Details begin to emerge; relief around Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa News indicates no football scholarship losses Alabama site Bama Online reports the University of Alabama Crimson Tide will be forced to vacate forfeit wins.

The report cites an anonymous source, and says the Tide’s record for the 2007 season will stand at 1-12. Which raises a question, why would the Tennessee win be vacated because the five players were suspended for that game? The link to the BamaOnline report requires a subscription.

The Tuscaloosa News reports, “at least 10 football wins from the 2006 and ’07 seasons” will be vacated. Of more interest is this sentence: “The sources did not indicate that Alabama will lose any football scholarships.”


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  1. 1
    E.G White

    Oh no way in hell are we gonna forfiet that shellacking of f**king UcheaT! No way in hell! Appeal it! Appeal it! Appeal it! Bastards! Trade it for Colorado Damnit! LMFAO! RTR!

  2. 2
    E.G White

    And you can hear the collective groan, the ripping of hair and the knashing of teeth coming from the north out of the mountains of western Tennessee, from the west out of the bayou country of southern Louisiana and the forrests of northern Mississippi, from the south out of central Florida, and from the east out of the plains of east Alabama and the hills of central Georgia! There are reports out of Awbarn, Alabama that hundreds are crowding in boistrous lines rushing to climb Toomers tree. Apparently the idiots are trying to leap to their deaths in spite of the fact that it’s only 10 feet to the ground and the EMS teams have put mattresses all around. A few of the slightly more desperate ones are sprinting toward JHS. It’s a bit higher. Good luck in that endeavor tards! RTR!

  3. 3
    E.G White

    Yoo hoo! Yoo hoo! Oh Aubies? Aubies? Wherefore art thou Aubies, you silly ole cow tippers you? Where hast thou gone? Hast thou flown the coup? Dost thou not want to play more? Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Daddys got a nice little catnip and cyanide pie for you. It make the bad, bad dreams of those nasty ole elephants go away! LMFAO! RTR!

  4. 5
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    You get to hear the rest of oit today…Maybe thats all they will do. Maybe not…..

  5. 6

    E.G. You give REAL Bama Fans a bad name. You actually refer to UT as UCheat in response to an article about Bama’s penalties in the textbook case. Are you retarted or just plain stupid? Maybe if the only building you had been in on UA’s campus wasn’t the football stadium, you would understand the ignorance of your post. Oh, and I graduated UA in 98. I bet your 6th grade certificate is nice and shiney.

  6. 7
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Bamaferg, jus accept the Egg for what he is. Comedic releif…….Much like myself.

  7. 8
    E.G White

    Bamaferg – go f**k yourself! Don’t be coming on here once in a lifetime and running your stupid mouth as*ho*e! Everybody knows how easy it is to makeup handles on here. The truth is your a Barner fag. No real Bama fan would spout that sh*t, especially after the way the Barner tards lied, cheated and castigated us ouer the past 15 years and especially over the textbooks hoping we’d get the death penalty and the BS about Gadsden trying to maime us even further. They’re due some punishment. So screw off, and STFU! RTR!

  8. 9
    E.G White

    BP, dream on buddy. The only changes are that the forfit games also include ’05 and we get to keep the ’07 UcheaT slaughter. I’m busy. but later I’ll straighten you out on the recruit rating services thing. RTR!

  9. 10

    E.G the proof that I graduated UA or any college is that I don’t have to resort to foul language to get my point across unlike uneducated dolts such as yourself. I graduated in 98, I still have season tickets and firmly believe you write your posts in crayon then hand them to mommy to type. Hasn’t summer school started yet- is this your 8th shot at 7th grade. Don’t get mad and stomp around your trailer it my fall off the blocks.

  10. 11
    E.G White

    You’ve never been to Bama in your life, except on the visitos side of the field. And every tard that gets blasted by so called profanity (which is strictly a social stigma and I could care less) comes up with the same lame, self righteous bulls**t about education and morals, as if you’re the Christ child and never in your pathetic life have said more than darn! Bulls**t! Talk to the hand moron! I don’t need so called cuss words to blow you out of the water dude. Just so happens I love them. And don’t get me started, cause you aint seen nothin yet! RTR!

  11. 12
    Legion Field

    Bamaferg… that self-righteous crap! With all of your so-called “education”….you insult the guy by calling him a 7th grader and by using trailer references.

