Tyrone Prothro visits Jags mini-camp

What is former Alabama Crimson Tide wide receiver Tyrone Prothro doing these days? He is interested in coaching and spent the weekend visiting the Jacksonville Jaguars mini-camp.

According to firstcoastnews.com, “(Prothro)’s trying to become a coach, and his former coach at Alabama, Mike Shula, now the Jaguars quarterbacks coach, is helping this former college star reach his goals.”

Prothro said he and Shula had kept in touch. “He has helped me out a lot,” Prothro told the television station. You can watch highlights of Prothro and an interview with the former Crimson Tide star embedded below.


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    Good for Pro, and once again, good for Mike Shula. Shula is/was a class act, just a little over his head as a head coach for the first time in the SEC, especially one who was behind the 8-ball for so many years due to probation.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    ITK Im glad to see that a bammer has something good to say about Shula……I personally wish that he could come back and coach again at Alabama.

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