Alabama A-Day Notes

You want to know what happened at Alabama’s A-Day? Well everything you want to know about the Alabama Crimson Tide is in these notes sent out by UA’s Media Relations; you’ll find A-Day attendance, award winners and more. Enjoy.

The Crimson Team defeated the White Team, 14-7, in the 2009 Golden Flake A-Day Game before a crowd of 84,050 at Bryant-Denny Stadium and an ESPN national television audience. Two Greg McElroy touchdown passes led the Crimson Team to the win, a 52-yard connection to Julio Jones with 9:00 left in the first quarter and a 10-yard pass to Mike McCoy with 4:30 left in the second quarter. Ivan Matchett’s 5-yard run with 14:11 left in the fourth quarter was the White Team’s only score of the day. McElroy ended the day sharing the Dixie Howell Memorial Most Valuable Player Award with Marquis Maze. McElroy completed 16 of 30 passes for 189 yards with two interceptions and two touchdowns. Maze had a game-high 5 catches for 87 yards including a longest catch of 38 yards. Maze also led all rushers with 47 yards on 2 carries on reverses. Dareus had 4 tackles and 1 quarterback sack to earn the Dwight Stephenson Lineman of the Game Award. Rolando McClain led all tacklers with 6 tackles including 1 sack.

The following Alabama football players were honored for the performance throughout Spring Football Practice with the following awards bestowed by the Crimson Tide coaching staff:

Lee Roy Jordan Headhunter Award – Terrence Cody & Don’t’a Hightower
Jerry Duncan “I Like to Practice” Award – Barrett Jones & Tyrone King
Billy Neighbors Defensive Lineman Award – Brandon Deaderick
Paul Crane Offensive Lineman Award – Drew Davis
Bobby Johns Defensive Back Award – Justin Woodall
Johnny Musso Offensive Back Award – Terry Grant
Ray Perkins Receiver Award – Julio Jones
Woodrow Lowe Linebacker Award – Cory Reamer
Derrick Thomas Community Service Award – Baron Huber & Ali Sharrief
Bear Bryant Outstanding Non-Scholarship Award – Thomas Darrah & Brian Selman
Ozzie Newsome Most Improved Freshman Award – Robbie Green & William Vlachos
Bart Starr Most Improved Player Award – James Carpenter & Lorenzo Washington
Mal Moore Leadership Award – Mike Johnson & Rolando McClain
Sylvester Croom Commitment to Excellence Award – Javier Arenas & Greg McElroy
Dwight Stephenson Lineman of the A-Day Game Award – Marcell Dareus
Dixie Howell Memorial Most Valuable Player of the A-Day Game Award – Marquis Maze & Greg McElroy

Three players were recognized today for their outings in the A-Day Game. Sophomore defensive lineman Marcell Dareus was voted by the media the winner of the Dwight Stephenson Most Valuable Lineman of the A-Day Game Award. Dareus was credited with 4 tackles, including one quarterback sack. Sophomore receiver Marquis Maze and junior quarterback Greg McElroy shared the Dixie Howell Memorial Award as Most Valuable Players of the A-Day Game. Maze finished the day with 134 all-purpose yards, gaining 87 yards on five receptions while rushing for 47 yards on two carries. McElroy completed 16 of 30 passes for 189 yards with two interceptions and two touchdowns.

Forecasts of rainy weather and national television by ESPN didn’t deter a strong contingent of Crimson Tide fans from attending today’s A-Day game as a crowd estimated at 84,050 was in attendance at Bryant-Denny Stadium. That’s the second-highest A-Day Game mark in school history, and the second-largest crowd to witness a spring game at any Southeastern Conference school behind the 92,138+ who witnessed A-Day proceedings in 2007. The 2008 A-Day Game drew 78,200, the third-largest crowd to witness a spring game at any Southeastern Conference school.

*The 2007 A-Day Game drew in excess of 92,138 fans, with fans being turned away at the gate. The attendance mark of over 92,138 fans was well over the previous best for a Southeastern Conference Spring Day game, believed to be Tennessee’s 73,000 in 1986. It also nearly doubled 2007’s second-best attendance mark of 47,500 set by Florida.

