Crimson Tide notes for Thursday

Decision day for state’s top recruit
The top ranked cornerback in the nation and the state’s top player, according to, makes his decision at 1 p.m. today (Thursday). DeMarcus Milliner of Millbrook decided to end the ordeal of recruiting, and speculation has the talented defensive back favoring Alabama.

Milliner is on the ESPNU 150 Watch List. The ESPN scouts report, “May project better as a cover corner but will enter college a bit unrefined in technique and will still need to work on his upper-body strength to press and jam bigger receivers. Does have coveted long arms, smooth hips and great size for a perimeter defender. Overall, there is a lot to like about Milliner with his great natural athleticism. Should add a lot of versatility to a future roster with his ability to make plays in all three phases of the game.” Much more analysis and video at ESPN.

Speaking of
Speaking of, an email sent to the company asking about its editorial policies regarding affiliate sites like, has not been answered. Apparently, doesn’t care enough to let people know how to report serious editorial problems. How hard is it to check your email and answer messages? I guess parent Yahoo doesn’t care about editorial integrity if lawyers aren’t the on the phone yelling about libel.

However, that is a horrible way to run a publishing enterprise. The obvious bias in how Rivals edited video it published about Auburn’s pep rally event for recruits is a serious issue. Rivals should respond to it, and assure readers around the nation that it won’t tolerate football’s version of jingoism that trumps editorial standards.

Auburn’s obsession turns disturbing
Auburn’s obsession with bringing Alabama down has turned disturbing. Eight In The Box summarizes it very well, “Real people get hurt in these things, and who really gives two shakes of goats ass (stop touching yourself Auburn fan) about hiding out in some kids tree house trying to use the gear you scored from radio shack to stop the cheating. . . . Well, whoever is working this thing doesn’t have a wife, a girlfriend, or even a mildly interested goat. The truth of all of this is somewhere in the twilight zone, but one thing for certain is the ending of THE STREAK caused Auburn fans to completely lose their shit.”

Fans of all SEC schools should stop the muckraking before the nuclear fallout makes the SEC an even worse version of the old SWC—and it can happen. Alabama fans are already chattering about Auburn having behaved worse in Gadsden than any of the allegations being floated about Alabama. Are those allegations true? Who knows. But it will get nastier as fans begin to respond to the smears.

The Rap Sheet has the info on “a whole bunch of Alabama people (getting) honored” including Shaud Williams, Taylor Dugas, Brittany Rogers, Kelly Montalvo and Charlotte Morgan and more.


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    So you call out Auburn fans and dig them.. where is the editiorial integrity on this web site… after all you let Shane post whatever lies he wants to… Even the Bessemer star stopped his lies…

  2. 2

    Man, do I miss the days when Alabama could call up the NCAA and have Auburn put on probation for illegally fondling farm animals. Good memories You post a link that contains this… Nice integrity.. an individuals blog gets coverage…

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    E.G White

    Kudos to whoever wrote the Eight In The Box article. Man it’s dead nuts on! I couldn’t have said it better myself! The fu**ing dysfunctional Auburn Ha, Ha Family has a serious case of dementia! They should all be invited to dinner in T-Town. Invited to sample the deliteful dine-in cusine at Bryce Hospital where they would be honored with an inexhaustable supply of – you guessed it – Thorazine. What a bunch of stupid pud pounders! RTR!

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