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    Gee, I wonder what they’ll determine? Seems we’re the only school that honestly evaluates its recruiting boo-boos (when it isn’t splattered in the news).

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    They will come to the same conclusion that they did on the sociology “scandal”. And the Shane inspired “Chette” scandal. Nothing will come of it. By the way, are you guys ready for the axe thats falling. If not this week, then in the near future when “Chargergate” comes to fruition. Enjoy probabtion. You guys seem to like it.

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    “Chargergate” Ballplay…..come on man.
    Dont be one of those world class douchebags who tries to spread lies all over the internet in a feeble attempt to get something to stick… Have some dignity.
    (I know…. I know…. It is difficult for an auburn fan to have any real sense of what the word dignity means but,) at least attempt it. Maybe you should get in touch with that played out paltroon Cook up at MgoBlog. He would give you the journalistic credibility your rumor deserves.

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    I dont know who the manufacturer is, but I WANT ONE OF THOSE BROOMS THAT AUBURN KEEPS using to sweep shit under the rug…. That is one industrial strength earth mover!
    Witches everywhere point and shiver at that bad boy.

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    Ballplay. you are trying to pass this off as a Bama conspiracy, but it is not. I will bet there are several secondary violations on this, and Auburn will report it. Now, who looks like they are doing questionable recruiting? You had better watch out, Chizik may be crossing to many lines. And that is just facts, not some kind of crazy theory like you guys always come up with. It is just a matter of time before Auburn gets caught doing something illegal with their stupid recruiting stunts. Saban has those guys feeling like they have to do stuff like this just to compete.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    No Im not. If we did violate secondary violations , so be it. We should self report them and face the music. Though there wil be no music to face.

    Chargergate does have a ring to it, doesnt it.

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    Ballplay, Aub must be the ones that like probation since they lead the sec in probation, undisputed. Now remember, keep it down home cuz!

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    Chargergate? Yep, another crazy Auburn conspiracy that will never come true. Why can’t you deal with FACTS? Do you think if you keep saying it, that it will come true? As an Auburn fan, you must realize that won’t happen. Just like when you all talked about how Auburn has been a dominate SEC team, when it was really a small stretch of a few years in the 80’s. Just like when you didn’t get a shot at the NC in 04. Ya’ll talk now like it was just as good as winning a NC. You wouldn’t know what it feels like to see Auburn win a NC, so ya’ll like to pretend it happened. Talk about living in the past. You guys have been living on the drunken ghost of Dye for nearly 30 years, and the man was undisputedly caught paying players. And yet ya’lls mantra is Bama cheats!

    Without FACTS, you just sound like another delusional Auburn fan that knows Auburns success depends on if Bama is crippled.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Your right , I have no facts. Just speculation. Its just the pattern of corruption that you guys seem to stay in. Speculation leads to investigation. Ivestigation leads to probation. Thats a catchy tune. Kinda like the legbone and hip bone thingy.

    As far as Auburn being the king of probation. Really man, thats a reach. Can you name the last time our football program was penalized ? 1993……16 years ago. Bama has been pinched three times since then if Im correct. And I usually am.

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    I know from a second hand source (with no motivation whatsoever to lie) that Lache Seastrunk receives Air Jordans every time he comes to Auburn. TIFWIW

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Ben……………….Air Jordans………..Dodge Charger……..Thats what I thought.

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    Hell I got more than one pair of KSwiss from a well known coach at USA for just helping him with his phone and computer.
    He was just giving something that was already free away

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    But Ballplay, the FACTS are that Auburn leads the SEC in probation. You can’t change that. Typical of you to only want to count part of the statistics. You sound like your sister Julia. Until someone else gets put on probation more, Auburn is the KING of probation. You should get used to it, because the people that got Auburn on probation the last time, well, they are still at Auburn. And you all love the guy still. Why would you want Dye around anymore when he has already had the football program on probation? It is funny, for all the accusations you guys level at Bama, Auburn has been caught (FACT) for doing the same things. Bear Bryant never had Bama on probation, but to listen to you guys he was guilty.

