Alabama lands three commitments

The Alabama Crimson Tide landed three commitments this weekend despite persistent negative recruiting against the Tide coming from so-called journalists working in the so-called media of recruiting sites (read about it here.)

Ian Rapoport of the Birmingham News provides the details in today’s edition: “Thomasville punter Jay Williams and Deshler High cornerback Deion Belue were the commitments for this coming class, and Russellville rising star Brent Calloway gave his word to UA coaches to round out the day.”

Alabama stands in second place, according to’s rankings of the 2010 recruiting classes.

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    when you say we got a commitment from a punter, please god explain he will be a walk on. Unless of course he is the next Regie Robie!

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    Jimmy, with the piss-poor punting we’ve seen at Bama the past few years, offering a scholly to a great punting prospect like Williams is worth it. Anyway, if he doesn’t work out, he’ll be on his way(see Corey Smith).

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    What are these recruits rankings ? Make a note of what they are now, and then what they are before and after there senior seasons. Maybe you will see what Ive been talking about.

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    er… uh…. ballplay they avent benn evaluated yet.
    But if a punter is averaging 4.5+ secs and 50 yards a punt, What do you think his ranking should be?

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I havent seen many punters ranked at all. You tell me.

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    E.G White

    Generally punters aren’t ranked nor given a scholarship until they earn it. But this high school punters averages would make him #1 in college, and he plays very well on both offense and defense. You can just imagine if CNS is offering him a scholly how good he must be. So what would you give him? 4* or 5*? As for the other 2. One is a 3* but he’s fixing to be upgraded to 4* because he’s been under the radar. The other is 2011 and hasn’t been rated yet. Anything else? RTR?

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Thats waht Im talking about Egg…..They will all three be 4-5 stars just because they committed to Bama. No punter deseves a 5 star ranking.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I just heard that scout rated Cody Parky a 4 star. Hes our recent punter commit. Who knows what some people think. They say hes the #2 punter prospect in the country.

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    E.G White

    First place Parkey is a place kicker, not a punter. Place kickers get ratings, punters don’t, unless they’re being recruited by someone for another position. Also Bama has the #3 Place kicker in Cade Foster from the same school as GMAC. Now if you want to really get into a ratings war, then look at the fact that #2 Parkey was recruited by nobody but Auburn and #3 Foster was recruited by Alabama, Sou. Cal, Florida, LSU, Washington, Colorado, Stanford and others. Now assuming these schools know more about athletes than recruiting services – who do you think is really #2? And you wonder why athletes that sign with Bama get upgraded stars without playing a down? For 2 reasons. 1. Because they are being fought for by 6 to 10 of the major football powers and that tells Rivals, Scout etc. that they underrated the athlete. 2. Because these athletes are constantly competing against each other all over the country in sports camps. That’s how Williams was discovered. When he went to the camps no one could believe what they were seeing since he was relatively unheard of. They were saying that even his bad punts were great. His minimum punt has been 45 yds. Phillip Sims has outshone everybody in his camps and that’s why he was upgraded to 5*, and now a dozen top schools are trying to steal him from Bama. The other qb Blake Sims, #15 ranked and 4* has been outstanding in his camp performances. Look for him to move up in the rankings. You think these major schools are after these athletes just for their star ranking. Please! Think about Terrence Cody. He was a 3* and now an All American and the #3 rated returning player in the nation. You whinners – mostly from Auburn only make fools out of yourselves blaming the rating services for false stars. Whaa whaa whaa whaa! LMFAO! RTR!

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    In a related story, Trooper Taylor rented a Winnebago and paraded up and down the Las Vegas strip collecting hooker cards from mexican day laborers.

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