Shane: Alabama football is back on top

By Shane from Centerpoint
Like a huge tidal wave that rises from the flat ocean surface after an earthquake explodes underneath, University of Alabama football is quickly rolling forward while establishing itself as one of the top-three college football programs in the nation. Nick Saban (the Tide’s earthquake) appears to be as relentless as his reputation indicates in his quest to return Alabama football to its rightful place among the best.

It’s a known fact that Saban landed a 10th ranked recruiting class, followed by two number-ones. Everybody who knows anything about college football knows that all those “blue-chip” players will add up to victories on the gridiron. Great players are the cornerstone of championship football and Nick Saban is a magnet.

There are quite a few other things Saban is doing as well. If you look a little closer at some of the calculated maneuvers that Coach Saban’s utilized since he took over the program, it doesn’t take long to understand that he is marching the Crimson Tide toward being the national centerpiece of college football.

The back-to-back season kick-off games in the Georgia Dome, containing all the elements that give the nation a positive view of the Alabama program, have excellent P.R. value while allowing Saban to use the venue for two major purposes: as a recruiting tool and to gain respect from the voters because the game involves a major opponent.

Coach Saban started something special his first A-day scrimmage. Tide fans fired a shot around the country by answering Nick’s call to pack Bryant-Denny stadium. The media, as well as every young athlete across the South, witnessed the largest spring attendance in the history of the college game. Now ESPN, the premier sports entertainment and information television network resourced by young people, is about to put Alabama in the spotlight by featuring the A-day game. Talk about an excellent way to convince the best players that Bama is the place to spend your collegiate career!

The recent decision by the state athletic association to move the high school football championship games to the campuses of Alabama’s two football powerhouses will play a major role in keeping the best in-state talent at home. The fact that Saban (Alabama) gets to host the game first only stands to enhance his dominance inside the borders of this state, continuing the onslaught from the past two years. It almost seems rigged that Saban gets it before Auburn. Must’ve been his original idea.

We can’t forget the “monster” statement the Athletic Department made when they committed to reaching an “elite” status by expanding Bryant-Denny stadium to over 100,000 seats. Throw in the 25-30,000 tailgaters who gather outside and you have an event that makes every aspiring young football player want to be the star of the show. A tour shows that every facet of the football complex is ultra-modern and designed to ultimately impress potential recruits. The entire operation exudes first-class and clearly shows Alabama’s commitment to compete with the best for the best.

Every young college player wants to participate in one of those legendary contests that pits two long-time rivals against each other on national television. Moving the Alabama/Auburn game (Iron Bowl) to the Friday after Thanksgiving Day will only bring more direct focus on the programs as families across the United States gather to eat turkey-day leftovers and watch America’s favorite pastime.

What’s next for Saban? What other innovative ideas – designed to advance the “process”- does he have left in his playbook? One thing is evident –- Nick Saban understands what it takes to get to the top and how only hard work keeps you there. He isn’t afraid to put Alabama on the front line and is preparing his program to enjoy sustained success for years to come.

—Shane writes a weekly column for the Capstone Report.

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  1. 1
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    “Shane”………I “heard” that “Saban” invented “macaroni and cheese” as well. He is “one” innovative “son of a gun”.

  2. 2
    Text Books-a-Million

    All those Blue Chippers and even the 4 and 3 star stragglers Bama gets can set up booths along the hallowed grounds of the Capstone and sell used text books to make a few extra bucks during the ESPN extravaganza. Oh wait, they’ve already done that.

  3. 3

    Well tell us ballplay and text is there any big news coming out of the cow pastures?Yea that”s what i thought ,,nothing.Just like the last iron bowl nothing…0 0 0.I really hate bringing up the past like omni said but..

  4. 5
    No Show for Grades

    when Aub host the high schoolers next year all the jobless, toothless, inbred ex football players can show them which classes to take that you don’t even have to show up for to get a grade.

  5. 6

    The super 6 in t-town may be too much for the bammer boosters to handle. Like unattended children in a candy store. The NCAA will probably be sending a task force to curtail the escalade giveaways.

  6. 7

    An Aubbo pointing a finger at Bama and saying “Cheater” is like Dr. Phil Pointing at Oprah and saying “self righteous!”

  7. 8

    tmc1… are talking about what happened years ago at Auburn…..I’m talking about what’s going on NOW at the university of bammers. Big difference.

  8. 10

    suxbama, that is what all you paranoid Auburn inbreds like to tell each other so you can sleep better. Do you have any kind of proof or evidence that Alabama is giving away cars? You are just carrying on the proud tradition of the Auburn conspiracy theorists. You can’t stand the fact that Bama is destroying Auburn in recruiting and on the field. It doesn’t look like it will be letting up anytime soon either. So all you Auburn people like to say ‘Saban is going to leave’ or ‘Bama is cheating’ because you will never admit ‘Auburn is sucking right now’ and ‘We should have tried to keep Tuberville’. It will become more clear to you after this season. THAT is what is happening now. Good luck with your sleeping problems.

