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Eight In the Box: The scuttlebutt for the moment is that the football team comes out of this with a minor scratch or scrape, and that some other sports might not be so lucky. Many will breathe a sign of relief if that is the case, but the point shouldn’t be about the severity of the damage come tomorrow. Instead, the point should be how the University found itself before the Committee on Infractions again.

Great point by Eight in the Box. Alabama fans want to feel confident in the administration of the entire University. Fans are confident in Dr. Witt. Fans are confident in Nick Saban. Can we say the same thing about the athletic department bureaucracy?


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    E.G White

    Well, Mal did launch DuBoses ass out the door. kudos for that! And the administration showed for the first time after that that they had the balls to hire right. I mean Franchione and Price were the 2 hotest commodities at the time. Who could have guessed their shenanigans. Shula was simply an emergency patch. Damn sure hit the jackpot with CNS. Now maybe with the support of CNS he can keep better organized. RTR!

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Shula wasnt hired as a patch. Bama would have been a LOT better than they were had they had a competent coach those 4 years. He was the wrong guy from the start…Not bashing Bama, but you guys have to know its true. Mal Moore dod a great hing by hiring Nick, but is that enough to make up for all the other crap ? And before yall get started on me , know this , Jay Jacobs may be worse than Mal. After the way last years ended, I lost a lot of faith with the guy. He appearantly is the face of a puppett regime. I had hoped that werent the case, but it appears to be so. When I saw that Tommy was paid to “resign” I knew he was relly fired. you dont pauy someone 6 mill to quit. You buy out a mans contract when you fire him. Bama and Auburn need to clean houses on thier respective BOTs more thna anyhting. Kinda like the wasy we need to do our state and Fed governments.

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    E.G White

    Hey Barnies, I’m not cruel! Really I’m not! It just seems that way when your world is caving in and your dreams shattered! So don’t pout when I rub a little salt in the wound. Adding insult to injury, you may be interested in knowing that our qb commitment from Virginia, Phillip Sims, who is the #4 rated qb in the nation, has been upgraded by Scout.com and is now a 5*. That makes three 5*s already, with 7 months to go. Can anybody say 3rd #1 class in a row! Oh by the way, Heap just commited to 0’fer (winless) Washington, so that makes the nations #1 qb completely irrelevant. Actually he SHOULD be ‘commited’ (to Bryce) for that decision! So that just leaves 2 qb’s ahead of Sims. Anyway, I’m really not cruel. Seriously! RTR!

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Rivals has a tendancy to do that with Bama commits. Remember a guy named Star Jackson ? Is that guy even still alive ? Did he fall off the face of the planet ? What gives ? Egg, bragging on a commit who hasnt played a down of SEC ball yet is not wise. Greg McElroy was the least hearalded of you QB roster signees and he won the job. And before you say the usual response, I know, Kodi and Neil ………But that proves my point even more. They were both ELITE 11 quarterbacks. See how it works ?

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    EG, just a couple of things to note:

    1. It speaks volumes about the bammer mindset that you are repeatedly posting remarks that are celebratory in response to a story about Bama getting hit with sanctions by the NCAA for committing serious infractions. “We don’t care that the whole world knows we got caught cheating for the 4th time in 14 years!! As long as they don’t give us no scolly cuts, it don’t matter none and we aight!!”

    2. By noting that Sims “ranking” has been increased since he committed to Bama without even taking an additional snap in high school, you are proving the point that I have repeatedly made on this site to the howling and chagrin of all bammers: Thess “recruiting services” are nothing more than money grubbing whores, and they realize that if they give stronger rankings to schools with rabid fan bases they will drastically increase subscription dollars. You think his rating would have jumped had he committed to UVA? If not, tell me this: What has that kid done to increase his rating, other than committing to a school with a rabid fan base???

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    E.G White

    BP, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Shula was hired just before spring training in an emergency situation after Price was fired. There was not one name coach that would have left his position to come to Bama in that situation not to mention the continuing probation and rumors of impending additional sanctions. If you think Shula would have ever been hired under normal circumstances, you have dementia dude. Even Price was a rush choice after Franchione abandoned ship before the bowl game. No dude. Shula was an emergency patch. Sure, because of his ties to the University there was hope he would be our savior, hope for a miracle. But the Bama Nation doesn’t have that much patience!

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Uhhhhhhhhh…..No duuuude……YOU are wrong. Yall didnt open the war chest to the tune of 4 plus mill a year till you twits realized you HAD to. Shula was another example of KEEPIN IT IN DA FAMALEEE………..PERIOD……Had you opened the chest you could have gotten whomever you wanted. Your A.D. in his arroagence thought he didnt have to. Typical WADS behavior.

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    Hate it but I agree with EG on this.
    hell I wouldnt have went to coach at uat with all the shi? was going on back then!

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Everyone has an opinion. But in retrospect the bammer band -aid bandwagon is full…. DURING the Shula years he was the man, according to most Bammers. Most bammers just assumed he would win em another Champeunship. I can go back to the 05 season and quote the Bama media outlet, SHANE, in his epic article “THE TIDE IS HIGH AND SHULA IS THE MAN”. In thier arrogance, they just assumed any coach with a Bammer pedigree would win. After Fran skated out, they were gonna keep it in da famulee…It bit em in the balls. Then Mall Moore pulled a rabbit out of his butt and lucked out / bought out Saban. Saban is a mercanary who saw an opportunity to get out of Miami and jumped ship . Cant say I blame him. For 4 mill a year plus bonuses, who wouldnt. You dooshers need to thank your lucky stars that Rich Rod and Spurrier turned you down. They cant hang with Nick. I was really wishing Spurrier would have taken the job. That would have been the best thing to happen to Auburn since ,,,,WELLLLL ,,,,Shula.

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