Nick Saban, Andre Smith & the Bengals

How much did Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban help Andre Smith’s draft status? Cincinnati Bengal coach Marvin Lewis addressed those questions at a press conference. (You can read the entire transcript here.)

Q: How much did Alabama head coach Nick Saban help with evaluating Andre?
MARVIN LEWIS: Nick has been very positive about him. I did not talk to Nick personally, but Paul (Alexander) did. Paul spent a lot of time there and with Joe Pendry, his line coach. These guys have been in his corner. Joe Pendry was a longtime NFL coach and a really tough man, as we know Nick is. So we feel real good about that and their recommendations on him, and that they believe these things were just signs of missteps, things that are very correctable.

Q: What did Nick Saban and (Alabama assistant head coach [offense]/offensive line coach) Joe Pendry say about Andre?
PAUL ALEXANDER (Assistant head coach/offensive line coach): Joe Pendry said he was a delight to coach. I’ve known Joe Pendry for a long time and I trust him a lot. Joe never sugarcoats anything. Joe is not one to lie. Joe just said the kid was great. I talked to a lot people from Alabama. Everyone said that all of these weird issues that came up after the combine were out of character. They say he’s been a great kid, work and everything. They recommend him without reservation.


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    I don’t know where to start with Andre Smith and the whole debacle that followed him with his HORRIBLE management of entering the NFL Draft early as a Junior in college. All I can do is congratulate him on at least going in the top 10 in the 1st RD. That’s still millions and I’m sure the Huffman “crew” will all have their hand’s out for a “free sucker” when he is sacking fools and protecting Carson Palmer. — Good luck Andre — and thanks for the work you did for Alabama — it didn’t go unnoticed even when you got suspended for the Sugar Bowl. — Give ’em hell — TY and good luck!

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    E.G White

    And on a negative note – All you Barners who are having orgasms over Maltz Liquor and his spread. You dreamers who’s insane administration fired the best coach you ever had and has revamped your whole system around the spread. You, and any other team who fits the description. All take note: Before you can recruit 4 years of spread athletes your offense will reside with the dinosaurs – specifically the wishbone and veer-T. Take notice today! The countrys’ 4 best spread qb’s – TT’s Harrell, Mizzou’s Daniel, Tulsa’s Johnson and Utah’s Johnson have failed to be picked up into the 6th round of the draft. It show’s the pro’s opinion of the spread. If the pro’s don’t want them, then the best qb’s will quit going to schools that run the spread. Look for the same thing to happen to OU’s Bradford next year, Heisman not withstanding! The only reason I expect Tebow to break the pattern and go in the early rounds is because he is a Xerox copy of Vince Young and if he can’t play qb he can be a rb or lb. People have been trying to tell you spreadnicks, but you refuse to listen. You’re sacrificing the future for the short run and quick results. Morons! RTR!

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    E.G White

    There you go! No spread qb’s drafted. Hell, in the pros eyes JPW was ranked above all of them but Harrell who was one position ahead of him. Kind of wierd how that worked out seeing as how Texas Tech’s coach wanted JPW but lost him to Shula. What’s that I hear in the distance? Ahhah! It’s music. It’s the funeral dirge for the spread offense! So sad! RTR!

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    E.G. Who gives two craps about pro football ? Your posts are so full of holes a blind man can pick you apart. First, how many years did it take Meyer to recruit for his spread before he won a Championship ? Answer…..TWO YEARS !!!!…Wow…… Really just a year and a half. So you would be wrong ….AGAIN !!!!!. If Bradford could have come out this year he would have went number one.

    Can you answer this………How many teams have played in the BCS champ game in the last 4 years that run a spread ? Look it up little buddy. Im sure you will come away disapointed.

    You know …..I cant or really dont really want to understsand you. In one sentence you say we are fools to run the spread. In the next you say we were fools to fire the guy that brought us the spread. Do you even pay attention to what you are saying ? Good grief man……Are you really a woman ?