  9. 11
    Text Books-a-Million

    Bama Bimbos…all of you…

    Auburn is sucking right now!!! I’ll admit it…they sucked LOUDLY last year…I have no idea what they will be like this year other than coached hard, disciplined and experienced with a very bad taste (of losing) in thier mouths. I think they will be very dangerous, they can’t get any worse, no real pressure, Bama’s young inexperienced team now has all the pressure on them. Hell, according to Lame from Centerpoint, they are back on top with an inexperienced QB, a sophmore reciever, questionable O line and a few good linebackers and a coach that could not even get the team up for the 2 biggest games Bama’s played in a long, long time. Should Auburn go 12-0 in the regular season, it would not be any more suprising than it was that Bama did it last year! That’s where the two programs stand…unknowns. Remember Auburn was in the top 10 at the beginning of last year!

    Current Bama Streaks: 0-2 last 2 games.

    VS Auburn: 1-7 last 8 years.

    Bowl Games: 1-2 last 3 years (6-6 record entering 2 of those)

    VS 5-6 Auburn team 1-0 (big deal)

    BTW BamaBimbo, I think TT was ready to go. You won’t hear me say ‘We should have tried to keep Tuberville’. Obviously he stayed one year longer than he should have for his own good and Auburn’s.

  10. 12
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Will all you bammers read the above post and pay close attention. ^^^^^^^^^^^^That my Crimson necked friends, is the difference between Bammers and Barners. We DONT let excuses fall from our mouths like cow crap from a bull. No “weakened state” garbage that was so common from among you necks. We just sucked , and a lot of that (or all) was Tommys fault. Should he have been given another year? IMO yes. But my opinion doesnt mean jack to Auburns BOT. We sucked last year because of coaching. You guys sucked for ten years because of coaching. If you dont believe look up rivals rankings for your classes over the last ten years. You are now better because of coaching. We shall see about Auburn.

    Again. Take a lesson you big mouth crybaby turds on how to recognize and face reality. It will do you well when you go 7-5 this year.

  11. 13
    Textbooks PALES IN COMPARISON to Free Class Credits at Cowburn..







    5-19 COACH!!!

    5-19 COACH!!!

    5-19 COACH!!!


    Did Gene Cheez-it offer you a free degree to talk trash on the internet?

    Here are a few more FACTS for you:

    -Current Aubarn (AL) streaks 0-2 (losses to UGA and Daddy Nick/Alabama)

    -vs. Alabama O-V-E-R-A-L-L 39-32 (with only FOUR out of TWELVE victories prior to 2001). Is it ironic you guys win six straight during our period of decline PRIOR TO LOSING 8 out of 12? Now we’re just picking back up where we left off in 2001! Get used to another 20 years of being humiliated by your bigger brother!

    -Bowl Games: 0-0 (The 5-7 Opelika Toilet Bowl DOES NOT count).

    -Gene Cheez-it’s Bowl Record: 0-0

    Now, by saying you should not have kept Tuberville, DO YOU HONESTLY THINK CHEEZ-IT’S GOING TO SUCCEED HIM SUCCESSFULLY?

    You’re in for a VERY RUDE awakening when he records a 3-9 record next season, along with THE WORST BEATDOWN ALABAMA HAS EVER HANDED YOU! Then you guys will be on your knees, BEGGING Tommy T. to come back. And just remember 2008: MCELROY TO MAZE FOR SIX!!! NO TOUCHDOWNS FOR THE BARNIES!! ALABAMA’S SECOND STRING OUT PERFORMED THE BARNIE’S FIRST!! 36-0 and many more to come!!

    Mark it down! I said it now and WHEN IT HAPPENS, don’t run off the way you guys did last year, refusing to have your asses kicked verbally by the CapstoneReport fanatics. You talk shit during the offseason, but when the misery starts during the season, you guys are nowhere to be found!

    3-9 and another humiliating loss in the “Iron Bowl National Championship” is coming!

  12. 14

    Hey Ballplay, I have said Bama was sucking the past ten years. No argument there. But was Auburn really all that great? The 2004 team was pretty good. Auburn did beat Florida twice when no one else seemed to be able to stop them. Tubbs had a good record against ranked teams. But what did Auburn really accomplish?

    But you are such a liar saying Auburn don’t make excuses. All you fools do is make excuses for why Bama wins and Auburn doesn’t. And the lame excuse for both is ‘Bammer is cheating’. But I don’t guess that Auburn would ever use the ‘weakened state’ excuse since Auburn has perpetually been in one off and on for 100 years. It is more of a rarity that Bama finds themselves in a weakened state for an extended period of time. The difference is that you Auburn people are used to it, Bama fans are not.

    And to you Text Book man: Why are you changing the subject? Where is that proof? That is what I thought. You just like to run your d-licker. You do know things have changed in just a short amount of time. What goes around comes around, and now it is Bamas turn to beat you guys down for awhile. You just need to take it like a man and quit crying about it. Instead of worrying about Alabama cheating, what will Auburn do about the recruiting? You see how hard it has been for Auburn to recruit since Saban arrived. If you can’t see the vast difference in the quality of recruiting, you are just lying to yourself. It is funny to see what you Auburn goobs have been reduced to in two short years. I don’t think Alabama imploded on itself as quickly as Auburn has this time. If Chizik don’t beat Bama in two tries, ya’ll will have his head.

