Recruiting forecast: state down in 2010

The chatter from earlier this year seems to be accurate—the state of Alabama will see a lower level of talent in the 2010 recruiting class than in previous years. The experts at (FREE) provided some interesting comments on recruiting this year (both nationally and of local interest). Three of the five analysts questioned answered this question with Alabama:

Q: Is there a “good” state that doesn’t have as many good players as usual?
Barry Every’s answer:
The state of Alabama has had back-to-back banner years for talent. But there is no D.J. Fluker, Nico Johnson or Julio Jones in this year’s class. Look for Auburn and Alabama to go out of state more than usual in recruiting this year.

Jamie Newberg’s answer:
Alabama has produced a lot of talent the last two years, but this is more of an average year in Alabama. It’s significant simply because the past two in-state classes were outstanding.

Barton Simmons’ answer:
The state of Alabama has been a great talent well over the past three years, with blue-chip talent at the top and depth to boot. This year, though there is still solid depth, the nationally recruited types have yet to emerge.


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    I’ve seen this trend actually in the past 2 decades. Talent takes time to develop and it comes in waves. We will still prevail .. we will continue to serve scholly’s out to deserving characters. I believe that Alabama is coming back — wait, scratch that… IS BACK to the nationwide recruiting battery that it used to have with PBB . Despite this bullshit textbook investigation by the NCAA infractions committee — we will still have the “allure” to the out of state athletes. Alabama is a POWERHOUSE again — we are back with the cream of the crop finally. With Saban at the helm — I can sleep comfortably at night knowing he’s got the recruiting part of the job handled just fine. No worries about the “state of decline of talent”. RTR.

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    E.G White

    Well Foley’s had the states #1 player for 2 years running. Best check their seniors. Maybe there’s a sleeper. One things for damn sure they have a qb that’s gonna be a top 10er when he graduates, I think in ’11.

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    I have faith in Saban. He has proven that he can get the players, whether from this state or elsewhere. According to Julio, Bama is making those Escalades pay off bigtime. 😉

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