*The Tide’s last three A-Day attendance marks have bettered the previous Bryant-Denny Stadium A-Day record of 46,700 set in 1994. Prior to the last three A-Day crowds, the previous Alabama A-Day record was 51,117 set April 9, 1988, in Birmingham’s Legion Field. Attendance figures for past A-Day Games are listed at the end of this notes package.

The University of Alabama football team and head coach Nick Saban wrapped up spring practice today with the 2009 Golden Flake A-Day Game at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Alabama opened spring practice on Friday, March 13, and held 14 practices through Thursday, April 16, leading up to today’s A-Day game. The Crimson Tide also held two scrimmages here in Bryant-Denny Stadium this spring (April 1 and April 10) in preparation for today’s game.

The annual Walk of Fame ceremony took place Saturday at 12:15 p.m. at Denny Chimes. The 2008 permanent team captains – center Antoine Caldwell, safety Rashad Johnson and quarterback John Parker Wilson – had their hand prints and foot prints placed in cement at the base of Denny Chimes.

The format for today’s game was much like a normal game, with a few minor variations primarily regarding the game clock. The game consisted of four 15-minute quarters with a running clock. The clock stopped only following scoring plays, penalties, and changes of possession. Regular clock rules were used during the final minutes of the second quarter and the fourth quarter.

Representatives of Liberty Mutual Insurance attended today’s A-Day Game to present Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban with the 2008 Football Bowl Subdivision Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Award. He guided the Crimson Tide to a 12-2 record, the 2008 SEC Western Division Championship and a trip to the Allstate Sugar Bowl. In leading the Tide to 12 wins last season, Saban set the school record for highest increase in wins from year one to year two by an Alabama coach. Coach Saban received a check for $50,000 from Liberty Mutual Insurance to support his favorite charity – Nick’s Kids – and $20,000 in scholarship funding for the University’s alumni association. Saban will also be recognized in the permanent Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year display at the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Ind.

The First Annual A-Club 7-on-7 Classic was held prior to A-Day on Saturday at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Gates opened at 11 a.m. and players were introduced at 11:30 a.m. The A-Club 7-on-7 Classic flag football game featured Crimson Tide lettermen in both a playing and coaching capacity. Former Tide greats in attendance included Antonio Langham, Bob Baumhower (coaching), John Copeland, Major Ogilvie (coaching), Barry Krauss, Derrick Oden, Tyrone Prothro and Le’Ron McClain (coaching).

Alabama’s all-time A-Day attendance figures since the stadium was expanded to 60,000 fans in 1966.

Year Attendance
2009 84,050
2008 78,200
2007 92,138
2006 40,000
2005 25,000
2004 35,000
2003 34,000
2002 37,000
2001 35,000
2000 25,355
1999 32,500
1998 8,968
1997 30,212
1996 No Game
1995 37,323
1994 46,700
1993 30,000
1992 35,016
1991 No Game
1990 16,500
1989 16,500
1988 51,117
1987 32,000
1986 20,435
1985 28,000
1984 16,000
1983 16,000
1982 N/A
1981 N/A
1980 8,000
1979 7,500
1978 N/A
1977 7,000
1976 N/A
1975 N/A
1974 N/A
1973 5,000
1972 20,000
1971 15,000
1970 17,000
1969 17,000
1968 12,000
1967 17,000
1966 15,000


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  1. 3

    Tennessee spring game was amazing! That coaching staff will be something else. Give them two years and we should be seeing yall bamers twice a year! Go Vols!

  2. 5

    The Birmingham News reported that quote —

    “…to put on a show at Auburn’s A-Day Game in front of 45,381 fans. How about…”

    From seeing the aerials provided by the dirty windshield of CSS and by a friend of mine calling me who was actually at the Kow KolLeGe stadium — he swore up and down that there was no more than 30K there —

    I’m convinced that these numbers came from Auburn’s Athletic Department. This is their attempt to at least try to make half of what showed up at Bryant-Denny (84,050 <bham. news) so the “embarassment” factor wouldn’t set it too much and from a PR standpoint — portray to the public that there is somewhat “interest” in the football program.

    Let it be known that A-Day has become no more than a pissing contest between the rivals — and that’s fine with me.

    CB81 — true to the cause.