  13. 15

    BTW, Did anybody notice Shane’s comment in the first paragraph about Bama’s “establishing itself as one of the top-three college football programs in the nation”, and wonder about the identity of his other TWO top teams? Among USC, Oklahoma, Florida, Ohio State and Texas, etc., which two would you pick? Should make for an interesting controversy…

  14. 16
    Poor AUtards

    You know, I often wonder what it’s like to be an Awbarn fan. I often wonder what it’s like to envy another program more than you respect and admire your very own. In all honesty, it’s not ridiculous, it’s sad. Instead of hating AUtards, we should pity them. Yes barn fans, I do feel overly sorry for you guys.

    I’ve never in my life, in all of sports, seen other fans act the way they do toward another program the way barn fans do. They’ll throw out the most irrelevant stats and sometimes even unsubstantiated facts, just out of false hopes of bettering their very own, pitiful program.

    Note to barn fans: the last game of the regular season is NOT the most important game of your season. And until you learn to focus beyond the Iron Bowl, you’ll NEVER become a success. You’ll always be known as a second-rate university in the state of Alabama and/or Alabama’s in-state rival. Nothing more or nothing less… At Alabama, we focus on national attention. At the barn, they focus on Alabama. It’s beyond pathetic to the point of being sad.

    I remember the 9 game win streak. I even remember our domination in the 1990s. Even during those times, barn fans still AUbsessed over us more than they did their very own. They claim “it’s great to be an Aubarn Tiger” but to any other fan with more than half a brain, it must excruciating considering they evolve around another program where as every other program evolves around themselves and national attention.

    I hope you enjoyed your six game win streak. It was a nice little run, and no matter how you look at it, it occurred during Alabama’s worst period in modern day history. But those days are long gone and now that we’ve picked up the broken crockery things are back to normal. Your extreme insecurities can force your false hopes into making believe you actually have a chance this year, but your days in the sun are long gone. Memories of the number “six” is all you’ll have for a long, long time.

    At least Mississippi State fans are bold enough to admit their insecurities. Aubarn fans, they cover it up by running their mouths during the off-season, and sticking their head in the sand when the season starts. You guys know it’s over and it doesn’t take a psychologist to tell you that. It’s obvious by the irrelevant stats you attempt to spit out.

    You guys are going to pay dearly for hiring Mr. 5-19. If you thought Tuberville was a bad coach (mediocre is more like it), just wait until you get a load of what a 5-19 coach whose Iowa State predecessor took them to five bowls and averaged 7+ wins a season will do for your program. At least even before Alabama’s decline, Tuberville still posted above average seasons. With Saban at the helm, securing the state, 5-19 has nowhere to run. Nutt has Mississippi locked up. Richt AND Saban has Georgia locked up. Florida has Meyer. Kiffin has Tennessee. Petrino (oh don’t you guys wish!) has Arkansas. And Miles has Louisiana. Like I said, there’s nowhere for 5-19 to run. All he has is the SEC rejects/leftovers to recruit. And he’s going to have an overly tough time utilizing those recruits against PROVEN WINNERS!

    Watching Saban play Coach 5-19 will be like watching Saban play Arkansas State. Watching Les Miles play Coach 5-19 will be like watching LSU play Tulane. Watching Richt play Mr. 5-19 will be like watching UGA play Georgia Southern. And yadda yadda yadda.

    I hope the false hopes and insecurities gives you comfort, optimism, and warmth during the off-season because when the season starts, you’ll then realize that is the day you guys became UAB… or better yet Mississippi State.

  15. 17

    In your lifetime (not counting the 70s when Bear paid players to come to AL). What has AL done? One national championship 1992. That’s it. There is no real tradition in the modern era. Shane talks about the crimson wave, earthquakes, and oceans. Do they have these things in Centerpoint? In Centerpoint, I think the only thing making red waves is a toilet bowl getting a used tampon flushed down it.

    For textbooks PALES IN COMPARISON to Free Class Credits at Cowburn,
    0-2 vs daddy Nicky? Whatever dude, it is 1-1 and dont forget your whimpering loss to UL Monroe. You like apples, well how about them apples.


  16. 18

    Poor AUtards,
    Talk about big mouth. Your mouth seems to never spew more than a couple of Crimson Farts and shards. Give me a break, proven winners? You didnt win the SEC and you didnt win a bowl game. You werent winners last year. You beat an AU team which had coaching problems mid year enough to fire their offensive coordinator. When the shoe is on the other foot, your response was “uring Alabama’s worst period in modern day history”. We beat you all six years and in 2 of those years you were ranked higher before the Iron Bowl and we still beat you with our 4th string running back Tre Smith.
    Go check yourself in man cause you need some major antipsychotics.

    If you happen to beat Florida this year, which you wont with Tebow back, USC will blow you back into reality. Get a grip and stay grounded. You are not PROVEN WINNERS.

  17. 19

    Lets talk recruiting…
    Have you heard any Bammer Trailer Trash, never stepped in a classroom rednecks talk about recruiting lately. Probably because the #1 RB and the #2 WR both visited AU last weekend along with about 30 other “blue chippers”. I like to call them athletes, but when your dealing with rednecks, they are “blue chippers” only if they are looking at the Toilet bowl school.

    Jawara White even stopped by AU to watch scrimmage after Nicky cajoled him this weekend to go to AL.

    Our recruiting will get better, I will admit Alabama has out recruited us the last two years. It isnt hard with a drug dealer and several Escalade pre-drive testing year coupons.

