Smearing Urban Meyer & Florida’s recruits

Auburn fans just because you don’t care about academics, don’t impute such a motive to Urban Meyer. Yet that is what Track Em Tigers has done with an attack on the Florida Gator coach.

It stems from this quote Meyer gave about the Auburn limo stunt. Gainesville Sun columnist Pat Dooley wrote, “I think it should,” Urban Meyer told Dooley Noted when asked if the NCAA will get involved. “We’re trying to sell graduation rates and academics and trying the sing and dance routine. The Florida coaching staff will not be riding around in limos or ripping off our shirts.”

The Auburn response is typical nonsense. “…From his answer it’s apparent he still hasn’t gotten over those two whipping by Auburn in recent years.”

From his answer we understand that Meyer uses the university as a selling point. Most of the players who arrive at Florida to play football won’t play pro football; many of these recruits and their families care about academics.

Track Em Tigers writes, “There’s no question that Meyer is one of the top coaches in America. There’s little doubt his program is among the top five nationally. But to say, ‘We’re trying to sell graduation rates and academics’ is like Nick Saban saying he can’t find Gadsden on a map. It just doesn’t fly.”

Gadsden? Why is Auburn always mentioning Gadsden? Something about Gadsden got you upset? I mean something about Gadsden that you can prove, and not BS you read on a message board or heard from someone who knows someone.

Just because Auburn and its Sociology department do not give a damn about academics, doesn’t mean the rest of the SEC shares your attitude about it. Stop imputing your bad traits to others.

Track Em Tigers writes, “I talked to a recruit who attended the Florida-South Carolina game last year and he said he actually put his wallet in his front pocket because of the recruits who were there visiting. He said they were cast straight from the streets of Miami. The only thing Urban Meyer is trying to do is win football games. Don’t give us this crap about graduation rates and academics.”

This is the type of stuff on the Internet that gives blogs and message boards a bad name. “Straight from the streets of Miami” is code for something—oh yeah, minority. Just because a player is a minority doesn’t make them a thief. These code words border on racism, and are a disgusting reflection of football in the SEC. I’m betting if you landed those recruits, you wouldn’t be using such horrible words about them.

The SEC should be better than this. Why isn’t it? Why has it descended to this crass level?


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    Tax Man

    Amen! I am so sick of playing gotcha to try and win on the field. If you are getting out recruited, work harder. If you are getting out hustled, practice harder. If you are getting out coached, get a new coach. Do not do what the old Southwest Conference did and eat your own. If all teams in the SEC play the Phil Fulmer Gotcha game it will ruin our conference.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Good greif…………(covering my face with my hands in total disgust)……..Cap, is this the best you can do ? You want more responses on your blogs , right ? While this will work, Isnt this more like Finebaum ?

  3. 3

    Question for you Ballplay: Your user name implies that you think Auburn is a joke, but you constantly defend Auburn. What’s up with that? Also, spellcheck is your friend-greif should be grief.

  4. 4

    Please! The SEC has been cut-throat since the 60’s. The bigger money programs were generally exempt from NZAA wrath while Aubie, State and Kentucky were the probation whipping boys.
    As far as the Miami comment, I figured he was smearing all those Cubans that play football. Bye the way, If big city urban means black, does trailer park mean white????

  5. 5

    Cappy, we all love debating AU-Bama issues here, but let’s leave the bad blood between you and other blogs out of this. Just because some guy writes something on a blog who purports to be an AU fan doesn’t make it the position of AU fans, any more than Shane’s articles should be the official position of Bama fans. (although I do wonder about that sometimes).

  6. 6

    SEC fans are worse today than ever before. Was the SEC rough in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s? Yes. However, it is far worse in the SEC since adult fans act like children today.

    As for bad blood with another blog? I’m just commenting on how wrong this Auburn blog was in its smear on Urban Meyer and Florida recruits. How is that bad blood?

    I agree that position can’t be said to be the position of all Auburn fans, but it does make Auburn look bad—and Auburn fans should be outraged by that.