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    E.G White

    It’s obvious from the random ranting of your post that you’re scared and confused BP. First, Tubbs brought in the spread from desperation not from love. Second, never in hell would or will Bradford go in the first round. Third, numnuts, referencing the past 4 national championships: 4 years ago neither Texas or USC was anything close to a spread. 3 years ago Florida could not have made it to the NC game much less won it without the ass saving running of 2nd string freshman Tebow, and his plays had nothing to do with the spread. Their starting qb and the spread just couldn’t get it without Tebows 3rd and 4th down runs and jump passes. And their opponent Ohio St. didn’t run the spread either. 2 years ago neither LSU nor Ohio St. ran the spread. Last year once again Florida would not have even made it out of the SECCG if it were not for Tim Tebow and his amazing running There’s no one like him and no spread will operate like Florida’s without someone like him. It simply ain’t normal. Now care to repeat all the bullshit yot just spouted about the spread, or you want to try to say something a little more intelligent. And finally, as for the pro’s you better f–ki-g care about them cause the top college qb’s with career aspiration’s sure as hell do! And if they’re gonna have trouble getting drafted because they’re a spread qb – then they won’t sign with a school that runs the spread. Or maybe you just don’t understand the extreme physical and technical differences between a spread qb and a pro style qb, and the extreme difficulty in adjusting from spread to pro style! The pro coaches and owners damn sure do, and they won’t pay $50,000,000 to nursemaid a f–ked up spread qb in the hopes that he can change! Next time you want to jump my ass Barner, you better do your homework! I always know what I’m talking about, whether you mentally challenged cow tippers and and gator humpers can understand it or not! RTR!

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    You dont know jack………I randomly pulled 4 years out of the air. but your spastic rant laden answer still doesnt answer my question….3 teams…….3 teams in four years have made it. 2 have won it. Tebow wasnt as big a foctor in 06 as you would like to think. ………Thats more than a flash in the pan….Thats nearly 50%…..As far as the pros go…..Watch and see where Bradford goes…….He would have easily been a first rrounder this year…..If you cant see that, then youve been huffing the starter fluid….He couldnt declare as a sophmore……If he would have he would have been in the top three if not number one…….Ask for a second opinion if you like…If Chase Daniel werent 4 feet tall he would have been in the first couple of rounds….Look at the recievers in the spread going in the draft..They are going like hotcakes.But do I say ” You better get out of the pro set if you want recievers”…….No, only a doosh would assume that…..

    The spread sure seemed to be effective against you guys in the Sugar Bowl…..A second rate Utah team wiped the dome with your asses….That is a fact.

    And no… dont know what the heck your talking about, ,,,ever.

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    E.G White

    Barner, the pros don’t care what kind of qb was throwing passes to a reciever. His job is to catch and block, period. A reciever is not better or worse for playing in either offense. But a qb damn sure is. I don’t think the pro set is much of a ball and chain for Bama. Our recievers are second to none, and now that Crabtree is in the pros, Julio Jones is THE best in the nation. As for the other CRAP you mentioned, anyone can see that you’re hopelessly desperate. You’re spining your wheels in an endless circle of irrelevant and inacurate information. I’m not even going to respond again after this post, because your arguments seem to be spawned out of a fit of dementia and they don’t merit the justification of debate. Need some Thorazine? However in passing I will say this: Out of the 8 teams in the past 4 MNC games only 3 used the spread and 2 of them were the same team – Florida – who got to the MNC game by the skin of their ass both times; and both times lost to a pro set team during the season – Auburn and Ole Miss respectively. Both times they made it on the talent and legs of Tebow – not the spread offense. What’s more, in ’06, USC was uncrowned, but the best team in the country as they just might have been last year too. Hasn’t LSWho been the Barners biggest pain in the ass over the last 10 years? Can’t you guys find somebody over there to pester. You’re worse than a swarm of gnats. Alabama Poly-tech my arse. It was originally East Alabama Male College – you know – a school for Gay farmers. LOL! RTR!

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Egghead……Luckily for you , I dont believe in being too disrespectful to senior citizens…..Gay farmer? There are none of those wxcept in your fantasy land. Surely you can do beter than that.