    We have Luper, Roof, Taylor, and Malzahn as our coaching core who are some of the best recruiters in the country. We landed several big time atheletes from Texas last year when they only had 2 months to recruit. We will see who will win the recruiting war, it is not over yet. If another team in the minds of the Redneck nation wins the “recruiting title” which Ohio St did according to Scout in 2009, will the rednecks actually have to pass the “blue chipper” crown over? I guess since you dont actually win on the field, you have to imagine winning something…


  18. 20

    I think we have beat the “bammer cheating” story to death. You bammers want proof? It’s not our job to provide it. That will be the NCAA who takes care of that for you. And it will happen soon enough, count on it. The wheels of the NCAA move slowly, unfortunately. Just ask USC. But they do move, and precious nicky and the entire program will be “rolled” one good time. Don’t worry about the recruits, Mr. 5-19 will be there to pick up the pieces.

  19. 21
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    When two people are arguing it makes sense to got o a third unbiased party for relolution. Take this arguement to any national board and the bammers will be exposed for the dooshes they are.

  20. 22
    Bengal Tiger

    It’s only spring football and already both fan basas are in almost in mid-season form!

    Y’all are a TRIP!

  21. 27
    Text Books-a-Million

    BamaBimbo: You certainly are easy to get jacked up! Apparently you read my posting, now let me help you to comprehend (that means to understand) my post.

    1. I wrote, “I have no idea what they will be like this year other than coached hard, disciplined and experienced with a very bad taste (of losing) in thier mouths. I think they will be very dangerous, they can’t get any worse, no real pressure, Bama’s young inexperienced team now has all the pressure on them.”


    I am giving Gene the chance he has made for himself to succeed. Just like Obama, he wasn’t my choice but I wish him the best.

    2. You also keep mentioning the 5-19 record Chizik HAD at Iowa State. Did you know Saban’s record in his last 27 games, before descending from the clouds to Smutcalosa, was 9-17. So can you please, in all your wisdom, explain to me what the record at a bad team/program reflects on the future of Mr. Chizik. Bobby Johnson coached 6 years at Vanderbilt before he got a winning season and he, unlike Saban, won his bowl game and was voted Co-SEC coach of the Year. Johnson was 20-50 upto that point. Now that he’s 27-56 he’s as good as Nutt and Saban. Get me one of those free Text Books from Bama and show me where it has taught you that Chiziks record at Iowa State reflects his future at Auburn. Brakdown that 3-9 record you have so boldly made!

  22. 28

    Bama Hate or Bama envy whatever you call it,

    Don’t forget 5-7 including losses to VANDERBILT and WEST VIRGINIA!

    But most importantly 5-19! 5-19! 5-19! 5-19!

    By the way there’s a HUGE difference between having a recruit VISIT your school and COMMIT to your school. Who’s had two back to back number 1 recruiting classes? Are you that delusional? We’ll stomp your ass in recruiting AGAIN and you can always say “Well, we still had more recruits visit our school than you”. That’s all apart of the irrelevant statistics that you Wire Road trailer trash enjoy rambling on about!!

    FEAR 2009!

  23. 29


    Did you know Saban’s NEVER HAD a losing season in his college career?

    Did you know Saban posted a 12-2 record in his second season at UA?

    Did you know Saban has wiped the floor with your asses in recruiting ever since he accepted the job?

    Did you know Saban has 1 BCS title and 2 SEC titles on his resume?

    Did you know Iowa State’s previous coach led them to five bowl games and averaged seven plus wins per season?

    Did you know 5-19 is taking over a program that went 5-7 in the previous season?

    Did you know 5-19 is taking over a program with no worthy quarterback?

    Did you know 5-19 is taking over a program with a depleted defense?

    Did you know 5-19 is taking over a program that hasn’t had a top-notch recruiting class since the Shula era?

    And please tell me what class at Aubarn (AL) (in which you received a FREE CLASS CREDIT IN) taught you that 5-19 is going to be the greatest coach since Bear Bryant. He’d better start working now, because for a 5-19 coach to inherit a talentless team WITH a losing taste in their mouths, and undergoing a transitional year surely looks promising to me!

    I admit, Saban sucked in the NFL… But here’s a newsflash for you: SO DID PETE CAROLL, STEVE SPURRIER, AND BOB PETRINO! It’s too bad an inexperienced head coach, such as 5-19, doesn’t have a list of the “top ten teams he’s beaten as a head coach”. Throw out the NFL records because if that makes you feel better about 5-19, then so be it. But at the collegiate level, I feel much more comfortable having a PROVEN WINNER as my head coach than a PROVEN LOSER who HAS ONLY BEATEN AS MANY TEAMS IN HIS CAREER AS AUBARN (AL) DID IN 2008!


    “he (Bobby Johnson), unlike Saban, won his bowl game and was voted Co-SEC coach of the Year.”

    And that means much more than going undefeated in the regular season, BEING VOTED SEC COACH OF THE YEAR, and barely beating the team you claim to support! Matter of fact, you should worry MORE ABOUT Vanderbilt than the likes of the heavyweights like Alabama, LSU, UGA, and Florida because you’re no longer on our level. In fact, considering Vandy beat you last year, you should worry more about them than us because from the looks of things, beating the four aforementioned teams is a fantasy from now on.

