Alabama News & Notes for Tuesday afternoon

Greg McElroy has a history of handling the enormous expectations on a starting quarterback. ESPN’s Mark Schlabach featured the Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback in a piece published today.

According to North Texas coach Todd Dodge, “Greg was playing a position where the last two starters had been named state player of the year. He was able to handle those expectations. There’s something to be said for being patient. He had to be patient at the high school level and college level. It’s paid off for him.”

Schlabach provides even more details on McElroy, “In his first start for Southlake Carroll, McElroy threw for 318 yards and three touchdowns in a victory at Midland Lee. He played the game with a fractured right collarbone, an injury he had suffered in practice a week earlier. McElroy’s first start was broadcast on statewide TV. More than 10,000 Dragons fans made a five-hour drive to attend the game.”

It looks like McElroy is tough too.

Speaking of tough, Chris Low talks about Julio Jones recent surgery. Low praises Jones for his ability to play while hurt. He also praises the Crimson Tide receiver’s attitude. Low writes, “For a guy who received all sorts of hype coming out of high school, Jones was anything but a prima donna. Rather, he was a throwback, somebody who competed the same way every time he hit the field and wasn’t affected by all the glowing things said and written about him. He was branded as a star before he ever set foot on Alabama’s campus and played like a star.”

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    E.G White

    GMAC’s the man Baby! I’m tellin’ ya, he’s gonna lead us to the promised land. He’s gonna make everybody forget about, uh what’s their names, uh Tebow and Snead! RTR!

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    E.G White

    I live in Texas and I know about Southlake Carroll and Daniel and GMAC. I’ve been waiting 3 years for this to happen. There is not 1 college qb in the country who was better in high school than GMAC. Antagonists love to cut him down and ask, ‘if he’s so good then why couldn’t he beat out JPW?’ JPW was not a bad qb morons! He played each of his years under a different oc and had to learn three different offensive systems and his sophomore and junior seasons played behind offensive lines that sucked. All he did in his senior year is nearly take an over-achieving team to the NC. Anyway GMAC was a spread qb. Just ask any pro coach to find out how difficult is the adjustment from spread to pro set much less trying to make the adjustment with 3 different oc’s and offenses. GMAC benefited hugely from his 3 years behind JPW. Now he’s ready, just like at Southlake Carroll, and everybody better watch out! He’s got rb’s and recievers better than Florida and Oklahoama and Texas and Texas Tech. All he needs is an offensive line to protect him like Tebow and Bradford and McCoy and Harrell have and GMAC will have Heisman type performances. Against VT’s defense our ‘O-line’ will get the acid test and set the tone for GMAC’s year. RTR!

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