Dramatis personae: Nick Saban

First a role in a movie. Today we find out Nick Saban is the basis of a character in a book. According to the Detroit Free Press, Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis is writing an adventure novel and the main character is based on Nick Saban.

The Free Press reports, “Q:Who would play the main character in the movie version of your book?

“A:Actually, the lead character’s name is Nick. Every person in the book I’ve modeled after someone I know, so that my mind can track them. The lead guy’s name is Nick, and he looks and acts like Nick Saban.”

With Hollis attempting to turn the story into a movie, would Nick Saban have a shot to play the roll in that? Will Saban be joining the Screen Actor’s Guild? Could a move to Hollywood be next for Nick Saban? Could this be what lures the Alabama Crimson Tide coach out of Tuscaloosa?