Alabama lands state’s top prospect

The Alabama Crimson Tide landed the state’s top prospect today, according to reports from Scout,, and Rivals. UPDATE: You can read a free story on the recruit at the Tuscaloosa News.

Demarcus Milliner of Stanhope Elmore. Milliner is considered the top cornerback prospect in the nation. He is 6’1″, 185lbs. and runs a 4.45 in the 40.


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    It’s getting scary how good Alabama is going to be. Kirkpatrick on one side this guy on the other. In a couple of years, Alabama should have the best secondary in the nation.

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    C’mon guys, no way Milliner stacks up favorably in comparison to one of Aubies 2-Star longsnappers:-)

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    E.G White

    Com’on guys get real. Didn’t you read all those Aubie posts yesterday? Don’t you realize Cheeze Dip and Lame Kitten are now out recruiting CNS. My latest info from the infallable Aubie blog network says that CNS’s recruiting process has fallen way behind and that the Barn and UcheaT are now recruiting even with us! I’m trying to figure out just what planet they’re from! Aubies just can’t seem to understand the difference between actually making a commitment and yelling absurdaties while throwing sh*t paper on a tree! What’s the score now? In one week Bama 2 – 5 stars, Auburn 0! RTR

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    Ballplay, yall will probably pick up a kid at my daughter’s school next week, Jeremy Richardson and probably Chase Hughes, although we have not offered Hughes. I do have a question though about Seastrunk and Lattimore, why do you think we have only offered Lattimore? I noticed he didn’t have anything to say about Saban, only Seastrunk did, the one we have not offered.

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    14 trooper

    Milliner would have picked bama if shula was there.Saban is a smart guy holding out silent commits to gain momentim if he needs it. He has at least two more. Jarrick williams and Damien robinson. cant remember the hs but bama has robinsons school on lock down. As a au fan i just hope saban doesnt offer shun coleman. WAR EALE!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Okay guys.
    We need to give up… auburn has super duper trooper and Luper and all we have is Nick Saban.
    The recruiting war is over for us we need to surrender to these fine Auburn assistant coaches…..Why…? Hell I dont know, but with the picture some of the (unbiased) media is painting we should just give up…. They seem to think we are getting embarrassed.

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