Assault sends Alabama kicker to hospital

UPDATE: The Tuscaloosa News provides new details of the attack on the Alabama kicker. Tiffin was allegedly attacked from behind. A female witnessed the attack and took Tiffin to the hospital. The alleged attack too place in the “400 block of 23rd Avenue, near the Temerson Square entertainment district.”

Alabama Crimson Tide place kicker Leigh Tiffin was the victim of an alleged assault, the Bama Beat reports.

According to the report, “No arrests have yet been made, though police continue to look into the altercation. Police believe Tiffin’s involvement was only as a victim.” reported Tiffin was treated and released from DCH Medical Center following the early Wednesday morning alleged attack. According to the Rivals site, the altercation took place in downtown Tuscaloosa, and the injuries were minor.


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    E.G White

    I vote for bamahater or one of the other Barner psyco’s that come on here. Then again maybe it was me. Nicky needs to recruit a real kicker and real fast. One who can kick consistantly and not miss the chipshot big one!

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    To all that who don’t know — Leigh Tiffin is the heir of “Tiffin Motorhomes” in south Alabama — “daddy” put him on the team with his $,$$$,$$$ and even though we had a 12-2 season last year — he came through when we needed him 75% of the time — I can NEVER forgive him for the @ Arkansas game with the 3 OT’s — it resonates in my brain and will not go away everytime I see him post up. I hope he has a fast recovery and can kick the shit out of some good FG’s this season — because special teams/defense/field goals wins CHAMPIONSHIPS.

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