Limo stunt exposes Chizik

Auburn’s new coaching staff should earn high marks for trying. The limo stunt shows a grasp of the public relations debacle that has been Auburn recruiting for the last few years; however, sending seven coaches out in a limo illustrates Gene Chizik’s failure as a head coach. As a head coach you have to weigh the public relations benefits with the tasks of managing a program. Sending out seven coaches en masse shows a useless replication; it is a misuse of resources that explains 5-19.

Sending out one small team of coaches in a limo shows a grasp of public relations, but allocating seven? You could make the same splash by sending out your coordinators in style and the other coaches to other destinations to maximize coverage. Even if you don’t have them all on the road, there are a host of things which must be done to win at recruiting—even in the office.

Think of it from a business perspective. If you have seven salesmen in your office, do you send all seven to one client? If you do, you are neglecting your other targets. At most, you will send one or two and utilize the others to maximize your workforce.

Auburn’s explanation for the limo is the impression it makes on recruits. Kevin Scarbinsky provides the reasoning in his latest column, “Showing up in force and in style is about recruiting, and recruiting is about making an impression on teen-age boys.”

That is true. To a point. Recruiting is about making the biggest impression on the most recruits in the limited time available. It is why coaches like the Alabama Crimson Tide’s Nick Saban work without rest on the recruiting trail. There are hundreds of recruits and not enough hours in the day to evaluate and execute all the other tasks necessary to land a top recruiting class.

Scarbinsky also contends the limo is for recruits. Really? It looks more like the limo is for the fans—it is a giant statement saying Auburn cares about in-state recruiting. Auburn hasn’t done very well in Alabama over the last couple of recruiting classes. In 2009, the Alabama Crimson Tide landed eight of the Rivals Top 10 recruits in the state of Alabama; Auburn landed zero. In 2008, the Crimson Tide landed seven of the Rivals Top 10 recruits in Alabama; Auburn landed zero.

See the problem?

The problem isn’t public perception of recruiting; the problem was actual work on the recruiting trail. Auburn needs to work harder and smarter. Publicity stunts are fine, but when you waste precious resources like time and personnel, it shows why Chizik was a failure as a head coach at Iowa State. Auburn fans have been warned about Chizik’s ability to waste time on the practice field—he is now wasting time on the recruiting trail playing to the fans.

And he is focused on the state of Alabama in a down year. Is this another tactical blunder? From the strategic view it is critical for Auburn to get top players from the state again. If it doesn’t happen soon, Auburn could become even more passe than it already is. But the tactical problem is the more immediate—the state doesn’t look like it will produce the same level of talent as the last three years. Talent will be good, but it won’t be dominating (if we can trust such forecasts.) If the strategic decision to flood Alabama with Auburn recruiters doesn’t payoff immediately, the talent gap with Alabama will widen. The Crimson Tide isn’t just recruiting Alabama, but throughout the region.

While Auburn coaches are going around en masse, Alabama coaches are working in the Saban manner. Which one do you think will carry the day?


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  1. 1
    E.G White

    For the most part I agree with you. However, Cheeze Nip needs to do something and fast. Being flambouyant has certainly worked for Lame Kitten’s recruiting. Do we see a naked Cheeze Nip in Auburn’s future? LOL! Irregardless, I dare say you’re going to incur the wrath of our esteemed Barner visitors over this topic. RTR!

  2. 2

    I think the stunt is a good idea. But send out the coordinators and let the other coaches work on other recruiting projects—that way you get the stunt and you get the maximize use of your limited resources. 🙂

  3. 3

    As for working for Lane Kiffin…did it? Has it?

    Tennessee has had more than a few good classes under Phil Fulmer; however, Kiffin did nothing in this last class to address the serious problems he has on the offensive line. You can have all the skill players you want, but if you can’t block…you can’t win.

  4. 4
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Cap………Do you honostly think they are still in the limo together ? By and large that was for the public eye. Plain and simple. Next.

