Ranking the top coaches

Tom Dienhart of Rivals.com produced a ranking of the top college football coaches. The SEC placed two coaches in the top 3 with Florida coach Urban Meyer ranked number one and Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban ranked number three.

Here is what Dienhart says about Nick Saban: “First, he made LSU a national power. Now, Saban has Alabama poised to be the nation’s top program.”

Other notables on the list, Mark Richt at number 10, and Steve Spurrier at number 21. For those rivals who read the site, Auburn’s Gene Chizik and Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin didn’t make the list.

For those schools, Tennessee likely has improved its situation because Phil Fulmer had lost his game and looked fatigued. Auburn likely worsened its situation as Chizik’s skills are nowhere near as good as Tuberville’s; however, Chizik does bring more intensity than Tuberville had over the last few seasons.
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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Blatent homerism on the poll. Anyone who would put Petrino, Brooks , Nutt and Mullen ahead of Maark Richt is clearly smoking crack cocaine. Nutt is doing well with Orgerons recruits. He is a decent coach but come on……….Brooks, who knows . We will never know until he goes to a real school. Petrino is also a huge question mark. Hes never run an SEC program. Mullen ? WHAT ! Whats he done ?

    Ive got no problem NONE with CHezik not being on the list. He hasnt done anything yet either.

    I would agree with Meyer at #1 . I would assume that Carroll is #2. And Nick is probably where he should be at #3.

    Les is a little low. After all the man just brought home a crystal football at LSU. Even if it was with some of Sabans boys. But lets not pretend that he isnt replenishing that talent every year. He has done exactly that.

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    E.G White

    Trying not to be predjudice I’ll say for their acomplishments Urban and Carroll probably deserve to be 1 – 2. However, being the state schools in the 2 most talent rich states in the country, even I could coach either one of them to 10 wins a season, so their records don’t really prove their abilities. CNS has to recruit ten times as hard as Urban just to stay even. The next 2 or 3 years will determine which of the 3 is truely the best. RTR!

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    How could you all overlook
    “Tha Chiz” Come on! Its Gene (did I spell that right?) Chizik.
    he was Auburn’s first choice for a leader to restore Auburn to state and national Dominance.
    Chizik.. the man….the myth… the legend.

  4. 6

    EG, you have apparently forgotten that USC posted around a .500 winning percentage for 6 years before Carroll got there, and how could any of us forget how quickly the “Zooker” turned Florida from powerhouse to punchline. Don’t discount for one second the job those guys have done. Facilities and tradition are only part of the equation. Consistent winning takes coaching. If you don’t believe that, take a gander at Shula and Dubose.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Theyve learned no humility from their time in the wilderness julio. They act like theyve been on top of the world all along. These guys have the shortest memory span of any fanbase.

  6. 8

    The next two years are really going to be special at BAMA. The kids CNS has signed will be sensational and and this program will be one of the best in nation.If you can not see that then in my book you know nothing about college football and need to really study something you know about.Being said that i will have another cup of koolaid. PEACE OUT AND ROLLLL TIDEEEE,,,,,,,,,,,

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    No Ballplay, most Bama fans realize that things have been down, but it was just a matter of time before things got back to where we wanted them too. That is what drive you Auburn people so crazy. My Auburn buddy even said “what else does Auburn have to do to make you realize Bama will never be the team they were when Bear was there?” and he was serious. Auburn didn’t put Bama away, Bama did it to themselves. No excuses, they were lost. But all of us Bama fans that have seen it and know the history have all the faith in the world that Bama is a good football school, and the people in charge will do what it takes to get there. When you have the fanbase and demand plus the money, you can go far at a good football school. It just took Bama a little while to get back on track, and a little luck in getting a coach like Saban. But you do see all of that faith has paid off, and the fans do appreciate it. An Auburn fan wouldn’t understand anyways, because you guys have rarely ever had all the right pieces in place, and when you do, you seem to blow it more often than not. ROLL TIDE!

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    E.G White

    Julio, I almost agree with you, except that Florida wasn’t exactly in the wilderness with Zookie. They just couldn’t stomach the 8 win seasons after Spurrious left. And USC simply did not take advantage of the talent available on the West Coast. They were in a 25 year slump after McKay left, that any decent recruiter could have pulled them out of. Still, I’m not taking anything away from CUM or Carroll. And to their credit, I’m not yet saying that CNS is better. He does seem to have a problem motivating against vastly inferior teams. Evidence: Lousianna-Monroe, Tulane, Kentucky, and even a good team now and then like LSU and Utah. The books still out on the Sabanator. RTR!

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