to face your own teams retardedness!!

    Hey, get off of that cow, NOW!!!!!!

    Dang boy thats nasty.


  43. 63
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! “Ballplay,” our friend known as “Blah Blah” is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of an “UNREALISTIC BLABBERPOSTER!” Sure, we have our share of smacktalkers who probably don’t have a CLUE. Anyway, I have to LAUGH at “Blah Blah!” Guys like that are the main reason why I check this site out. If you don’t have people like that, its a VERY BORING DIATRIBE. I’d LOVE to see a game coached by characters like “Blah-Blah,” “Indiana Vol,” “Reality” and Shane. I used to work with a guy (a fellow BAMMER) who only knew 2 plays, one on offense and one on defense. The forward pass and the blitz. What a lot of these guys DON’T UNDERSTAND is that football is A LOT LIKE a game of chess; you find the weakness and you MAKE YOUR MOVE. RTR! Later.

  44. 64

    bamslapper, u thikn your so smarty dont u. whatsw that ther chess ur talkin bout. i think your tennessee!


  45. 65
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO, “BLAH-BLAH,” you IGNORANT SLUT! You’re just a smacktalker that makes the rest of us BAMMERS look bad. What’s this about Tennessee? If you’re a true BAMMER, then YOU SHOULD KNOW that us BAMMERS TOLERATE AUBIES because we LIVE IN THE SAME STATE! We HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THEM! We simply HATE Tennessee! Since you have shown your mentality let me ENLIGHTEN you to what I meant with the “chess statement.” ITS A SIMPLE ANALOGY. Keep up the ranting! It makes us laugh! Later!

  46. 66

    Blah blah has dropped too many hints…..I bet you are about 12 years old. I remember thinking it was “cool” to say “retard” and “turd”. You rarely even spell out a real curse word…..your mommy must have it blocked it from your computer.
    Come back and join the mens conversation when you grow some pubes.

  47. 67

    Actually I have dropped an inordinate number of hints, however you idiots are way too caught up in your own diatribe to decipher them. Or maybe you are just too stupid. I tend to go with the latter.


  48. 69
    shane has no clue

    Shane, Shane, Shane…you ignorant slut.

    re: Florida and Urban Meyer – jealousy is a terrible thing. They whipped Bama’s a$$ and burst your bubble. Deal with it.

    re: Rest of SEC – if there are enough players to go around, why do you have to cheat to get them? Hmmmmm…

    re: Chizik – you wouldn’t know leadership if it slapped you in that ugly, nicotine stained mug of yours.

    re: Lane Kiffen – beware of the Vols…

    Now can you write something about Bammer now? How is that appeal going? Have you filed a FOIA request yet so you can see what their response is? Get to it crack reporter!

  49. 70

    Good for you Omni,just like some good old ignorant, illiterate union official once wrote on a promotion grievance that I had written; “Go get yourself some book lernin and you might be good at this job some day!!” I told the dumbass redneck to pull his head out of his a$$ and figure out how to spell the word ‘learning.’ He wasn’t amused but I sure as heck was. The self inflicted lower tier, you just have to love them, even though getting a valid point across to them is like pulling teeth.

  50. 71
    Indiana Vol

    Crimson Turd Moron Carl is really talking about watching the men on the beach because they are his preference!

    Hey Moron Carl,

    How many times did the Crimson Turd lose to the Vols during the Fulmer era???

    Get ready for more butt-kickings from Lane ad the boys!

  51. 72

    Or getting your brother off of your sister assboy! NOW THATS HARD!!

    I dont beleive I will EVER be thru with your ass… theres no learning you is it?

  52. 73

    Well, well, well SUX VOL, it is you now living in the past. Speaking of, I believe Bama has whipped the SUX VOLS past, present, and now with the future looking as it does that number is certain to increase. If FAT ASS PHIL was so great why is now selling tomatoes on the road side somewhere in that SUX STATE!
    Prepare yourself SUX BOY, the SUX VOLS will take several beat downs this year and the years following until you all figure out you can’t put a boy in a mans job. One thing I will say for tomato Phil, is that he was a man in a mans game, something the little boy you have at the helm now has no clue of.
    The SUX VOLS are right back where they belong. The song does say “down on rocky top” doesn’t it?
    Get a life BOY, I mean SUX VOL, this season is going to be great.

  53. 74

    Hey SUX VOL!
    I actually think I may have saw your mom on the beach. Real funny how a 600 pound mom of a SUX VOL looks like dressed in a SUX orange two piece.
    You are the only person on this site I would think would be looking at boys.
    But the more I think about it, that’s probably why ya’ll hired a boy for the SUX VOL coach.
    I hope you stick around after the season starts and don’t run and hide like you usually do, it is going to be sooooo funny watching your SUX VOLS with SUX BOY coach. Your kind of guy though, huh?
    Come on SUX VOL, yell ROLL TIDE, you SUX FACE! Wish that I was down on rocky top watching those SUX VOLS lose, corn won’t grow, but tomatoes in a can will. Don’t rhyme, but it sounds about as good as that stupid song the SUX VOL fans sing.

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