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    E.G White

    The witch (male version) with the magic broom? Uhh, that would be Bobby Lauder! Considered the most powerful booster in all the US, filthy rich and a Bama hater. If you don’t think NZAA palms get seriously greased by that douchbag then you need some serious R&R at Bryce Mental Health Center.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    With Thorazine no less………Where ya been egg? Ive been waiting to see your angle in all this hoopla.

    What does the all knowing egg think about the big cat infractions ?

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    Ballplay, why is it a reach? Aub leads the SEC and third in the nation for probation, now that has a catchy ring. I hope you are not to stupid to look it up if you want to make believe it is not true. It is undisputed, now keep it down home cuz!

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    uburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I know the books, But what have we done lately ? What have you done lately ? Last 16 years, Bama 3 Auburn 0.

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    E.G White

    Been playin with my honeys down Mexico way. Also been depressed by that lucky grand slam the little Florida slut hit Sunday! Aww hell that recruit crap don’t bother me. The Barn and UcheaT are both 2 peas in a pod. Just took Cheeze Dip a little longer to get wound up than it did Lame Kitten. Anyway a recruit that gets fired up and chooses his future while rollin a half dead tree with sh*t paper, seriously needs a shot glass full of that pink stuff they gave Freddy Kruger! Rollin trees at Toomers don’t equal championships or NFL paychecks. And don’t matter what other entities such as Rivals did. All that matters is how AU handles it. It’s minor for now. ‘Sides BL’s pockets are still deep enough to handle it, so long as his little pimp Pat D. doesn’t get out of control again! LMFAO! RTR!

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Good to see you back my insane Crimson necked pal.

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    There you go again Ballplay. To bad history don’t revolve around your insignificant lifetime. The facts are what they are, and until someone else beats the record, Auburn is still the KING of PROBATION and paying players. No Auburn math allowed in here. Sure Bama has been in trouble, but they haven’t matched Auburn yet. But I see that your pea-sized brain can’t possibly accept the facts as they are without trying to twist it around so you can live with it. It must really suck to be an Auburn fan, being fed all those lies and all.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Brando………..Are you dislexic ? I said that I know we are ahaead all time. Dye had some really crooked ways , even if Bear did teach him all he know.

    Are you going to try to refute what I said. And this is what I said.

    In recent history, your team has gotten into trouble more than mine.

    Since you love the facts so much, explain that…….You cant. ITs true. you lose.

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    Last seventeen years Bama has another proud National Championship, in Ballplay’s lifetime Aub has ZERO, but Ballplay is only fifty one years old. . . . must sux to have never experienced being recognized as the best team in the land, now I do love that fact. . . .

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    no, Ballplay. That is the wrong answer to the question: Who leads the SEC in probation? See, anyone can pick out a small period of time and make of it what you will. You Auburn people are used to doing things like that. But, yeah if you want to pigeon hole the stats and just look at small blocks of the history, you may be right. But the facts still say Auburn has a history of cheating, even more than Alabama. So for you to slam Bama for it makes you look like a hypocrite. So you lose, just because you are an Auburn fan who can’t handle the truth.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    This time in English Brandy…….I know that…….Im aware of that…….. I understand, and accept that…….There is nothing about that , that I do not understand, know , and accept……This is information Im awasre of , and agree with..Im not in denial, I dont refute it, Im not arguing about it…ITS (sarcasticly drawn out) TRUUUUUUUUUEE.

    Are we clear ?

    I was refering to RECENTLY. spelled R-E-C-E-N-T-L-Y……….Can you get it through that thick , waterhead of yours ?

    You know recently….Lately…..Not so long ago……..apllicable….Something showing a relative pattern to us in the here and now??????????????

    But no,,,,lets concentrate on 1983…..Thats real intellagent…Seeing as how that relates to now in no way whatsoever……But why would I expect less from a fanbse that is stuck in the 70’s ?

    Do you understand ? By throwing up the all time record, you are AGAIN telling me something I already know. Hard to understand for a pea brain such as yourself, but try real hard there little buddy, and I think you might can do it …NOT……

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