ESPN to focus on the state of Alabama

College Football Live will focus on Alabama during two upcoming episodes. According to Chris Low of ESPN, “Alabama will be the featured state next Monday and Tuesday on College Football Live’s ’50 States Tour.'”

There is also a poll about the best team’s in state history and best player in state history. You can vote here.


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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Doesnt it make you guys wonder why they would do a storyline on the situation. Seems that ESPN has a feeling that it is about to get interesting in the state of Alabama. I believe that you guys will see a dropoff in the number of blue chippers signing on. Not so much because of Auburn. But because playing time will start to become an issue. you cant sign 20 4 and 5 stars every year and them expect to all play. Math and all. And believe me, thats a problem I wish we had.

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