Alabama to appeal NCAA decision

Alabama released this official statement from University of Alabama president Dr. Robert Witt about an appeal:

Statement from Dr. Robert E. Witt, President
“The University of Alabama will appeal the sanctions announced on June 11 by the NCAA Committee on Infractions regarding violations of the NCAA’s policies on textbooks for student-athletes. We appreciate that the Committee recognized the isolated nature of this violation as well as UA’s immediate and aggressive actions to correct the situation as soon as we discovered the problem.

“However, we are disappointed with the excessiveness of the sanctions in view of the facts of this case and the penalties in other textbook infractions cases. There is no evidence or allegations of other NCAA violations; no coaches or administrators were involved; no players obtained books and sold them for cash, and all the books were returned or charged to the student’s account as required by the UA textbook policy in effect at that time.

“We are in the process of preparing our Notice of Appeal and will file it prior to the 15-day deadline (June 26). The University of Alabama remains committed to doing things the right way, and we will continue to work with the NCAA and the SEC as we focus on strict compliance with all NCAA regulations.”


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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Honostly, where is the logic in that ? From a national P.R. standpoint it clearly is not beneficial. The ruling will not be changed. Its a waste of time and money.

  2. 2

    TO bad they cant make it stiffer! Before anyone jumps up I just dont think it was THAT BAD… Its like saying is this all the candy I get and they take it all back.

  3. 3

    It’s true — the NCAA will NEVER go back on what they say — appealing is great for the fan-base — nothing will come of this — just like Auburn’s future football program. A never ending battle with the Mississippi’s for the rights to a shitty bowl game in early December. Crimson fades on you.

  4. 4

    ok, lets say, my nephew, steals my credit card, and goes to wal-mart and makes purchases. Then he gets caught, fesses up, pays the money back, and gets grounded by his parents for the summer. now, a year and a half later, the police pull up in my yard, and arrest me for failure to keep my card in my possesion at all times. i go to court, and the sentence is 5 years probation, 2 years I
    cant leave the state. should i appeal? did I deserve my punishment? Alabama is the victim in this case, and Alabama is getting punished. PROOF that the NCAA are frauds and have no business in police-ing university matters. the NCAA’s job is to level the playing field, period.

  5. 5

    the stupidity of this move boggles the mind.

    (and this mindset that the university is the “victim”. equally fucking stupid. the athletic dept. had the info to prevent this. no one was paying attention. after all the shit we’ve been through in the past twenty years – FOUR PROBATIONS – and mal moore’s athletic dept. isn’t paying attention to violations by over TWO HUNDRED STUDENTS IN SIXTEEN DIFFERENT FUCKING SCHOLARSHIPPED SPORTS – there’s only SEVENTEEN!!! – and the university’s the victim? whatever)

    one of the canards i keep hearing spouted by the perpetual football flunkie whiners is “no competitive advantage was gained”.

    well, excuse me. players involvement in the textbook situation was a violation of ncaa rules.

    (how do i know? when athletic dept. officials found out football players were involved, football players were benched. the athletic dept. investigated and self-reported violations)

    the athletic dept. kept records of these transactions.

    three year of records were checked (thankfully three years was all they could produce) and it was discovered violations occured back into the repeat violator window from our last probation.

    for three years (or more) ineligible players played. a player playing who’s not supposed to IS A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

    and i would remind you we’re not just talking football here.


    this could have been easily much worse.


    but no remorse. no apology.

    again, for the fourth time in twenty years the university is the victim.

    in twenty years, my children have grown out of this mindset.

    but robert witt, president of the university, has not.

    and he has plenty of company.

    a virtual mob.

  6. 7

    I think I can speak for the collective whole here when I say,
    You dont have a fucking clue what you are trying to talk about.
    Bama is on a “book Loan” program which means at the end of the term the books have to be returned. Or paid for.
    What happened was that some athletes abused the system to hook up thier friends (who were not athletes.)
    If you think that is a serious affair, You might need to check into the “Big Cat Weekend”.