  5. 5

    I tend to think you are right, but then that contradicts the spin out of Auburn that this was for the players—was this for the fans?

  6. 6

    And after a quick check of the newspapers, I see assertions that the coaching lineup would change, but that the number of coaches wouldn’t—and a couple of the recruits questioned mentioned seeing all the coaches together.

  7. 7

    For the next couple of days, it should really create some buzz. How good would you feel if a stretch limo rolled up to your high school with the entire coaching staff, just to see you? I think it’s a pretty good idea for now. They really shouldn’t use it for the entirety of the recruiting period, but it’s a pretty good way to start things off with a bang.

  8. 8

    Again, I think it is a good idea. But do you need seven? Couldn’t just the coordinators make that splash?

    I think it points to Chizik’s inability to see the big picture. Do the PR and the grunt work.

  9. 9

    No, just the coordinators could not make that kind of splash. It was the fact that it was 7 coaches, and that those coaches were riding around in a limo, that made a splash. Sometimes this kind of thing needs to be done to make an impression. It cerainly paid off back in Feb. of 01 when the entire coaching staff sat in Cadillac’s living room on the eve of signing day when he had already committed to Tenn. I’m sure those coaches had other places to be at that time also, but it was time for bold action. Looking at in-state recruiting the last 2 years, it’s damn sure time for bold action again.

    I largely agree with Scarbinksy’s take on the matter. It seems tacky to me, but it doesn’t make a flying rip what I or any 30+ blog reader thinks. If the recruits think its cool, then it’s cool. And yes, KS was dead on when he stated that Saban is kicking himself for not thinking of this “stunt” first, and that Bama fans would have been proclaiming this “stunt” as the greatest thing ever if Saban were the one doing it.

  10. 10

    Your coordinators riding around in a limo would make that kind of splash—isn’t Malzahn the second coming of Tony Franklin?

  11. 11

    Maybe it was just me, but I read a lot of sarcasm in Scarbinsky’s article. I think he was dissing on Cheesed**k as much as anyone else. BTW – this post was outstanding. It made a lot of good points and showed just how bad the situation is at the barn right now. ZERO in-state recruits in the last 2 classes? I can see why they are in such a panic right now.

  12. 12

    Rick, of course you read a lot of sarcasm in the article despite the fact that there was not a single ounce there. That’s what happens when you read things through crimson colored glasses.

    P.S. No one said Auburn has zero in state recruits the past 2 years. They didn’t sign any of the top 10 in-state recruits. Those crimson glasses can really make you miss some important details.

  13. 13

    I am going to object to the money that was spent on this extravagance. I don’t give a damn that taxpayer money was not used – it is these times right now. This silly ass waste of money offends me.

  14. 14

    Julio, if Saban were doing that, we would tell him he looks almost as stupid as the idiots at Aub do, but since we both know he does not have to resort to gimmicks to own Aub’s plummeting program in recruiting or on the field we don’t have to what if. What if’s are for Aub dreamers, like what if we had hired a coach that was not 5 and 19 caliber, would we have made it to a bowl game this year?

  15. 16

    question to bama. how many games did shula win. another thing yall can spin this or down us all you want but the truth is these players and high school coaches are impressed. one other thing alabama isnt the only state that has top level recruits just ask florida 2 championships in 3 years not one recruit from alabama. and why dont you ask the top 3 running backs in the country why there number one school right now is auburn

  16. 17

    This is a friggin’ joke. Riding around in a rented Limo. OOOOhhh. I wonder if they brought porm dates with them.
    Throw a little more bling bling, some dancing hootchies and of course a 40 or 2 and you’ve got a potential rap video in the making.
    The Problem is that these guys are a bunch of middle aged farts doing what they think will be percieved as cool..
    And (just like with thier coaching) they are way off base as usual.

    If you want to show class and tradition show it with a winning top flight program. Not with a tacky rented limosine.