    Good luck with another losing season and another mediocre recruiting class courtesy of Nick Saban! Do players no longer show interest in receiving a free degree for little or now work at all? Looks like you guys will have to start paying players to come to Aubarn (AL), because you’re about four years behind the rest of the SEC now in terms of talent and coaching.

    FEAR 2009!

  24. 30

    About the Bobby Johnson pun, I apologize. I’d forgotten who I was arguing with… someone who is accustomed to the inferior/second-rate awards due to inferiority complex, little stepsister syndrome, and preposterous delusions courtesy of being a program, suffocated in the dark, unbearable shadow of the superior program: Alabama.

    FEAR 2009!

  25. 31

    Back on top of what? Why don’t you wait until Saban actually wins something that counts at Alabama, like an SEC Championship or at least a BCS Bowl game, before you claim them back on top. I know you and the other delusional tide fans like to think you did something by claiming one mythical recruiting championship, even though six of those recruits never made it to the team, and you split that “title” last year even though at least 4 of those recruits won’t make it to the team also. Again why don’t you wait until you’ve actually one something, other than 1 out of the last 7 Iron bowls over a terrible Auburn team with no quarterback, before you claim your back on top, and one of the top three football programs in the country! What a joke! I can name at least 5 better right off the top of my head – Florida, Ohio State, USC, LSU, and Texas. Over the last 10 years Alabama has won the same number of SEC Championships as Auburn – ONE!

  26. 32

    Reality Check:

    I really enjoyed reading your post. In fact, I can agree with the “one win over Awbun in seven years over a terrible Awbun team with no quarterback”. It sounds eerily similar to the Alabama team you faced and defeated six straight seasons, which was buried with NCAA sanctions, plagued with injuries, and led by five different coaches in nearly six years. Can you tell me how many head-to-head Iron Bowls you won before our era of decline? Dating back to the previous decade, it was 1993, 1995, 1997, and 2000. Impressive for a team whose delusional fans claim their success didn’t come at the expense of their cross-state competition’s decline in competition. And from my perspective, we may not be a “top five program” but we surely are in better shape than the disaster that’s still unfolding on the ugliest trailer park on the plains/Opelika.

    As far as the SEC titles are concerned, you’re right! We’ve only won one title in ten years. However, unlike Awbun, we had no stability at the head coach’s position, we were raped in recruiting, and lastly the lack of depth effected us tremendously throughout all the injuries due to NCAA sanctions and having a coach who could only recruit the lucky leftovers. Call it an excuse, but the facts speak for themselves. Need I say more?

    Considering so many of you goober’s have attacked this post, which is not Awbun related, I would say if you were that confident in your embarrassment of a coach, and below average talent, you wouldn’t be blowing up over a post relating strictly to Alabama and nothing else. It’s always good to have hope, but the way you guys are talking as if this is your last breath, I’d say insecurity has swapped places with your hope.

    Some of you are beginning to sound a little redundant. It reminds me of last season when you backwoods goober’s attacked the site, almost repeating the same garbage you are this year (shall I dig up some old comments?):

    “$atan will finish 5-7 and y’all will be ready to kick him out of town.”

    “Kodi Burns is gonna hang 50 on that weakling Tide defense.”

    “Tony Franklin’s offense will be like basketball on grass.”

    “Seven is coming!”

    “It’ll be fun watching Nicky make excuses for having NO DEFENSE and NO OFFENSE worth a shit this year.”

    “Who is Alabama’s offensive coordinator again?”


    I could go on and on and on. And I’ll specifically remember to bookmark this page, because I’m going to throw it right back in your ugly faces once again. Even though I know you won’t be here until two months after the season ends, after y’all lose to Alabama and endure another humiliating season, running your mouths again as if it never happened!

    Hope to see you here during the season, hypocrites!

  27. 33

    I’ll also be back to remind you that Alabama dominated you in recruiting again in 2010 as well. 😉 Hope your here to catch the beatdown we’ll have in store for you again!

  28. 34

    What is hilarious about the state of the inbred farm is that they now brag and roll toomer’s for a top recruit VISITING! bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  29. 35

    Let me get this straight: the barnzoes are implying that an Alabama team led by a coach with championship credentials who finished 12-2 in his SECOND season and has racked up two back-to-back recruiting classes is on the downfall, while an Opelika team who has steadily been on a downfall for two years, coming off a 5-7 season with nothing above below average talent and a quarterback who puts third-stringer Spencer Pennington to shame, led by a first-year coach who’s never came close to even having a mediocre season, and has brought in three straight mediocre recruiting classes is on the rise?

    Dizzy logic like that is why no soul outside of the magical world of Lee County respects your program… or takes it seriously. You all are in for a rude awakening… I’ll leave it at that!

  30. 36
    Ty from T-Town


    Shane, you have once again struck a sensitive nerve. Coach Saban, not only managed to out recruit the best of the best; he has also apparently found some common ground with our friends at ESPN.

    The potential marketing value alone is inconceivable to the better part of the SEC. The University of Alabama has obviously up-staged the rest of the conference, but all the future victims of the process, must realize that national television is only a small part of the process.

    Saban’s tactics may come-off a bit eccentric, but I have yet to find anyone in T-Town displeased with the results.

    Perhaps the rest of the league needs to get their lazy ass to work.