    And by the way, giving away free course credit to athletes who are too lazy.stupid to open a book is a hell of a lot worse than athletes helping their friends check out books free of charge you fucking monkey.
    Simply put at least at Bama our athletes who are getting into trouble are actually reading the fucking books.

  7. 8

    Guys its called ….STEALING!!!
    phly was on the right track he just wasnt headed to the right city! replace the credit card with ANY DRUG and then you have an point phly!

  8. 9

    University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
    Public Infractions Report
    June 11, 2009
    Page No. 10
    The Committee on Infractions advises the institution that it should take every precaution to ensure that the terms of the penalties are observed. The committee will monitor the penalties during their effective periods. Any action by the institution contrary to the terms of any of the penalties or any additional violations shall be considered grounds for extending the institution’s probationary period or imposing more severe sanctions or may result in additional allegations and findings of violations.
    Should any portion of any of the penalties in this case be set aside for any reason other than by appropriate action of the Association, the penalties shall be reconsidered by the Committee on Infractions. Should any actions by NCAA legislative bodies directly or indirectly modify any provision of these penalties or the effect of the penalties, the committee reserves the right to review and reconsider the penalties.
    Britton Banowsky
    John S. Black
    Melissa (”Missy”) Conboy
    Paul T. Dee, chair
    Eileen K. Jennings
    Dennis E. Thomas

  9. 10

    9. Another byproduct of the institution committee’s review of the textbook process and procedure was a recommendation that the institution changes from a textbook charge and return program to a textbook charge and retain program.

  10. 11
    E.G White

    You’re a bunch of tards. It’s that simple! This shit started 4 years or more ago and ended 2 years ago! It was nothing more than taking advantage of a loophole that resulted in no financial profit for the entrepaneurs and no loss for the principles. There was less hyjinx involved than all of you tards looking for and using income tax loopholes which just like Alabama, the Fed closes up when it starts making them bleed! So screw all of you! Another thing tards. Yes it damn sure is worthwhile to fight this crap. For one thing the extra 3 years probation and new 5 year window is damn dangerous! Second, look morons. Sports are about records. All about records. You can say it’s about other things not so trivial as records, but you’re full of shit! All sports, school, amature and professional are about records! You don’t get to playoff for the Super Bowl without the best record in your division. You don’t get to play for the SEC championship without the best record in your division. You don’t get to hold up 6 fingers with pride and reference it for eternity without a record! Records are what it is all about! Alabama has spent over a hundred years building one of the top records in the nation. Before ’93 we were #2 in all time wins close behind Michigan who has played football longer. Now we’ve slipped back to around 5th or 6th. If we give up 21 wins we drop back 2 or 3 more places and only a couple of wins ahead of the Volunqueers (although that gaps going to widen fast irregardless). We have always, always had the most bowl games and the most bowl wins. With this bullshit we would drop behind the Condoms of U.S.C. with little hope of getting the record back in this lifetime. Now maybe you tards at the Barn and Volunqueers and swamp ‘Queens’ at LSWho? don’t appreciate records because you’ve always lived in the shadow of big brother (except for the 6 fingers); but I’ll guarantee you we damn sure do! We haven’t spent 120 years building a record that none of you will EVER attaine, only to have it damaged by bullshit sanctions for something the NCAA really had no business sticking their nose into in the first place. So screw all of you. We’ll see you in a few months and start rebuilding that record which you can only ENVY! LMFAO! RTR!

  11. 12
    E.G White

    Another thing, why don’t yot tards find something worthwhile to do with your lives. Get off this blog for a while and go pester the Volunqueers for their questionable recruiting practices. Jump them for giving a scholly to a child rapist! Jump Ole Piss and McNutt for giving a scholly to a criminal that even super liberal CUM kicked off the Florida team! Jump on the Swamp Lizards for having 24 criminals on their team or the Mangey Mutts in Athens for having 30! Get a life people! RTR!

  12. 13

    EG one more IF its not STEALING why is there restitution involved? It was a lot more than taking advantage it was STEALING! if there was no profit or loss why is there restitution?