  17. 18

    I think Chizik finally did something to make a splash. I am a huge Bama fan and I wish all the Bama homers would quit embarrassing us by saying this was a dumb move just because Saban did not make it. This has been talked about nation wide and is even on ESPN. That is very positive for Auburn and I congratulate them for the first wise PR move they have made since Saban arrived in T-town. If Auburn don’t do something soon we will no longer have a rivalry and it will go back to the
    pre-Pat Dye years where Auburn won one Iron Bowl per decade. I am really not a bit worried about Auburn and are more worried about much larger fish like the Florida, USCs, and other “national” programs. ROLL TIDE ROLL

  18. 19
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Nateg…….Exactly. That is the point of the thing. Exposure…..They will probably do this to sway marquis recruits. Its not like the go to Arbys every day in the thing.

    Talking about an uninteresting Iron bowl. Kind of like 02-07 ? Yeah, like that.

  19. 20

    Well whatever works for them I guess. When Auburn said money was no object, I guess this is what they had in mind. But they are selling to kids. Lane Kiffin has the WWF routine, Chizik is trying the Richie Rich routine. To me, riding around in a limo is not something I would be trying to sell the kids on, since they won’t be actually riding in them themselves. It is a publicity stunt to draw attention to the Auburn recruiting effort. It does seem like a pretty lame attempt, but they are getting people to talk about it, which is really the whole point. It reeks of desperation. I give Chizik props for trying something different, but I don’t think it is going to affect recruiting much. Auburn could have hired a coach that wouldn’t have to rely on publicity stunts to get attention. I guess you get what you pay for. Auburns limo doesn’t impress me much. How does it really relate to Auburns football program?

  20. 21

    For the record, Bama produced a limo and hummer for Saban last year. Problem was, nobody knew it. For Little Nicky couldnt see over the dashboard. I think they dropped some coin on a booster seat this year so exposure will not be a problem. I also hear that he is guest starring on “Little People, Big World” this year. I personally think that little fellar is damn cute.

  21. 22

    All homerism aside, I haven’t heard one bad thing about this from any media reports, including quotes from HS coaches, recruits, and students. Even ESPN had a positive report on this, and I haven’t heard anyone that is unaffiliated with either school say it is stupid or desperate. Let’s face it, the goal of what they are trying to accomplish is the same that Saban was in years past when he would visit high schools during the “no direct contact” periods that led to the Saban rule. He knew making a splash at those schools during those periods just by visiting was important even if you couldn’t visit directly with the recruit (of course, Saban ended up “accidentally” doing that also on a repeated basis, thus resulting in the Saban Rule). Otherwise, he could have just as easily met with “teachers and counselors” off campus. Chizik is trying to make the biggest impact possible given the restrictions, just like Saban was last year with the webcam (which all you bammers though was the greatest idea since the invention of the light bulb.) Again, nothing could more irrelevant than what you or I think about this. The only thing that matters is what a bunch of 17 yr old kids think, and they seem to be liking it.

  22. 23

    Julio, the difference between Saban and Chizik is that Saban doesn’t have to use a limousine to make a splash. Saban has no problem getting attention. His reputation as a winner and a coach that knows how to get players to the NFL seems to be working fine. Something Chizik is lacking in, hence the ‘Tiger Prowl’. A limo is not going to make a difference there.

  23. 24

    If you believe what a bunch of 17 year old kids are telling the press….

    I have yet to hear one BAD thing ever said by a recruit.

    I tend to think the players like the attention, and are flattered when major coaches show interest. You could pull up in a Beverly Hillbillies truck, and if you coached at a major SEC program, the kids would say how cool it was.

    This stunt is for the media and the average fans. It is a good PR stunt. I like it. I think it would’ve been smarter to use only a few coaches for the tour and fan out to maximize coverage and time. I think this shows some negative Chizik traits that AU fans have been worried about. You have to look past the PR stuff and look at it from a management perspective—he fails the management test.