  7. 7
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    They didnt have the internet in the 50s. Otherwise the same crap wouldve happened then as now. Its really a stretch to try to produce bad blood between us and florida. No one really cares. Other than you guys. Maybe one year you all will learn how to beat the gators. Though I doubt its any time soon. As far as Meyer selling his acedemic program, come on. Auburn student athletes are not doing very badly either. I know , “sociology dept”…Gotcha.

    bamafan, I lost a bet. But that really doesnt matter. What matters is why you think you have to point out grammer on a blog. Do you not have a life ? Spelling cops = dork , nerd, etc.

  8. 8

    First of all, how does a post submitted by some guy on a blog make Auburn look bad? Do the things Shane says make Bama look bad? (ok, bad example). Secondly, what was so bad about what he said? As to Meyer, he probably is still seething about getting his a$$ whipped twice in a row by Auburn. Fail to see what’s wrong with pointing that out in return to UM taking a gratuitous shot at AU. That quote about Miami was said by a recruit, not the writer. How in the @#$! did you pull a racist connotation out of that quote, Reverend Sharpton???? Wouldn’t you think the odds are pretty high that the recruit who said it was black, also?? Oh well, I guess these are the kinds of issues we have to strerch as much as possible during the offseason.

    P.S. Geez, I wouldn’t have even noticed the part about Gadsden. What’s up with being so defensive about Gadsden??

  9. 9
    Capstone (I am a douche) Crapper

    You are just commenting on how wrong it was of an Auburn blog to “smear” Urban Meyer and his recruits?!?! Talk about speaking out of both sides of your mouth (or in your case your ass) Isn’t that the whole point of this site when you post “articles” about Auburn?

    In a 7 day period I found three “articles” talking about Auburn’s recent Tiger Prowl.

    Limo stunt exposes Chizik – April 29th
    The Bottom Line on Auburn Gimmicks – May 1st
    Shane: The Limo aftermath – May 4th

    Hell even in this article, you try to smear Auburn. If what Auburn did is such a gimmick, why give it so much attention? If someone is doing something so childish aren’t you just supposed to ignore it?

    You go on about the references to Gadsden …. funny .. how did your little expose turn out about Chet Williams? Something about that got you upset and you were the only one trying to sell it.

    Thanks for the humor douchebag!

  10. 10

    You are the douchebag—you can’t even get your facts straight. I never wrote anything but complimentary things about Rev. Williams. I think you mean Shane, and for the most part, Shane’s points were right out of the NY Times. They were good questions that Rev. Williams chose not to answer. That says more about him than Shane.

    Commentary on what happens in recruiting isn’t a smear. You might not like the commentary, but sometimes you just have to point out the stupidity that encompasses college football in the south.

  11. 11

    Here is one article on Rev. Williams:

    Here is the first one I wrote:

    If you can read, pay specific attention to these lines: “Shane raises some interesting questions about the financial arrangements. But questions do not in themselves mean nefarious motives are at work. Could it be that these men connected with Auburn simply believe religious involvement would benefit the athletes? Especially, as many athletes come from backgrounds filled with temptation.”

  12. 12
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    The reason they want to not speak of Gadsden is that there aree some Gadsen CIty High players riding around in some new pimped (that ones for you cappy) out rides. Where does a high school kid from the projects afford a new charger anyhow ?

  13. 13

    Last year you Auburn people were saying Alabama was giving away Escalades to a player from Mobile. Now it is a Charger to Gadsden.

    What a load of shit. If this keeps up, I’m going to just start making crap up about Auburn and its recruiting like this: I saw a rivals 5-star running back riding a John Deere tractor after a visit from Auburn coaches!

  14. 14

    I saw a rivals 5-star running back riding a John Deere tractor after a visit from Auburn coaches!

    Must have been a “trailer park” guy!

  15. 16

    Hey crapstone,

    I quote your first line “Auburn fans just because you don’t care about academics, don’t impute such a motive to Urban Meyer.”

