Saban on minority coaches & the NCAA

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban has an interesting take on how to help improve the number of minority coaches in college football. According to the Rap Sheet Saban had this to say, “I think we should be doing more to develop minority coaches in our game. I think that’s one of the ways you can do it. in the NFL, we addressed those issues, and we had minority programs, and we did things to try and develop coaches. We seem to take no responsibility for that in the NCAA. We’re much more about restricting size. I think there are administrative positions we need in the organization. The whole graduate assistant and guys wanting to get an opportunity and work their way up the profession for basically nothing? We wouldn’t cut out the right to work any place else.”

Saban’s statement is interesting because he tackles two issues in one. The NCAA artificially limits football positions below what the market could actually support. Schools like Alabama could hire several additional coaches and support personnel if not for NCAA caps. These additional positions would provide more opportunities for minorities (or non-minorities) to gain experience.

Why is the NCAA more interested in limiting what schools can do instead of fostering opportunity? The NCAA would assert it is in the interest of fairness, but is fairness on the gridiron a goal superior to creating opportunity for people to work?

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    It’s the same model the NFL is using currently — a salary cap. You could use that example — we all know damn well Mississippi State couldn’t hire near the number of staff that Alabama could ***technically*** hire. Simple as that. I say we follow the MLB way — and just pay luxury tax like the Yankee’s do. RTR!

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