  24. 25

    errr, Brandii…I hate to break this to you, but Chizik isn’t in the limo. Once again, you speak out of your a$$ without even checking the facts. See, head coaches aren’t allowed to be on the road right now (remember all that bi+ching you did about the adoption of the “Saban Rule” last year?) Only asst’s can be on the road right now. Of course, I’m sure you’d probably like to believe that Sal Sunseri and Bo Davis (they’re both Bama asst’s in case you don’t recognize the names) could show up at a high school all by their lonesome in a Honda Accord and it would make a splash just because they coach at Bama. However, all us rational people know for a fact that isn’t true. You know how we know that?? Because that’s exactly what they’re doing right now. I guess I missed the ESPN reports talking about it.

  25. 26

    Cappy, that’s freakin’ hilarious. Who’s “management test” did he fail? Yours???? You think he gives a flying rip about whether his actions pass your personal opinion of a “management test”?

    I guarantee you that Tubs had each of his assts on the road at this time last year in separate locations, thus complying with your “managment test”. Boy, that worked out really well. Let me ask you, do final results have any relevance under your subjective “management test”? It sure doesn’t sound like it.

    I’ll tell ya what Chizik’s mgmt test is, and it’s the same one his Dad taught him from the Marines…Adapt and Overcome. AU’s gotten smoked in in-state recruiting the last 2 years. It’s time to do something boldly different than what was being done, and that includes a hell of a lot more than just “working harder”.

  26. 27

    Julio, I know Chizik is not in the limo, dumbass. He is the guy responsible for it though, right? He is the HEAD coach, is he not? But go ahead and pat yourself on the back. My point is that Saban does not have to do PR stunts like this, and your coach does. That speaks about the disparity in the recruiting between schools. I will take Sabans method over Chiziks any day. But I will bet you this, next years Bamas class will outshine Auburns once again, even if you guys rent 6 limos. I guess when you are 5-19 you have to try something different.

    You should read this:

    You sound a lot like that.

  27. 28

    “Julio, the difference between Saban and Chizik is that Saban doesn’t have to use a limousine to make a splash.” Yes, it’s obvious to all that Brandii was not under any impression whatsoever that Chizik was in the limo. The logical reason that he specifically referred to Chizik’s personal necessity of the use of a limo to make a splash was…ummm…errr..uhhhh…hmmmm…quick,BM, throw me a line!!

  28. 29

    The final results will be bad for Chizik at AUburn, and not necessarily on the recruiting trail. You have to put the pieces together.

    First, we know he is poor at allocating scarce resources thanks to this stunt. He could have accomplished the same thing with fewer staff and still swarmed the state. Unfortunately, he put all his eggs in one basket while every other program operates in a business fashion by sending out staff to maximize coverage.

    Let’s do a thought experiment to show how badly Chizik’s limo stunt is. Assume you have seven salesmen on the road. These “salesmen” or recruiters average five sales calls or visits per day. Thus, Alabama visits 35 places in one day (7 times 5). Auburn by consolidating all seven salesmen in one car reaches only five visits. 35-5. Tell me which plan yields the best results? I know you are going to say quality over quantity (we can talk about that later) but on the rough numbers, Chizik fails common sense. A better approach combines quality and quantity.

    Second, we know Chizik was poor with time management at Iowa State. We know this because of the story circulating about Chizik spending precious practice time making the players line their helmets up in a straight line. I defended this because discipline building is important; however, Chizik’s waste of practice time when seen in the light of his wasted time on the recruiting trail says something about him.

    What does it say? It says he doesn’t appreciate the task of management. He can’t allocate precious resources like time or personnel.

    Now, look past recruiting for a minute. Look at the whole picture.

    If he wastes time, will he have a good game plan? If he wastes time will his staff be able to do their jobs? If he wastes time will he be able to properly evaluate recruits? If he wastes time will he be able to plan?