    We arent the ones selling text books, I guess that means your players REALLY care about profiting from their classes. And some players just go to the hard stuff like “cocaine”. And if you check graduation rates of student athletes in “real” courses, I bet AU is on top of Alabama. So dont give me that same old crap about the AU sociology department because this “dont ask dont tell” policy goes on at Alabama and Florida as well in multiple departments. We arent the ones who have been on probation three times since the 90s and arent the ones that the NCAA had to muzzle the “Saban rule” on the SEC.

    Get your facts straight before insinuating or flat out accusing AU of any wrong doing. REC and cars speaks alot of class, but it actually is crass when it comes to shady recruiting. Dont be surprised if old Philip Fulmer and Roy Adams turns Alabama into the NCAA rule violations while on probation and then we can talk about who has class and who is crass. Philip has alot more time on his hands now while working for TN and not coaching.

    And lets talk about class…I think that Sabans denegrating talk about playing Utah was pretty classy and how he acted on the field during that game yelling obscenities at his players is pretty crass. His less than classy talk about 911 and Alabama football in 2007 after the UL Monroe game is crass and offending.

    Lets talk about JPWs unsportsman like actions on the last play of the Florida game when he basically shoved a Florida defensive lineman after the whistled blowed was pretty classy. All these things must have been learned during the “process” of Nicky.

    Lets talk about the lack of class towards Gene Chizik and his last name pronounciation on Finescum, the phone cutoffs of all the AU callers, and the Alabama faithful laughing at all those crass comments about Kevin Steele. No wonder everyone hates Nicky and his “bend but dont break” recruiting tactics.

    These type of posts are the reasons all the other SEC teams hate Alabama. The self “entitlement” that they only should be #1 all the time and nobody else should win the NC or bowl games. There is an orange and blue recruiting storm coming and all of the rednecks in the toothless trailer nation can see it. A team of top recruiting coaches with novel recruiting ideas, recruiting areas previously not considered (TX, OK, AK, CO, OH, LA (ala DeAngelo Benton) etc in only 2 months of recruiting. I would post little girl acusations too, if I were this scared.


  16. 17

    BamaHate, you are gonna hate on Bama no matter what. Please. Save your “this is why everyone else hates Bama” speech for your own kind. I could care less if you or anyone else doesn’t like Bama. And since you are obviously a disillusioned Auburn fan, it is a really good thing that you do hate Bama, and Saban. It looks like we have the right guy. Auburn? Well, time will tell if he is or not. But you are already firmly behind the guy, so I guess he has that going for him. But you are wrong if you think any Bama fan is scared by the “Tiger Prowl” or Chiziks recruiting efforts. Just wishful thinking on your part. Bama already has a great recruiting class going for next year, and Auburn is behind already. No fear here. You are the one spewing garbage on a Bama site. And you are still acting like a little girl. Is that all that you have got? ‘Ya’ll are scared of what the Chizik is doing at Auburn”? Man, that makes my day. You sound like the dumbass Vol fans that show up here when Kiffin does something stupid. But we get it, you don’t like Bama. Big whoop. But your jealousy is showing or you wouldn’t be here.

  17. 18
    Shane (I am a douche) formally known as Capstone (I am a douche) Crapper


    You are right that I didn’t get my facts straights in regards to thinking you were Shane. I don’t frequent this site enough to know who the writers are, but I do know that Shane’s name is the most well known name associated to this site so it was an assumption that all posts were made by him. So my apologies for getting you confused. However you are known by the company you keep and one person in particular is a douche so maybe I wasn’t that far off. Don’t take what I said in offense, it is just my commentary and pointing out the stupidity of claiming one blog is smearing another school when this site is guilty of the same.

  18. 21
    E.G White

    I don’t have the energy to get into it. These posts speak for themselves. What a crock! Go away Barners!

  19. 22
    E.G White

    I will say this: If you check NCAA stats I think you’ll find that Bama’s athlete graduation rates are hell and gone above the Barn’s. And you’ll never see Dre’s tricked out Charger in front of the athletes’ dorm. It’s in the Recruits Secret Underground Parking Lot along with Julio and BJ’s Escalades! RTR!

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