PRAVDA: We don’t cheat for Auburn!

Phillip Marshall is outraged Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban would expose the corruption in ESPN, YAHOO/Rivals and Scout’s business model—a model where fans run websites and attempt to help their teams recruit while pocketing loads of money by being homers. Marshall wrote an attack piece on his blog at Auburn Undercover in response to this outrage. (H/T Eight In The Box)

I’m a reporter who covers Auburn just like I was when I was a newspaper beat writer. It is not my place to help Auburn’s recruiting or hurt anyone else’s recruiting. It’s my place to report the news in the best and most thorough way possible. My approach is no different than when I was covering Auburn for The Huntsville Times, except that I do a lot more.

A lot more? Sucking up? Because that is about all you ever did to Tommy Tuberville. Wait, there was some brown nosing in there too.

This independent journalistic integrity stuff from a guy who vomited up on page everything Tommy Tuberville told him to write? Marshall is the classic suck-up. First, he didn’t like Gene Chizik, and then once Chizik was hired, the position flip-flopped and he french kissed the new head man.

Alabama’s Nick Saban, South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier, Illinois’ Ron Zook and others outside of major college football have seen the corrupting influence of these “journalists” on the recruiting process; it is a problem around the country. The NCAA must act to save the integrity of college football. The NCAA should move to declare these fan recruiting sites as boosters. Such a move would allow the NCAA to punish schools who use these cheerleaders cloaked in the First Amendment.