    Thankfully, around here; it’s business as usual.

  31. 37

    You know what Bamahate? You are so damn stupid. You said “Look in your lifetime you only can count 1 NC, 1992” when I have seen 3. 1978 and 79 did count, but I see you applied that crazy Auburn logic to that. Like Julio does. But lets only count that 1 as you say. It is still more than you have seen Auburn win, and 1 more than you will see Auburn win in your lifetime. I guess Auburn does kinda get close to Bama if you handicap the Bama stats. You and Julio beat all I ever seen about trying to handicap the stats in Auburns favor. You keep trying though. At least you believe in the BS you spew. You do know Auburn has been caught more than anyone in the SEC for paying players and major infractions. You are just another delusional paranoid little Auburn fan with a major inferiority complex. Just like the other AU people that post here, but you are just exceptionally more ignorant.

  32. 38

    you are correct inbred bammer is back. bammer will be back on probation very soon.shorty saban will be on his way out after the ncaa cleans house.

  33. 39

    Brando, I don’t “handicap” any stats in Auburn’s favor. The stats are what they are. I’ve never denied that Bama has a far better overall history than Auburn does. What I have said is that if you compare Auburn’s history to Bama’s history in the years since Bear left, Auburn has done much better. I was alive when Bear won the NC in 78 and 79 too, but I don’t have much of a memory of them. Hell, I’m only 40. Call me crazy, but I just seem to cherish those moments that I actually have a memory of more than the ones that my great, great grandpa has to tell me about.

    Since 1982, Auburn is 16-12 against Bama, has won 5 SEC titles to Bama’s 3, and has 2 undefeated seasons. That’s not “handicapping”, it’s just the truth. I know Bama won the NC in 92, but they didn’t accomplish anything on the field that AU didn’t in 04 (including leading the nation in scoring defense). Bama was just lucky enough that the 2 teams that started the season at #1 and #2 didn’t stay undefeated the entire season. If they had, Bama would have been left out in the cold as well.

  34. 40
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    julio……….DO you realize what youve said with that last statement? Soon this blog will be crawling with inbreds screaming about class and tradition. And that there is no way they would have been left out.

    Even tough they would have.

    Yes julio, you sir have officially opened pandoras box my friend.

    But you are making the same arguement that I am making. Im 38 and can really remember ONE bama championship. I guess I had better things to do instead of watching a football game like ride my big wheel or watch the Six Million Dollar Man…….I loved that show.

  35. 41
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Meant to say BUT one championship I clearly remember 92. Heck, whjo could forget it. They bring it up every other day.

  36. 42

    JW Says:
    April 13th, 2009 at 5:02 pm
    Well tell us ballplay and text is there any big news coming out of the cow pastures?Yea that”s what i thought ,,nothing.Just like the last iron bowl nothing…0 0 0.I really hate bringing up the past like omni said but..


    Well Written SIr and ON Time!



  37. 43

    Ballplay, I loved Colonel Steve Austin as well. The “Sasquatch” episodes were some of the finest moments in television history. BTW, I was kinda partial to my Green Machine over the Big Wheel, and don’t ever forget about the Evel Kneivel wind up motorcycle toy.

  38. 44
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    I remember many an arswhoopin over ol evil breakin some of mommas stuff. That thing would have every lawyer in the country salivating over it. That motorcycle would skin it back son.

    There was no better time to be a boy than the 70s. No better place to be than Alabama.

  39. 45

    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian said, “There was no better time to be a boy than the 70s. No better place to be than Alabama.”

    I take it you guys are all up in age (not saying you’re old, but saying you’re not in your 20’s lol).

  40. 47

    Julio says: Bama didn’t accomplish nothing in 92 that Aub didn’t in 04?

    You dipshit, we played in the NC and WON THE TROPHY, THE AUTUTURDS DIDN’T, that is the accomplishment since I have to spell it out for you idiot.

  41. 48


    I appreciate that you enjoyed reading my post. Maybe you should read it again, this time slower so that you can comprehend that no where in there did I claim to be a fan nor supporter of Auburn. In fact I am an LSU graduate and fan, but you are obviously so infatuated with Auburn, you lowered yourself and your response to my post to their standards.

    The many excuses you made in your first two paragraphs sounded just like something an Auburn fan would say. Whose fault was it that your program was, as you say, “burried with NCAA sanctions”? That wasn’t Auburn’s fault nor LSU’s fault nor anybody elses fault but your own and may indicate why your program was so good before getting caught and punished by the NCAA. Go read Paul Detzel’s book to get more insight on the recruiting practices of your school and the Bear in the early days. And whose fault was it that your team was “lead by five different coaches in nearly six years”? Who hired those coaches? Your program did.

    My post was in response to Shane claiming that Alabama football was “rolling forward while establishing itself as one of the top three programs in the “Nation”! Beating Auburn 36-0, does not give you that status! One fairly good season in the past 10 years does not give you that staus. Remember your only one year removed from losing to UL-Monroe and two consecutive years to Miss. State. Now granted Alabama did beat a good Georgia team and a good LSU team that had an inexperienced quaterback (as Alabama will have this year)who threw as many touchdowns to the opposing teams, as he did to his own team, and that included the Albama game which you still needed overtime to win despite that. What I’m saying is go beat Georgia,LSU or Florida two out of three years, or at least win the SEC championship game or a BCS bowl before you or any of the Alabama supporters, including Shane, can claim to be one of the top three programs in the nation! Hell you can’t even claim that you’re better than Utha at this point. The rest of the football world is living in current not the past. So go get “36-0” tatooed on the back of your red neck and move on. Next year is a new year and you don’t actually know what might happen, just ask Auburn. They were ranked in the top 10 before the season started last year and Alabama wasn’t ranked at all. Umm could history repeat itself?

