Required readings about the textbook case

The most literate Alabama blog around is the University of Alabama Football Report, and J offers what should be required reading for any Alabama fan concerned about the athletic department. A couple of excerpts:

“The University of Alabama athletic department has long held the, mostly valid, reputation as a holding pen for various Ministers without Portfolios, a bloated club of good ol’ boy sinecure positions that invites applicants based more on their bloodlines than their resumes. …

“An ironically fitting rumor going around today is that only games through 2005 were vacated because the athletic department’s records did not extend further than four years ago. Finally, those f***-ups are good for something!”

There is so much more. Please check it out.

Pete over at Roll Bama Roll provides a Primer on the NCAA sanctions. The Primer answers most of the attacks from rival fans, and is a great reference if you are debating someone.

Other important links:
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