Required readings about the textbook case

The most literate Alabama blog around is the University of Alabama Football Report, and J offers what should be required reading for any Alabama fan concerned about the athletic department. A couple of excerpts:

“The University of Alabama athletic department has long held the, mostly valid, reputation as a holding pen for various Ministers without Portfolios, a bloated club of good ol’ boy sinecure positions that invites applicants based more on their bloodlines than their resumes. …

“An ironically fitting rumor going around today is that only games through 2005 were vacated because the athletic department’s records did not extend further than four years ago. Finally, those f***-ups are good for something!”

There is so much more. Please check it out.

Pete over at Roll Bama Roll provides a Primer on the NCAA sanctions. The Primer answers most of the attacks from rival fans, and is a great reference if you are debating someone.

Other important links:
CECIL HURT: Disappointing is all you can say about this case

3SIB: Alabama Still Better Than Tennessee, Now and Historically

(Not football but very important) Art Laffer in the WSJ: Get Ready for Inflation and Higher Interest Rates The unprecedented expansion of the money supply could make the ’70s look benign


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    Oh hell yes. The Trustees and all the suck asses that attend that “royal court ” – that is the root cause for the troubles in the AD. Money is buying the politicians that continue to place these Fog Horn – Leg Horns on the Board.
    Don’t ask me how to fix Montgomery.

  2. 4
    Indiana Vol

    This pretty much sums up Bammer Football!

    It is getting serenaded with “Rocky Top” by the Minnesota band after losing a 3rd-tier bowl game.
    It is worshipping an old dead drunk who cheated more than any coach alive today.
    It is losing cases in courtrooms from Memphis to Tuscaloosa and still thinking you were innocent.
    It is claiming 12 national titles when no one else with half a brain recognizes you with more than 6.
    It is having head coaches leave for places like Duke, UTEP, Millsaps College, and Luverne High School.
    It is fans displaying toilet paper rolls and detergent boxes when the whole world can see that you don’t know how to use either.
    It is throwing bricks through your coach’s window after a 10 win season.
    It is having a head coach realize that the ugliest stripper in Pensacola was prettier than the Alabama coaching job.
    It is getting caught cheating while still on probation.
    It is coming to the realization that you may never be a great team again.

    This is Bama Football”


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    E.G White

    I love to read posts by retarded, inbred, sister humping, toothless, brain farts from UcheaT! It’s great that they have become so insecure, jealous and irrelevant that they have to come over here and rant. And God how stupid. 3/4 of his asshole rants aren’t even accurate! Com’on brain fart, rant some more! The worse you hate us the worse the beatdowns you have coming will hurt you! RAMMER JAMMER YELLOW HAMMER, VOLUNQUEERS WE BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU! RTR!

  4. 6

    IndianaVol, your mouth is almost as big as your boy coaches mouth, I will see how you run that mouth after Sept. 19th about any school after the embarassment we will give you loser.

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