  3. 6

    The same schmuck that counts at Legion Field must had gone down and worked the Auburn game.
    $5 for 90 minutes of pinball scoring. Let’s see now – one point for blocking – one point for tackling – three points for not scratching your balls in front of Cheezit –

  4. 7
    E.G White

    I felt like there were more than 84000. The only empty seats were in the upper deck on the north side and the upper deck of the west end zone, and there weren’t many. With the seats as full as they were going to get at any one time there were several thousand penple below at concessions and rest rooms. I estimated 87000. In any case, unless Ohio St. pulls off a miracle next Saturday, Bama’s gonna have their second National Championship for Spring game attendance. And all without tv and radio advertisement or the promotions and gimmicks everyone else is using to try and beat us. Rich Rod begged Michigan fans to come out and beat Bama. The results – 57000. The same at Nebraska. The result 77000. At Georgia and Florida 50000 or less. Tennessee with all their hype and expensive coaches, not even close. Compare that to CNS’s first year UcheaT! And people complain because we’re so proud and arrogant. They aren’t capable of understanding nor do the have the right to rebuke us. They will never know the feeling of what it’s like to be in the Bama nation! RTR!

  5. 8
    E.G White

    What the hell kind of scoring system do they use at the Kow Kollege? The players must each get a point just for showing up! Maybe they use the same system as Nebraska where the score was something like 70-45? What the hell do you expect when they play the 1st team offense against the defensive scrubs! All these people are doing is putting on a show! For what purpose? To try and outdo the Bama Nation? They aren’t learning anything productive or useful about their teams or athletes! What a joke! RTR!

  6. 9
    E.G White

    I’m now predicting a national championship for Bama. IMO the only question was the OL. Can they protect McElroy and give him time to throw. After playing against the best ‘D’ in the nation, the answer is a resounding YES! And this they did without Fluker. As for the running game – once again without Fluker who will be at one tackle position or the other in Sept. and also without Ingram, Upchurch, Richardson and Lacy – it will certainly be there. There’s also another 5* ‘O’ lineman from the 07 class at Hoover coming in from prep school, but I can’t remember his name. And even if we can’t run as good as last year right off the bat – it won’t matter too much as long as they protect McElroy. I predict that Mac will have the most productive 2 years in the history of Bama football. Nobody, not Colt McCoy or Bradford or Tebow throws better. And nobody has recievers better than Jones, Peek, Maze and co. Hell, if by some twist of bad luck we can’t run the ball effectively (ha, ha fat chance), then we have the skill players to run the spread. In fact you saw some spread formations Saturday. We have an amazing recruiting class coming in this summer. And if you don’t think freshmen can contribute significantly, you only need look at our three All Americans Julio Jones, Terrence Cody and D’onta Hightower along with Marquis Maze and others. Who will be this years freshman AA’s – Trent Richardsen, D.J. Fluker. Dre’ Kirpatrick, Tana Patrick, Nico Johnson (who ran down Bryce Brown from behind 3 times during the Army All American Bowl), or some of the 4*’s? Folk’s, this Bama team is loaded for bear! Forgive the pun. RTR!

  7. 10

    Ok, I have jokingly wondered aloud before whether EG was really an AU fan posing as the ultimate sterotypical bammer, but now I’m convinced it’s actually true.

  8. 11

    His name says it all. Im sure hes someone whos blogged on here or Shane!
    But seriously uat game is Free hell that counts for 30% of the folks there hell they bus the kids in and the Ol folks Home in and whoever else you guys can stack on a bus(at least thats what last year looked like from my vantage point..50 Yd line) and AU well they charge 5 bucks…. just a little difference ya think?

  9. 12

    Whatever loyalties you guys may have, you have to be impressed with the fan support at Bama that has surged since the arrival of Saban. Bama has started this trend for spring ball when we filled the stadium Sabans first year. It wasn’t promoted and it wasn’t expected. Now everyone wants to hype up their spring game, and Bama has been the measuring stick for everyone. But unless the team is playing an exhibition game or something, I don’t think they should charge anyone for a practice game. Omni, I don’t believe the $5 charge was the reason that Auburn can’t fill the stadium. As always, you have an excuse for why Auburn can’t match Bama. I was there, and I wasn’t bussed in from anywhere. But there is an idea you should pitch to Auburn though. They could use the help.