    And as for as your second reply to my post, that “you’ll be back to remind me that Alabama dominated us in recruiting again in 2010 as well”. Well you didn’t dominate us, LSU that is, in 2009 nor in 2008 for that matter. In fact LSU had the number one ranked recruiting class in 2009 in four out of five of the major recruiting services. Only Rivals, had you ranked ahead of us. Amazing isn’t it, considering according to most of your fans your program is lead by the greatest and most powerfull coach in college sports today and our is lead by someone Alabama fans think is a bafoon. How could that happen? Amazing.

  42. 49

    Alabama fans, we all know what those we don’t speak of excuse will be for this coming season: the players can’t adjust to a new system and coaching staff within a season.

    What will their excuse be for 2010? Cheez-whiz hasn’t had enough time to recruit superior talent? He’ll be gone midway through the 2011 campaign and if Gus is still around, he’ll be named coach in waiting and the excuse for that year will be, “y’all only beat us because we had coaching issues midway through the season”.

    You guys had better pray Saban retires soon, because as long as he’s here, you guys are no more worthy of being competitive or relevant, or pose anymore of a threat to the SEC than Alabama State does.

    Comparing Cheez-whiz/Aubarn (AL) to Saban/Alabama is like comparing Mullen/Mississippi State to Nutt/Ole Miss. But I’m sure Mississippi State fans are delusional enough to believe they will dominate Nutt within one year as well, just as the Opelikans do.

  43. 50


    It looks like Saban has already blackened your eye in recruiting thus far. Congrats on having two top recruits “visit” your campus. Now I want you to congratulate us whenever signing day comes and they commit to someone else and you guys are stuck with another top 20 class while Alabama brings in another top five.

    Got Saban?

  44. 51
    Delusional Barnies on Crack

    Barnies will never be satisfied. They’ll forever be known as the proverbial gnat in Alabama’s ass.

    1) Nick Saban was hired. Barnies claimed he’d never defeat Tuberneck, nor would he be able to shut him down.

    -Nick Saban hit the ground running, never giving Tuberneck a slight chance at landing a single recruit Nick Saban recruited. In 2007, Tuberneck escaped a close one, relying on a bogus “late hit” call on a incomplete pass on a fourth down, WHICH THEN gave them a first down in the redzone giving them the go ahead touchdown. He dodged that bullet.

    2) Tony Franklin was hired. Barnies swore on Shug Jordan’s grave this would be the end of what was left of Nick Saban and Alabama.

    -Tony Franklin only lasted halfway through one season. Aubarn plummeted and Nick Saban beat the barn so badly in a way they could never do to us during our worst years. Tuberneck resigned before the beatings could get any worse knowing his fun in the sun and days of running the state while a crippled Alabama team suffered were over. Clever guy if you ask me.

    3) Gene Cheezit is hired. A barely passable inexperienced (in terms of head coaching) 5-19 coach who’s never had A WINNING SEASON or even A MEDIOCRE SEASON and has never CAME CLOSE to taking his team to a bowl game. He inherits an Aubarn team with about as much quality talent as Southern Miss. A team who’s fresh off a 5-7 season. A team with possibly the worst quarterback in the SEC. A team that even Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, and Pete Caroll would have a hard time rebuilding. Suddenly, he’s God, and as repetitive as they are, Nick Saban and Alabama stands no chance.

    -Talk about being delusional… Hell, is delusional even the proper term for that kind of idiocy? I’m looking forward to kicking the barn’s ass more so this year than I was after hearing how “seven was inevitable” all throughout last season.

  45. 52

    See what I mean about Julio ya’ll? Man he sure convinced me. If you want to be selective about what stats you want to pick, then lets not count 2000-2007 then, Julio. Look at the stats again. Alabama really looks much better than Auburn if you look at it that way. Look, Auburn has made a little progress catching up to Alabama, but they haven’t passed them yet. If Bama stopped football and Auburn kept going at their current pace, Auburn would have to average 10 wins a year for ten years straight to catch Bama in the overall wins. But don’t worry Julio. Bama aint going to get the death penalty, and Auburn won’t be averaging 10 wins a season any time soon.

  46. 53

    BM, once again your read the first few words and regurgitate a knee jerk response without thinking. I said Bama accomplished nothing ON THE FIELD in 92 that AU didn’t in 04. See, College Football doesn’t have a system whereby a true NC is awarded on the field. Instead, it lets a bunch of 365 lb sportswriters and coaches who are brothers of the head coaches your school is competing against “vote” in a beauty contest. I guess you didn’t get the memo on that.

  47. 54
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Does anyone wlse remember Shanes chest beating after about 9 wins in 05. I s–t you not, the title of the article was “The Tide is High and Shula is the Man”………………….Seriously……………..Im not kidding.