    That is what you have to look at. We don’t yet know how he will work, so we have to examine his actions and extrapolate what we do know into what could or should happen. I’ve defended Chizik’s discipline before; however, the limo stunt says more about Chizik than anything I’ve seen.

  29. 30

    Julio, it is Chizik’s football program he was hired to run. He is the guy RESPONSIBLE for the stunt. So, when I refer to something that has to do with Auburn football, I am going to point to Chizik as the man responsible. Way to change the subject.

    I explained my point and you still fail to understand. But we can continue as long as you would like, but if Chizik isn’t the guy that is doing this, who else could it be? Just the assistants decided that they wanted to tour in a limo? Chizik had no input or didn’t okay the stunt? Well, that just makes it worse. But I stand by everything I said. You keep digging yourself in a hole and avoid the point I clearly made. I did not say Chizik was in the limo. I said Chizik is using a limo to make a splash. He is the one who will be credited for doing it, bad or good. Don’t make me have to bitch-slap you again.

  30. 31
    E.G White

    Damn guy’s, you’re embarassing me! All this BS over a little fun and ingenuity by Cheeze Nip? Sure the Barner tards would’ve ranted the same way about us – but do you really want to be seen acting like them? WE ARE BAM A! RTR!

  31. 32

    EG: Julio doesn’t like me very much anyways. He wants to get in a smartass contest, and I just give it back to him. But he has a history here of distorting the facts about Bama, and puts Auburn up there on a pedestal. It sure is fun to knock him around with the truth. But I don’t visit Auburn sites, and I could really care less what an Auburn person that trolls a Bama site really thinks. If he/she wasn’t worried he/she wouldn’t be here. He/she is really sensitive and it doesn’t take much to get him/her rattled. It is all in fun. Those barner tards have been ranting and raving here since Saban has been in charge. I just like to counter it. It is really not even a fair game. ROLL TIDE!

  32. 33

    ok brandii, you’re right. It makes sense now. Your specific reference to Chizik personally using a limo in order to make a splash was in now way intended to convey a belief that Chizk was personally using a limo.

    Cappy, there’s just one little problem with your “salesmen” scenario. ESPN and every major newspaper in the state ain’t gonna write a story on your company no matter if they go out together or to separate areas. However, if those media outlets would write stories on it and get you mounds upon mounds of positive free publicity and the only thing it cost you was a few days travel time for the salesmen, then the smart “management” decision would be to put em together and get the publicity, i.e “make a splash”. The “splash” part is what you’re ignoring, and no it would not be the same if only a couple of coaches got together. Hell, it’s only for a few days.

    P.S. You’re going back to “lining up the helmets” to argue that Chizik is a bad manager? When George Patton replaced Fredendall as commander of the II Corps in 1943, he required all troops to wear steel helmets and to wear leggings and neckties at all times. He even instituted a system of fines to make sure that all the troops shaved daily and observed other uniform requirements. But I guess you think that was a “bad allocation of valuable time” and that silly old Patton was a “bad manager” too, huh?

  33. 34

    Of course what Patton did was useful. How long did it take? He issued the order and went around telling people they would be skinned if they didn’t do as told. I like that.

    I actually have defended Chizik’s helmet fetish. I don’t think by itself it says much. However, when you waste time like this, it provides a substantial insight into Chizi’s methodologies.

    As for your contention that the limo wouldn’t get attention without seven coaches in it?

    ROFLMAO. That’s BS. I’d have taken notice if he had sent out his coordintors in a limo. I’d have taken notice if he had sent out 7 coaches in 7 limos. Whatever the trick. The idea of seven coaches traveling together isn’t the attention getter. The LIMO is the attention getter. Or have you missed the limo part of the story?

    Again, 35-5. You can’t overcome that.

    Let me say again, I Love the PR stunt. I think it is a good move not because it will help recruiting–I don’t think it will–but it helps public perception and lets people know Auburn is hard at work recruiting.

    That could be done without wasting the precious resource of time.