  10. 13

    Brando I don’t believe the $5 charge made that big of a difference at AU because of AU’s type of fan base. Any AU fan who would consider attending would still attend regardless of a $5 cover. Now the Bama A-Day game is a much different story, because the fan base is entirely different. Every $8 an hour making redneck within a 100 mile radius will load up the family and come to Tuscaloosa to watch the “tide” play a “free game”. They’ll save up for a month to buy the gas and load the cooler with baloney sandwiches and Pabst Blue Ribbon and come “tailgate”. You charge $5 a head for that, and you’ll see that attendance number drop like a rock. It would still be an impressive figure, but it ain’t gonna be over 55K to 60K. If you doubt this in the slightest, look no further than the paltry amount of money raised for the tornado victims at the game 2 yrs ago when 92K attended and there was no charge for admission. A whopping $30 grand… 31 cents a piece. You think those same people would have shelled out $25 to get the family in the game?

  11. 14

    That tornado relief fiasco wasn’t lack of generosity on the part of the fans–the tornado relief thing was a disaster because there weren’t enough donation points and the donation points were not easily found by those wanting to donate.

    As for the financial situation of the average Alabama vs. the average Auburn fan, while Alabama’s fans encompass a broader demographic, I find it doubtful those who make enormous donations to buy season tickets would give a damn about five bucks.

  12. 15

    Yeah cappy, that was certainly the “company line” about the donation points being difficult to locate, wasn’t it? I’m sure all bammers would have expressed their immediate and full understanding had the same story been told in Auburn.

    Regarding the attendance figures, we’re not talking about the season ticket holders. The season ticket holders that would come to A-day would be there if the admission was $100. The fans who raise the attendance from from 55K to 85K are the 30K $8 an hour making rednecks I was talking about. You charge $5 a head for admission and they’re gone.

  13. 16

    Most of those “rednecks” don’t attend in the Fall. What makes you think they attend in the spring? It sounds good, but

    As for it being the company line, I didn’t know it was a problem until the moron running the fundraising was on Finebaum and admitted to not having enough people there to cover the donation points. The guy was clueless–and gave credence to the stories that people told about not being able to find donation points.

  14. 17

    Thats okay Julio, we all know you don’t like it and you want to explain it away with your pro-Auburn slant on everything. There is more fan support at Bama than there is at Auburn. That has always been the case. I am sure there are “rednecks” in both fan bases, but pound-for-pound, Auburn beats Bama in that category hands down. You spinning everything really makes your jealousy and Bama hate stick out more than anything else. What would you Auburn guys ever do if you didn’t hate Bama so much?

  15. 18

    brandy, did you seriously just say that there are more rednecks in Auburn’s fanbase than there are in Bama’s fanbase? Be careful in your response there, brandy, because you will lose every last ounce of credibility you have (and an ounce is about all you’ve got) with your answer on this one. Even as Cappy so eloquently stated, “Alabama’s fans encompass a broader demographic” than Auburn’s. If you can’t even admit the obvious truth on this one, there truly is no hope for you.

  16. 19
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    E.G. is off his meds again………..

    He is truly out of his friggin mind.

  17. 20
    E.G White

    All you Kow Kollege dipshits know what I think of you so I don’t even feel like arguing with you. Truth is Alabama is full of rednecks and since there are 3 times as many fans in the Bama Nation as there are fans in the Auburn family – then it stands to reason we have more redneck fans than Auburn. Happy? We also have a hell of a lot more uptown fans than Auburn, considering that we produce doctors, lawyers and engineers and Auburn produces veterinarians, construction workers and farmers. Ha, ha! As for my statements about the football team – you morons will find out the hard way when we hoist the crystal football in January! RTR!

  18. 22

    HOld on what I meant was that uat Bussed in every lil youth camp and the churches and people piling up and yes BB you guys have a HUGH FANBASE… kewl But thats what i meant by what i said, free lets ANYONE and EVeryOne thats all no disrespect I WAS THERE 😉 I told ya MY BOY is a Bammer!!

  19. 23
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Ill take a farmer over a dam lawyer any day of the week.

    And you are still a raging lunatic.

  20. 24

    Julio, what I said was BOTH schools have them, but pound-for-pound Auburn has more, just because of the nature of the school. You know, Cow College and all that. And you still have zero credibility on this board, and I am not really worried about it if you don’t want to believe facts over myths. It just seems like you Auburn dim-wits here just can’t handle the truth.