    Who’s the bigger fool? The 7th grader, or the “highly educated”, sophisticated, adult…arguing with the 7th grader?

  12. 13
    E.G White

    By the way BP, we are going to appeal the forfits and the 3 extra years probation. Something funny – Us and Fla. St. have to forfit the same game to each other. Ha ha. Guess they’ll call it a tie! LOL! RTR!

  13. 14

    E.G I just sent in my ticket renewal to Tide Pride before the May 1st deadline. Here is a lesson- when you are in Tide Pride it is the BAMA SECTION not the visitors. Do you go to the games or just watch them on your black and white 7 inch set?- Bama is Crimson and White not dark gray and white. My original point is don’t call a school Ucheat when you are responding to a story about your own schools sanctions.

  14. 15
    E.G White

    Once again asshole, don’t tell me what to say you little snot nosed brat! When did you supposedly graduate from Bama – ’98? Your mama still wipe your butt for you? I’ve forgotten more about Bama than you’ll ever know tard! So you say you’re a member of Tide Pride. Does that mean something? Does Tide Pride not have assholes? This is a blog. Everybody’s a lier. Just ask the Barners, especially at ITAT! Hell, this is just my screen name, I’m really Dr. Robert Whitt and I’m going to revoke your Tide Pride membership! See how easy it is fool! As far as Tennessee is concerned, they ARE UcheaT! You must be a damn Volunqueer! They put us in this shit. Boosters did the cheating not U of A. And the textbook mess is not cheating. It’s about some creative, slightly dishonest students who stole from the University and the University is being punished for being robbed, all because UcheaT put us in this position! I guess you’re just a ass kissing defeatist who wants to take the Bama Bashers at their word and just say ‘I’m sorry, we must be guilty, we’re bad boys and we dererve what we get!’ Well f**k you! Now, either you’re an impersonator, an asshole, or a traitor. Which is it tard? And never tell me how to act in regards to Alabama, ever again. You don’t have the right little boy! Not until you’ve shook hands with Bear, and Joe Patterno, and Shug Jordan, and Ara Parsiegian, and Woody Hayes, and John McKay, and Lou Holtz, and Bo Schembecler, and Johnny Majors, and Tom Osborn, and Darrell Royal, and Bud Wilkenson, and Bobby Bowden. Not until you’ve been to 6 national championship games. Not until you’ve been around a hell of a lot longer! Understand pussy fart! RTR!

  15. 16
    E.G White

    BP, I didn’t get nasty with you guy’s on this ‘lack of sanctions’ stuff. Not like you guys get with us on everything. I though my posts were kinda funny and an effort to keep the violence at bay. But this asshole came on here and pissed me off, and you guys know that’s not a good idea. Now I’m depressed. My creationism went for nothing. Well f**k it anyway. RTR!

  16. 17

    E.G. I have shook hands with the Bear- I was 6 at the time. And Ken Stabler, Derrick Thomas, Cornelius Bennett, Gene Stallings, Bobby humphrey, Ozzie Newsome and many more. Plus I have actually been inside of UA classrooms get this for actual classes. Reese-Phifer mostly which is the College of Communication building and was my major. Supporting the University entails more than just rooting for the football team.

  17. 18

    And just because I disagree with the ramblings of a geriatric old man doesn’t make me a Volunteer or Auburn fan…it just makes me NORMAL. UT will get theirs as will USC.

  18. 19

    Geez, EG, you are truly as crazy as a shi+house rat. You think Tenn is to blame for this textbook scandal?????? How in the #@$& did you come up with that?????????

  19. 20
    E.G White

    It’s not a damn scandle Omni. It’s some teenagers stealing from the university, and who should be individualy punished. Any other school that’s how it would go down. However, since we’re on probation from Phat Phulmers little exposition into the field of P.I. and his subsequent urge to run his mouth to the COI, we’re therefore under constant surveilance by the NZAA and worthless little things that should be handled within the school; suddenly become a national embarassment and a threat to shut down the football program. Damn right I blame UcheaT for indirectly causing not the textbook situation, but the fiasco with the NZAA and the embarassment that ensued. Now you tell me it’s not the truth!

  20. 21
    Indiana Vol



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