  9. 10
    E.G White

    My fantasy land? Maybe. But the real issue is: Who would even want to start an all male university with no COED’s allowed? And even more astounding is who the hell would want to GO there? Unless of course they were a little on the twisted side of what’s considered socially normal! You know – uh – Gay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, before you say it – it’s for men who were more serious about an education and didn’t want the female distraction around. How Victorian! Those must have been the same idiots that prohibited sex before athletic events and put married spouses in jail for having oral sex. Nowdays the Olympic trainers recomend sexual intercourse the night before competition. Olympic village is the world’s biggest orgy. But at East Alabama Male College – Unh unh! RTR!

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    First…… only prove how full of crap you are by saying ” Im not going to resopnd to you after this post” …….and then responding 3 hours later.

    Second……….So you aaare gay ?

    Third……….You are a dirty old man. Youve got sex on the brain so bad , I bet pubic hair grows on your head. Really, you do know that Viagra stuff will kill an old fart like you, right ?

  11. 12
    E.G White

    My petite 20 year old fiance’ and her petite 19 year old cousin live with me in menagé dé tóis bliss. Yup, ‘spose I am a dirty old man. But some things still work fine 35 times a week – without supplemental drugs. I’ll have to admit though, when they bring some of their girl friends over for the night ‘Cialis’ can be a man’s best friend! Ha, ha, ha! RTR!

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Where do I start ?

    First…….(deep breath) I have come to the conclusion that you , E.G. white are one of three things……..

    One…..You are the man that Dos Equis patterned their “Most intriquiing man in the world” commercials after. Youtube it, its awesome. Come on ,35 times a week……That is insane. I mean, you are insane.

    Though I doubt this to be the case. You contribute yourself to so many great accomplishments its simply unbelievable. You say you caught passes from Snake. Thats crap, I dont beleive you. You say you invented the ” crap paper and tide box on a stick”…..While I wouldnt put it past your intellegence level…Crap again. Now , thirty five times a week ?!! Not only that , but with an orgy of 19 and twenty year olds ? Again…..Pure crap.

    Second scenario………You are really about 15 years old and playing on daddy’s computer.

    Three…… ( And I beleive this to be the biggest possibility)…… You are really Shane. He is the only one capable of this much delusion.

    E.G. you need help.

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    E.G White

    Hell, I’m nobody special. Just because I refuse to live the stereotypical mundane life, am I that hard to believe? I could show you my photo on the football team in the 1963 Foley yearbook, but I’m not interested in broadcasting my identity on the internet. You could research the archives of the Times-Picayune and find the artical and photo of me and my ‘Roll Tide Roll’. And if you really want to know, then post your e-mail address and I’ll shoot you some photos of my ‘babies’ right now. – Ok, so it’s not 35 times a week every week, I’m out of town on business a lot. So shoot me! Dude I’ve been single for 25 years and I don’t believe in living my life in the ‘burbs with my high school sweetheart, 4 kids, a Golden Retriever, a six pack of Bud and a BBQ grill. I’m not a Bud kind of guy. You can find ME somewhere in the ‘Corona’ comercial – cerveza is better than beer! You can’t take it with you and what you leave behind won’t do you any good. When I go my epitaph will say, ‘He Came and Went at the same time!’ LOL! RTR!

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Nothing personal…..But hell would freeze over before you get my address….Unless your Cap….Then you already have it. In this day and age , being anonymous is the way to go. I have enough issues in my life without adding a stalker.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    And Dos Equis and Corona are about the same. Maybe you are “The Most Intriquing Man in the World”……..Nah.

    Your not.

  16. 19
    E.G White

    YouTube it? Naw man. That ain’t me. I’m a very private person. In fact this is the first time in my life I’ve ever repeated this much about myself all at one time. Hell, there’s a lot more and a lot that might be a lot more astounding than what I’ve recounted on here. I guess it’s the invisibility of the internet that makes me still feel private.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Dude……..Go TO youtube….Dont youtube yourself……..Google “youtube dos equise most interesting man in the world” then Watch the clip, and get back with me. I think you will like it.

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