    Auburn still can’t fill their stadium the way Bama does. Keep trying and you may eventually convince yourself that it can’t be true also. Like Bama really hasn’t won NCs and all that garbage about how 2004 Auburn accomplished the same thing as 1992 Bama. How was it that you twisted that around? Kind of like you are doing here about this subject.
    Julio=the King of the Auburn spin machine. But hey, at least you are good at something.

  21. 25
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Brando…….There si no waaaay you can be serious.

    I wont debate this because it will go nowhere.

    I will suggest this. Lets go to a neutral site, If any of you are subscribed to rivals, we can go there. Post a thread asking NON Auburn or Bama fans who has the biggest ond most abundant rednecks. You will be sorely disaapointed my crimson necked buddy. You will also get the crown for most arrogant and most delusional as well. The only scholl worse than Bama is LSU.

  22. 26

    Ok Brandii. We’ll go over once more how Auburn accomplished everything on the field in 04 that Bama did in 92. See, the only thing a team can do is go undefeated with an SEC schedule. If they do that, it’s up to forces beyond their control to determine whether or not they can play for the NC, and that involves luck. A team might get really lucky and play for the NC despite 2 losses (LSU in 07). A team might get really lucky and play with one loss because Boise State beat Hawaii in the last week of the regular season (Saban 03). Or, a team might be really unlucky and get screwed because for the 1st time in history the pre-season #1 and #2 teams stayed undefeated throughout the season. I tell ya what: Why don’t you let Tony Barnhart explain it to you. Here’s a little blurb from his article in the AJC today:

    “What about the national championships won by Florida and LSU while Georgia fans are still waiting for their first since 1980? Okay, that’s fair. But consider this: Winning a national championship is a function of being good but, in the BCS system, it is also a function of luck. Auburn wasn’t lucky in 2004 despite being undefeated. Southern Cal and Oklahoma started the season ranked 1-2 and both went undefeated. They finished ahead of Auburn and the Tigers didn’t get the chance to play for the title.”

    I guess Barnhart is “barner idiot”, too, huh Brandii?

  23. 27
    E.G White

    Ballplay you are wrong! True, that might happen at another site in the SEC because all of you hate us for 100 years of beatdowns. But around the country it’s not true. I visit other sites all the time, such as Penn St., Michigan, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, Notre Dame and Sou. Cal. The fans there respect us and are always hoping it works out to play us because they remember the great games of the Bryant era. Yes there is an occasional dipshit, but most of them don’t even know that Auburn is in the State of Alabama and don’t care either! RTR!

  24. 29

    Julio, as usual you still haven’t answered the question of how much money Aub raised for the tornado victims.

    Let’s go over this one more time for you on your undefeated 04 season. Aub would not have been ranked behind Southern Cal and would have gotten to play for an NC if they hadn’t got their ass handed to them the year before by USC. You know just the facts, nothing to do in this case of external forces, that is just your typical Aub spin. You know it, I know it and everybody on here knows it. now quit whining wus. Sit back and shut up and Bama will show you turds how to win one since yall obviuosly don’t know how.

  25. 30
    E.G White

    Yeah and that’s the difference in the two seasons. Bama finished and annhialated the incumbant national champs and ended their 10 year dynasty never to return again. Whereas Auburn wasn’t able too. Not because of predjudice, but because that USC team had stomped a mudhole in them the year before. Nobody but the Barners thought they could beat either USC or Oklahoma. Course nobody thought Bama could beat Miami either. The difference was Bama hadn’t been stomped by Miami the previous year either. Auburn lost their credibility – fair or not! You can quote stats till you’re blue in the face, but Bama ended an incredible 10 year dynasty by Miami in demoralizing fashion. On that night in New Orleans, they were one of the 3 or 4 best teams in history. Not Auburn, nor SC, nor Oklahoma, nor any combination of the 3 could have beaten Bama. The rundown and takeaway of the nations fastest player only proved the superhuman effort of the Alabama team that night! So lets just leave it at that. RTR!

  26. 31

    Ballplay, sure, ask a random message board on the internet. They may say Bama, some may say Mississippi, some may even say West VIrginia. No one will hardly say Auburn, because most people don’t even know where Auburn is, and Auburn is not really the first team anyone thinks of when you mention college football.

