Upgrade for basketball?

The Rap Sheet reports the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees will consider a “Resolution approving preliminary Budget for Renovation and Expansion of Coleman Coliseum for New Men’s Basketball Practice Facility at UA (Stages I and II).” The board meets at the Bryant Conference Center Friday.


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    You should say “trying to mimic the red-headed step child on the other side of the state.” That would be more accurate.

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    E.G White

    Mimic is a stretch. Coleman was the best in the state until the Barn did their thing. Now that we have a basketball coach worthy of being the 2nd highest paid coach in the state, it’s only natural to upgrade his facility equally.

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    WOuld the “REAL bamafan” please Stand up!?

    Just a lil more than confusion….
    GOtta love this site, out of all the sites I visit this one is the most INFOTAINING. I used it Cap 😉

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    I enjoy reading Omni’s posts. Though he seldom has two back-to-back coherent thoughts, you can always count on him to show up. Like a roach.

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    more typical bullshit from the athletic dept. concerning basketball.

    message to mal:

    we don’t need a new practice facility.

    we don’t need a new scoreboard.

    we need a new arena.

    when are these guys gonna get the freakin’ footballs out of their eyes and do something substantive for the basketball program.

    this just further validates my longstanding contention that they don’t give two rips about championship basketball at alabama.

    half-ass commitments will lead to half-ass results.

    just look at the results of bookgate.

    when will we get a real athletic director???

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    E.G White

    While we’re waiting for the decision to appeal or not, can we get the complete list that was promised 2 weeks ago, of recruits who have enrolled and the status of the one’s that haven’t? And how is Julio coming along since his surgery? Any updates on recruiting? Apparently Cheeze Nip is still cruising the state in the Pat Dye Pimpmobile and has swiped a 2nd recruit from another school, although he hasn’t changed one from Bama yet! Damn – politics, basketball, construction, reposts, railroads? What a booring week! What’s next? Can you believe GM actually axed Pontiac instead of Buick? What the hell were they thinking?

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Egg……You guys would be crazy to appeal. what could the benifit be ? THe football program pretty much came out smelling like a rose. Leave it be. There is nothing to appeal. They were gulity. I bet you think that O.J. is still looking for the “real ” killer on the golf course.

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