  13. 14
    E.G White

    What’s the matter with you Omni? What part of the english language do you not understand? There was no restitution! To what restitution are you refering? The books always were going to have to be returned or paid for. That’s the normal process. If they have 5 required books and they only returned 3 for whatever reason, be it watersoaked, lost or if they just want to keep it. Then they have to pay for those 2 books. Ok, so they took 30 books, and it doesn’t matter what they did with them or how they disposed of them. Doesn’t even matter if they sold them, because it would only be temporary money knowing that they would have to return every book or pay for them. And that’s exactly what happened. Some of the books were not returned for whatever reasons. And the student is now having to pay for the unreturned books. Albeit in some instances they’re going to pay a hell of a lot more than would have been necessary had they not ventured into that particular entrepenuerial fiasco! Where is the restitution? It’s obligation, not restitution! Com’on people, let it lie! RTR!

  14. 15

    Im sorry I read it wrong But here is an excerpt.

    All of the textbooks and materials were either returned at the end of the semester or charged to, and recovered from, the student-athletes’ receivables account, as was required by the institution’s textbook program. The investigation did not reveal that anyone converted the books or materials to cash by reselling the items, and did not reveal that anyone acquired items that were not academic in character, such as personal electronics devices or clothing. However, the university reported that these intentional wrongdoers knew that they were taking advantage of the institution and its bookstore. The value of the impermissible benefit obtained by these intentional wrongdoers ranged from a low of $32.30 by a women’s track student-athlete to a high of $3,947.19 by a football student-athlete. The committee noted that the four highest amounts ($3,947.19, $3,344.10, $3,061.38 and $2,714.62) were obtained by football student-athletes.

    Sorry dude SOMEONE still gained something for nothing

    Wrongdoer = Thief

    Im lettin it go now I just had to admit I was wrong!

  15. 17
    indiana Vol

    “Another thing, why don’t yot tards find something worthwhile to do with your lives. Get off this blog for a while and go pester the Volunqueers for their questionable recruiting practices. Jump them for giving a scholly to a child rapist!”

    The above diatribe is typical of the Crimson Turd Morons. EGG HEAD White shows what a pathetic Moron he is by spouting off at the mouth. Get a clue you sorry arse and get a life!

    Rammer-Jammer, Yeller-Hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  16. 18
    E.G White

    Oh yeah, almost forgot. After Georgia’s 30 and Florida’s 24, the Volunqueers are 3rd with 21 team criminals! Indiana Vol is #22 since incest is illegal even in Indiana! The national media is rather disgusted with these figures. Only in the SEC are some students playing textbook games more important than serious student athlete social, violent and criminal behavior issues! What a sad, sad image at least 6 of this conferences universities, administration and fan bases present to the rest of the country! Just a little more serious than textbooks or ignorant boosters giving $100 handshakes and throwing their money around. But where’s the NZAA when a minor is beaten and raped, or a pedestrian is victim of a hit and run, a dead womans credit card is stolen and used extensively, or a nightclub patron is is beaten with brass knuckles, and on and on and on 75 times at these 3 schools. And 95% of the athlete’s stayed on scholarship, continued to play, are still on the team, or transfered to another SEC school also on scholarship. How pathetic. Yet all we’ve heard about for a year and a half is criminal Alabama because of Jimmy Johns who CNS booted through the door almost before he could get it open, and a few benign transgressions involving money or textbooks. You MF’s from other schools need to get a life! FYVM! RTR!

  17. 19
    Indiana Vol

    Once again, EGG HEAD White displays his lack of education and his membership as a member of the Crimson TURD Nation!

    RTR; right down the old toilet bowl!

  18. 20
    E.G White

    Go ahead and attack me you toothless inbred! I’m not the subject of this blog. It just shows that you have no defense for your tard University. LMFAO! RTR!

  19. 21
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    What do you have to say about Auburn there EGG ? We havent done nothing wrong. We are clean, and I know that kills you. Did CNS have a choice with Johns ? No…….He didnt . Johns was trafficking Coke…….ANYONE WOULD HAVE TO KICK HIM OFF THE TEAM. Get a grip. THe NCAA doesnt tell teams how to disciplin players, just how to abide by the rules. Which your team didnt do. Just accept it and move on.

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