    But from my experience in the REAL WORLD, all the ‘redneck’ type fans typically go Auburn. When I was in school, every redneck there took the Agribusiness course. They were in the FFA. They wore overalls and cowboy boots. They dipped snuff. And the majority of them were Auburn fans, including the teacher. That is the perception that I have, in the REAL WORLD.

    Julio. I don’t know what to say man. You see your pigeon holed stats and Barn Math and it all looks good to you. But all Auburn has been since Pat Dye is a middle of the pack team in the SEC on average. Ask any other fan from the SEC. Bama has been in more SECCGs than Auburn has since it started. Auburn won one time since then. Bama has won twice. But Bama hasn’t done much better overall. Auburn has hardly dominated the SEC in that time frame. A few good years doesn’t make you an all-time great program. Call it luck, or whatever. That is an easy excuse to have when you can’t win a NC. But Auburn did not play for one in 2004. Not the same. Bama has been left out before after going undefeated also, and we don’t claim that as the same thing as winning one.

    Don’t it piss you off when Bama gets going, it seems like they get the attention of the whole nation? You know “Bama is Back” and all that that you like to make fun of? I wonder why when Bama wins a big game, it echos from coast in the football world? Why can’t Auburn command that kind of respect? Because nationally, people know who you are talking about when you say Bama, because Roll Tide is synonymous with college football in the south. Go ahead and ask a bunch of random people on the internet. Auburn is more like Rutgers or some team like that. Most people don’t even know where it is.

    But you go ahead and root for Auburn. I sure as hell not trying to convince you to be a Bama fan. But if it were not for Bama hatered, what would you Auburn people do? Be content with just being an average team? Ya’ll sure don’t support the program like Bama fans do. Bama football completely overshadows Auburn football in this state, and if you are not used to it by now, then there is no hope for you.

    But give us ‘Bammers’ some insight on why you think Auburn is so great. 5 SEC titles in 20 years? Give me a break. Half the SEC has done similar things. Hell, Vandy has a winning record on you guys. GT does too, and they haven’t been in the SEC for 30 years.

  27. 32
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Lets agree that we both probably think that our schools football programs are higher up than they should be.(NOW). And, that we see things through tinted glasses . But Brandi. Say what you will, I know that Auburn is an Ag school. Im proud of that. Take out the lawyers in this country, and it will improve. Take out the farmers we all starve to death. HMMMMMMMMM ……Which is more important ? I wonder. before you go with the doctor angle, that is UAB….Not Tuscaloosa.

    Gettin to the average fanbase reneck meter, Auburn can , and never will hang with you. Yall have the market coverd on WWF wrasslin watchin grannies with “Got 12 ” t-shirts on. The sheer number of toothless inbreds are staggering. Say what you will about not knowing where Auburn is. Ask a out of stater to point to where Tuscaloosa is on the map, and Id dare say they would have a clue. Your name is the giveaway. Alabama.

  28. 33

    Well, Ballplay, Auburn fans calling Bama fans rednecks is kinda like the pot calling the kettle black isn’t it? This is a stupid argument. Both schools have them in abundance. I wasn’t slamming farmers, just that the country school I went too, all the Auburn fans were the stereotypical redneck variety. Not that there is anything wrong with that or anything. But I don’t think Auburn fans in general are a bunch of dumbass rednecks, but neither are Bama fans, which is what you were implying. But OMNI, now, that cat is a shore-nuff redneck. I can see his face getting mad right now. But really, this is a very stupid argument to make. Who cares? Bama has more fan support, rednecks and all. They travel better than Auburn, and have a better national image for football than Auburn, spend more money than Auburn. (Except on toilet paper. Now that is a classy tradition that doesn’t seem redneck AT ALL). But hey, ROLL TIDE to you guys anyways. Thanks for playing.

  29. 34
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    We have the toilet paper…….You have the box of tide and crap paper on a stick. Its a wash.

  30. 35

    Ballplay, I hope yall get to use some of that this year, the butt wipe paper is really starting to back up in Aub.

    I see dipshit Julio is not answering my question as usual, and he knows I slapped him down about USC whipping Aubs ass in 03 and then crying about being left out of the big dance in 04, sorry you know just facts.