    I for one am glad Chizik is Auburn’s coach. With a guy who can’t manage a program at Auburn’s helm, things couldn’t be better for people in Athens, Tuscaloosa or Baton Rouge.

  34. 35

    errrr, Cappy…I never said the limo wouldn’t get attention. I said it wouldn’t make the same splash, i.e stories in every major newspaper and even ESPN, unless that many coaches participated. The question ain’t whether “you would have noticed”. The question is whether ESPN would have noticed. Funny, you’re the only person I’ve heard making this bureaucratic argument about “proper allocation of time” regarding limos and lined-up helmets.

    P.S. How long did it take Chizik to make sure the helmets got lined up? He issued the order and told everyone they would be skinned if they didn’t comply. Sorry, but I fail to see your point on that one.

  35. 36

    Nope. The splash is the limo. Send your coordinators out and you’ll get it written about in the papers and on ESPN.

    As for Chizik, nope, he wouldn’t let practice start until the helmets were lined up. What I read, said the practice wasted over 20 minutes on that.

    Chizik is not Patton. Sorry to disappoint. I had hoped he would be; however, this stunt shows he has no clue how to run a multimillion dollar organization. Good for everyone else in the SEC West. Bad for Auburn.

  36. 37

    BTW, one of your own bloggers in the Auburn family was worried a few weeks ago over the helmet story. I defended Chizik at the time because of his father’s history. It is hard not to learn a few Marine things when growing up the child of a Marine.

    However, because I’m the first person to put 2+2 together, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. That’s why you visit here..we provide perspective you can’t get elsewhere. 😉

  37. 38
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    I love the way you use the “One of your own” crap…….

    Thats like me saying “one of your own thinks that Bama will win the next 7 BCS championships in a row”…..So that means you all do, right ?

    Oh, well , never mind…….We cant use that analogy when it comes to turd football…..Because you all do think that.

  38. 39

    I’m just saying that because it isn’t like I’m the first one to raise the question about Chizik’s ability to manage a program.

  39. 40

    ok…I think we’ve effectively kicked the absolute, ever loving #@$! out of this freakin’ dead horse. My God, even EG is telling us to shut up already. Come on Cappy, give us another controversial topic to rant and rave about during this boring down time. When is the NCAA expected to issue its decision regarding the death penalty, errr sanctions, against the Tahd???

  40. 41

    This being the down time is one reason I really LIKE the limo. If you do anything this time of year, it is likely to get some attention.

    May is here. Probably before the 15th we’ll hear something about the NCAA.

  41. 42
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Good point julio. I can see why they wouldnt want to talk about how impending sanctions will affect Bama recruiting. Im sure it will make a “splash”.

  42. 43

    Julio, here is your line dipshit, if you were listening to your twin DelGreco’s show the other morning you would have heard the guy at ESPN laughing at how ridiculous the limo idea was, so unfortunately for you everybody at ESPN did not think this was brilliant, but like you said enough about this the proof will be in the pudding next Feb. and once again Saban will own Aub in recruiting the best talent regardless if they are from Alabama, so you go on back to praying the NCAA can do something to slow this runaway freight train called Bama that will be at your house for another embarassing beat down in Nov.

  43. 44

    Julia, quit acting like a little girl and man up. You are trying to defend a silly action by Auburn (you know, CHIZIK) and a lot of us (BAMA fans) have the opinion that the limo is a PR stunt by CHIZIK, and it has helped Auburn get attention. And most of us agree that it has worked to a large degree.

    But it is not a genius move by any means. That is my opinion. It is not that much unlike the moves Kiffin made. And face it, Auburn has to do SOMETHING to generate interest. I give them credit for a successful PR stunt. My point is that Saban sells the Bama program without the gimmicks. Will Auburn hire the Sham-Wow guy and make an infomercial next? I am sure you would be okay with that. But, MY OPINION is that Chizik is really being cheesy with the limo stunt. I am not upset, I don’t fell like Auburn one-upped Bama in anything, and this article is expressing an opinion that it is disadvantageous to have all of your coaches evaluating together. I would bet Saban is wondering if Auburn is taking their football seriously down there at the cow college. You seem to be a little sensitive to the subject, but you won’t be changing anyones opinions here. You can’t stand it because we are all laughing at Auburn. Grow a sack, man. Get used to it.

