A basketball story in the summer

Alabama Crimson Tide basketball coach Anthony Grant is featured in the Sunday Focus of the Miami Herald. The story explores Grant’s background, and is a great opportunity for Tide fans to better understand the new men’s basketball coach.

The Herald provides details like this: “Added Rodriguez: ‘The best thing about him was that he was an excellent teammate. I’ve never seen a guy take so much pleasure in his teammates’ success. He was the original towel-waver on the bench. It’s great when your best player is so unselfish.’

“That might explain why Grant was the only student to receive a standing ovation during Miami High’s 1983 graduation ceremony.”


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    great link cap.

    this column and this man is an example of what can happen when dad’s at home.

    it’s a shame anthony’s parents aren’t here to see him make good.

    this gives me hope that the basketball program can be revived.

    (it’s going to be tougher than at most places though considering the incompetent boobs running the athletic dept.)

  2. 2
    E.G White

    Very good artical. Now we need a Baseball coach of the same quality. Lord I hope the cronyism in our athletic department doesn’t cause Saban to leave. Bama was Bears ‘mama’. It’s not CNS’s. If he can’t accomplish his goals here because of BS, I have no doubt he will go. But not to Notre Dame. A top 5 university that hires a high school coach as head football coach, obviously has more administrative problems than Alabama. I would think Michigan once they tire of Rich Rod’s Auburnesqe conversion to the sissy offense. He needs at least a SEC championship this year or next to give him the support to force change within the ‘good ole boy’ hiearcy. RTR!

  3. 3

    Certainly there are no questions about Grant’s integrity or character . There are still questions about whether his personality can energize the program and reassure the Base during some rough times ahead in the transitional first year.

  4. 4
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Egg……..Godd grief man. Are you saying that West Virginia didnt have a good offense ? If so , your crazy.

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