  31. 36

    Yeah Bamaman, you would think after 2004 Auburn would learn their lesson. Why is Auburn backing out of the UCLA game in the GA Dome? Bad move, Jay Jacobs. If you want to play big-boy football and be considered for anything, you jump on those type of opportunities. That is why VA Tech has more credibility than Auburn. They will go out of their way to play the big boys, and Auburn is starting to get the reputation of being too scared to play with the big boys. Auburn will regret this decision. Chiziks second year could end up being pretty good. A win against UCLA early could do wonders for Auburn nationally.

    And Ballplay: great comeback dude. I could say that since you are from Alabama, you must be a redneck also. Your argument is a stupid now as it was from the beginning. You say the difference between Bama and Auburn fans is Auburn does not make excuses, yet they do. You Auburn people have an excuse for every thing great that Bama has done, to try and level things so Auburn can get close to what Bama has done. One excuse after another. Don’t even think about disputing this, I will go back and pull up your own words to prove my point. If anything, ya’ll are a bunch of myth believing hypocrites.

  32. 37
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    We as a whole do not. I definatey do not make excuses for losing. Please research it all you want. You will NOT find were I have excused losses away or deflected blame onto anyone (NCAA,Tennessee,evil conspiricy against the might team I pull for etc.) except for the coaching staff and the BOT.

    Please show me where Ive done that.

    As far as what Bama has done .When you research it , you will see PLENTY of comments about a storied and rich tradition. And also plenty of comments were Ive predicted a bright future for your team. It took me until last year to fully come to grips with Saban turning it around for you all, but the evidence is too great to believe otherwise.

    I do however refuse to give credence to the “12” championships. Heck, most people dont. Either way, if you take away 4 championships you still have 8. thats still a great tradition. I just beleive in calling it like I see it.

  33. 38
    E.G White

    Look if a championship is awarded by those who at the time are accepted authorities operating within the boundries of the accepted rules of the time, then nobody in 2009 has a right to deny the awards given in 1927 based on the standards of 2009. You just don’t have that right. Don’t care if you like it or not. Football back then was an imprecise sport. There were no balanced schedules. You were lucky sometimes to have a full schedule, and the quality of opponents ran the gammut. Universities played High Schools, Prep Schools, Junior Colleges and Military Bases to fill out their schedules. And many times they lost to these ambiguous schools too. It was virtually impossible to determine a true national champ. A team couldn’t ride a train for a week from Florida to Washington to play a football game! But Alabama was lucky enough to have numerous recognized powers on their schedule which was unusual at that time. Teams such as Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, Georgia, Auburn and at that time even Chattanooga and Wofford. So if Bama lost 2 or even 3 games they were considered superior to a team who went undefeated against only 2 or 3 good teams and 6 or 7 prep schools and military bases. Now there were 6 or 7 publications that awarded national championships and they were extremely regionally polarized. Bama didn’t hardly always get the unanimous vote. So there are other teams out there claiming championships awarded by one or more of those ambiguous and highly predjudiced sources at the same time as Bama. I don’t hear anybody denying their claims. The West coast thought nobody played football but them. The same in what is now the Big 10. Even the Ivy league looked down on everybody. Hell, I think Yale claims something like 35 national championships! Nobody played intersectional games. Transportation was prohibitively slow and the costs were too high for the income produced at that time. Alabama once again changed the football world when they agreed to play a national championship game in the Rose Bowl. However it didn’t work out quite the way it was planned as Bama pounded hell out of the pride of the West Coast teams and continued to do so for many years until they couldn’t stand it anymore and closed the Rose Bowl to Southern teams. That began the Pac 10 – Big 10 tie up. Neither one of them wanted anymore of Bama and also Tennessee at that time. Ok the point is Bama proved by starting intersectional play and pounding the best of the West that Southern football was superior. So when some recognized publication gave a 7-3 Bama team a national championship instead of giving it to a 10-0 or 9-1 Nebraska, or Stanford, or Purdue or Cornell – well, they knew what they were doing. You just have to trust em. And you can’t change history based on todays standards. Anyway, it’s still happens today! Who’s really the most beautiful girl in the country? Miss America? Miss USA? Miss Teen America? Which contest is more legitimate? Which one is bogus? How you gonna choose? It’s rediculous! They’re all legit because that’s the way it is. And Bama has 12 national championships because that’s the way it was! RTR!

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