  44. 45

    Hey Dillweed from BFE,
    “If Auburn don’t do something soon we will no longer have a rivalry and it will go back to the pre-Pat Dye years where Auburn won one Iron Bowl per decade. I am really not a bit worried about Auburn and are more worried about much larger fish like the Florida, USCs, and other “national” programs”. Earth to redneck, earth to redneck, you arent a national caliber team…over. You cant beat the easy “spread” teams like…Utah…that Michigan nearly beat last year. Did you copy that? Over? You werent the SEC champs… 10-4?

    Houston we have a problem, a never stepped in a college classroom bammer redneck thinks that Alabama is on the national contention for anything. Houston, do they realized they have a “junior” quarterback who took 2 snaps last year and an offensive line without the 2 best lineman? Is that why they couldnt run the ball against a freaking WAC team?

    We need to pull out the smelling salts cause we got one crashing here.

  45. 46

    Real cocky talk “once again Saban will own Aub in recruiting the best talent regardless if they are from Alabama, so you go on back to praying the NCAA can do something to slow this runaway freight train called Bama that will be at your house for another embarassing beat down in Nov”. I’ve got one for you…

    How do you keep a Bammer redneck from beating off? You paint his RammerJammer orange and blue and he wont beat it for 6 years.

    Dont forget, I think I sacked Corky, sorry Brodie the retard in 2005. You arent gonna do well this year so get over yourself. Ole Miss and Florida will definitely stomp the Crimson tampon this year, count on it. You can have all the recruiting titles you want, but dont count on any titles on the field. Your little Nicky girl tyrant cant even back up the shards his big fat mouth blew out talking smack about Utah and got freaking pummeled by a WAC team. That was the best game of the year last year to see all the redneck faithful go home with their head down.

    You see, I dont hate the football team of Alabama, I hate the fans because for some reason they think that championships should just be entitled to them. I got news for you, there are other teams in the SEC pal who are better and I hope this year all you assholes lose every game and especially against TN and AU. I would love to hear the Roy Adams post game commentary.


  46. 47

    Cheesy? At least we dont have a cokehead on the fing team and a asshole migit coach. “Will Auburn hire the Sham-Wow guy and make an infomercial next? I am sure you would be okay with that. But, MY OPINION is that Chizik is really being cheesy with the limo stunt.”

    If you really got to know Nicky, he reminds me of the long lost, missing 8th dwarf “asshole” who Sleeping Beauty kicked out of the dwarf house. Who the hell would want to play football for him when you got Luper, Taylor, and Malzahn who are actually cool and you can talk to without getting yelled at and demoralized constantly.

    Just win 10 games and you have the entire redneck nation out in force. Damn, hello? It will really be fun watching Bama get beat this year. I hope Finescum is ready to that bald head to turn red when I-man and Bobby from Homewood call in. Just like the good ole days. Not really, those were just 1 and half years ago.

    Roll TIDE, Roll down the toilet into sewer at the gates of hell “Tuscaloosa”.

  47. 49

    Bamahate right back at you.It will be really sweet to see the cow shit team lose to Vandy and the rest.So keep wishing and wondering what could have been and really is because it is really going to be a long year for you and your cow shit buddies.War eagle up your azzz and all you cow shit fans.

  48. 50

    WOW!! All of this over that LIMO?? DAMN!
    What about that DRUNK BLONDE BIMBO who laid it on Saban when he arrived. SAban is a Good coach but Ill bet theres more than one Asst. Coach who will say hes NO MANAGER!.. I.E.. NFL!! And Pluto how about this for a waste
    JOE PA=300k a year
    Saban= 4mill a year

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