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    E.G White

    The Bama softball team is Awesome! And they’re peaking at the perfect time. They blew through their regional 3-0 and their super-regional 2-0 like a runaway locomotive. Texas got blindsided twice by a total of 17-1. Bama gave up a total of 4 runs and scored 48. 4 of the 5 games were stopped early by the mercy rule. In the 7-0 Texas win that went the full 7 innings, the fans begged Bama to take it easy ’cause they wanted to see a complete game. Kelsie pitched the first ever back to back no-hitters in NCAA super-regional history. Other schools can bitch about Bama’s fans all they want. But we have the best fans in all of sports! More than a month ago against Kentucky Bama broke the all time NCAA softball attendance record and I was proud to be part of that crowd. Yesterday against upstart Jax State the game was sold out, while over in Athens #6 Georgia vs #11 Ohio St. only drew 661 fans. While purported pitching guru Jim Wells baseball team has wallowed in mediocraty for over 10 years because of pathetic pitching, Patrick Murphy’s softball has been the highlight of the Bama athletic program for all of this decade. Maybe Patrick should try his hand at hardball? I’d like to see it! On another note: Remember all that BS from the Wolverines last week and their insulting remarks about Alabama? Wow you just never know! Bama and Michigan play in the first game of the Women’s College World Series! Payback’s gonna be a bitch! Go ladies, send the piglet farmers packing! Hope someone at the University read all that crap and shows it to the team for bulletin board material! RTR!

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    Jim Wells needs to study that Team for some answers to his poor coaching habits.
    Those girls have got something that Wells could never Coach Up a Team for. Enthusiasm. Positive Attitude.
    Fire Wells ass now.

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