Reports: Nico Johnson arrested

Alabama Crimson Tide recruit Nico Johnson was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of harassment, according to the Bama Beat and College Football Talk.

Johnson’s arrest was listed in the May 6 edition of the Andalusia Star News police blotter. The Star News reported, “Nico Johnson on a misdemeanor charge of harassment after a verbal, non-physical altercation with another male. He was released on a $500 bond.”

According to the Bama Beat, “Johnson’s brother Michael defended Nico to the Press-Register, saying ‘it was another student trying to provoke him, actually,’ and that the charge could be dropped as early as today.”

The Bama Beat also reported a court date is set for May 18.

CFT reports, “Johnson was named a five-star recruit by and given a four-star rating from The early word on the linebacker is that he will have a more-than-fair shot at winning a starting job as a true freshman. Provided, of course, he doesn’t keep ringing-up littering, loitering or seatbelt violations.”


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Do you honostly think that he will break into that rotation as a true freshman ? I seriously doubt it. I see him getting the red shirt. That would be the smart thing to do. Hightower, and McClain are concrete. Who would he beat out of the OLB position ?

  2. 5

    Misdemeanor Harassment

    Here’s the definition of it:

    Anybody in this country with an agenda <—- remember this word. — or who is a pathological liar — or who wants to take “advantage” of the system — can go down to the magistrate and lie their fuckin ass off just because they don’t like you or what you “represent” — and now wah-lah…YOU have a harassment charge stamped on your ass and guess what? — YOU have to go to jail and get your fingerprints and photo took like a real criminal — Che Guevara would bust a nut knowing that this would happen with that ugly red star — welcome to Jefferson County, Alabama, — United States of America —- that’s the reality. Just because Nico got slapped with an inconveniant $500 bail doesn’t necessarily mean he is guilty — again .. anyone can call the police/sherrifs and concoct a BOGUS story —- the real in the know. CrimsonBlood81 — true to the cause.

  3. 7

    Very good point about the use of this law as a tool against people you don’t like.

    I think it speaks volumes that Volunteer fans want to attack Alabama over a misdemeanor when they have their own sex crime scandal going on.

    What’s more, the guy isn’t even on the Alabama team yet—and they are hoping it will get Alabama points in the Fulmer Cup. UT is just sad these days. I almost feel sorry for them.

  4. 8

    I don’t know if the guy is guilty or whatever the hell – but Communism is alive and well in Jefferson County. The magistrate is a big joke. They take a clerk with no legal training required ( Virginia College ? ) and give him or her life and death control over harassment etc. complaints. I am telling folks that you have the ability to throw anybody in Jail that you don’t like – if you are a good half- assed liar or actor. All you have to do is file the complaint.
    No doubt this exists all through the fruited plain. The Police State is real.
    I want to say again that I don’t know if Nico is guilty or innocent – but I can surely understand how he can be screwed by an corrupt process….. Anybody can be screwed COMRADES

  5. 9
    UcheaT Viles Suck

    Didn’t UcheaT pursue this guy as well?



    54-3 in 2009? Nothing will overshadow the fact that Alabama owns you guys, not even a moral “you had a recruit arrested and we didn’t” victory!

  6. 10

    Only in Alabama could you go through the court system for offering to kick someone’s ass who probably was asking for it anyway.
    Of course it will get thrown out of court. But still this is bullshit.

    When asked about the incident noted “journalist” Kevin Scarbinsky said: “Gene Chizik would have never allowed this atrocity of a kid to get by with such wreckless disregard for the Law. Once again, Chizik being the true Great American he is, has totally out classed and stymied the Alabama and Florida football programs.
    Well Done Coach Chizik!”

  7. 11

    Meanwhile, when I approached Lane Kiffen he said:
    “this kid should definately get another chance. And we will gladly give it to him at UT.”

  8. 15
    E.G White

    Not only will Nico play, I guarantee he’ll start. He’s better than Rolando and Donta’. Have you seen this kids videos? He’s a Cheeta with the powes of a Water Buffalo! He covers the entire field from 20 yards into the offensive backfield to the opposite side of his coverage behind the safety who missed! In the Army AA game he ran down Bryce Brown from behind 3 times! A guy with that much speed and talent has to start. Anything else would just be insane. Nico and Dre’ are going to make what already may be the nations best defense ‘invencible’! You watch! RTR!

  9. 16

    The story is in the archives. I’m going to tag it so it will slide into his column archive too for people to find easier.

  10. 17

    Nico will still have a chance to start. This is a non-issue. I doubt Saban will even be handing out any discipline to him for it, since he isn’t enrolled yet. He may not beat out Hightower or McClain, but he could have a good shot at the 3rd or 4th LB position. This year we may see Bama in a 3-5 formation as well as 3-4 on defense, with Hightower being the Jack LB. So I think Nico can get on the field in some limited fashion this coming season, definitely special teams. Saban won’t be redshirting many that can play right away. He knows good players will only be there 3 years, and he is known for his ability to quickly develop talent. (Which shouldn’t be very hard when it is mostly 4 and 5 star recruits to develop.)

  11. 18
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    I agree……..there is no doubt that he posesses the physical tools…. Whats he got upstairs is what would make him a starter. Jarrell Harriss is a physical speciman and a good student of the game, and he couldnt crack the opening rotation. Breaking Bamas linebacking ratation as a freshman would be hard for Darrell Singletary in his priome. Just a real , real solid unit.

  12. 19

    Nico looks like he has the right tools to play right away, much like McClain and Hightower did. He actually looks more impressive in his HS highlights than either of those two guys. To me, he is one of the top picks in this class. But you are right Ballplay. The LB position is starting to look pretty stacked right now. I think Bama’s defense (this year) will be one of the tops in the SEC at least. Florida and Auburn should be better on defense this year as well. Heck, most of the SEC looks like the defense will be the strength of the team so far this year.

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