Poll: Julio Jones or AJ Green?

Mr. College Football posed the question sure to be debated throughout the summer and fall—who would you pick as your receiver if the choice was Alabama’s Julio Jones or Georgia’s AJ Green?

Mr. College Football opines, “Both players will be working with new quarterbacks in 2009 as Joe Cox, a fifth-year senior, takes over at Georgia and Greg McElroy, a fourth-year junior, becomes the man at Alabama. It will be one of most interesting position battles of the 2009 season.”

It will be an interesting battle to see who posts the biggest stats and has the most impact in 2009. You can vote in the poll below. Also, how big a role will the new quarterbacks play in the 2009 stats for both receivers? Feel free to share your thoughts.
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    In my opinion, they are both great athletes. However, I would give the edge to Julio. He is stronger and more physical. Green has made some spectacular catches. However, I dare say that Julio is much harder to bring down. Rarely do you see only one man take him down. It usually takes at least two.

    Also, being a wide reciever is not only about catching the ball, but is also about your blocking ability. Julio is one of the best in the business.

    Moreover, from his “rockstar” status during the recruitment process, he could have come in and had a “D.J. Hall” attitude. However, it appears to me that he has a very strong work ethic and is a team player.

  2. 3
    E.G White

    Julio rules! SEC and NCAA Freshman MVP says it all! No contest! ‘GMAC to Julio for a td!’ Get use to it! Also to Peek, to Maze, to McCoy, to Dial, to Smelly, to Walker, to Bell, to Kelly, to Bowman, to Norwood, et al!

  3. 4
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Julio , assuming his sports hernia heals nicely. Those things can mess you up if they dont heal right. See Kenneth Darby his senior year. Or Donovan McNabb a couple years back.

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