    So, you see, this is every stinking year. Though Bama is better this year than most, Its all a rerun. Its old hat. Its a horse beaten slap to death.

  48. 55

    And it is just another repeat of you Auburn dim wits to complain and bitch about everything BAMA. You guys have been acting like this for generations. And Julio, Auburn don’t have the hardware, Bama does. So no, it is not the same. But I know how bad you guys want to be like Bama and you try to twist it around. But, I am telling you, it doesn’t work that way. Facts are on my side, and Barn Math is the only thing you guys rely on. Keep on worrying about Bama instead of Auburn. That is the way of the mighty Tigahs. They will always be the little brother to Alabama, the Rodney Dangerfield of the SEC.

  49. 56

    Julio. when I see the Auburn trophy case full of NC trophies, you can say Auburn has accomplished something. Now you are blaming it on the system. You always have an excuse for why Auburn don’t have what Bama has. Even in a popularity contest, as you say, Bama still wins. It sucks to be an Auburn fan doesn’t it?

  50. 57
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Bamabozo says “balbalblablalalbalablblablablalblablalab…………balball……….balallabbblablablala”

    That is all I heard.

    Oh yeah , Bama sux.

  51. 58

    Thats right Ballplay. I know that you have trouble interpreting FACTS. I have yet to see your proof. But I have kicked your ass all over this site with FACTS. So you can now resort back to name calling and feeling inferior. Carry on.

  52. 59
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Go ahead and stroke your own ego , if that s what makes you happy. Far be it from me to deny someone the opportunity to build up their self esteem.

    Youve kicked nothing. You could kick nothing, and you will never e-e-e-eveeer kick anything of mine.

    Sorry about the bozo comment. I didnt realize that it cut you to the bone so badly.

    Yoou do realize Im joking 80 – 90 % of the time , right ?

  53. 62

    Ballplay, so now it is “i am just joking, man!” Hahaha you really had me going there. For a minute I thought you were serious when you were saying Auburn has been dominating the SEC since Bear. But that was a pretty funny joke! You had me going pretty good! Man, I had better watch you, you big joker!

    (But I did hammer the truth down on you, so yeah, I did kick your butt around this site.)

    But I will accept that you concede to the facts and that I was right and you were wrong. Since you have been agreeing with me the whole time, as you said.

  54. 63
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    You are the joke. Im was saying everything is in good fun. Appearantly you are psycho.

    I do stand by what I said about me witnessing Auburn accomplishing more than Alabama.

    Because they have.

    Go take a paxil you fruitcake.

  55. 64

    Like I said Ballplay, I show you facts and you still believe in myths, little man. All you can come back with is insults and calling names. I see you still can’t find the facts to back up your argument. One small stretch of time in the 80s hardly makes Auburn a dominate program. You guys like to compare Bamas accomplishments and try to twist Auburns accomplishments in a way that you see that they are the same. Hell, the one time Auburn actually goes undefeated without being on probation, they still get snubbed. I wonder why, little man? You guys are living on myths more than any other fan base in the nation.

    But I am done with arguing with you mentally challenged inbreds. Your arguments are not very convincing without trophies and facts to back them up. None of you guys can dispute the FACTS. Julio says you can’t count what Bear did. I said I would take out what Bear did if he took out what Dye did. I see he can’t respond to that. See, if you can cherry pick what you chose to compare, why can’t I? It is only 3-4 years removed from Dye years. And it was in YOUR LIFETIME too Julio. Hell, you are older than me, and if I remember it, you do too. Or you were taught how to be in denial since you were young. It is a prominent Auburn trait.

    I have no more use for you guys. Ya’ll have proved my point very well. Next!

  56. 66

    If you want some more Ballplay, all you have to do is ask. But I see you would rather just call names and leave out facts. How old did you say you were again?

  57. 67
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Brandy………All kidding aside …..You need to get a hobby or get laid , or something. For the love man, do you have no sense of humor ? What about shame ? Have you no shame ? Your opinion and mine will never coincide. Thats cool. But in the spirit of friendship, I offer an olive branch to you……………….

    Here goes……………..(Im now clearing my throat)……………..

    Your right Brando……….How could I have not seen the light ? Bama was the greatest, is the greatest , and will always be the greatest. Auburn is baaaaaaaaaaddddd…………Bama is gooooooood………..

    Oh yeah……………And you are the smartest person in the whole world. Even smarter than Bahr and The Saban. You are the Albert Einstien of internet blogs, and I was a fool to ever think that I could debate you.

    I am a little man.

    Now, will you shut up ?

  58. 68

    Glad you come to your senses, Ballplay. Hey, I am just having fun poking at you guys. You seem to like getting into a smart-ass contest, and being the Bama fan that I am, how can I say no to the competition? And you and Julio, Omni, and the others love to be smartasses on here. I have had plenty of practice since my grandparents whole family are really obnoxious Auburn people, and it is really a horrible thing to them since I was born Bama all the way. Watching Alabama play when I was a kid was enough for me to make up my own mind.

    But this whole debate started over the myth that Auburn has accomplished more than Bama since Bear. And you guys were so sure that you were right. I don’t expect any of you guys to believe it either. It is just fun to poke at you guys. Since you are here, you shouldn’t be too upset, you guys have really been asking for it. I noticed Omni didn’t want any, and Julio started acting out of character too. And where has our buddy LARRY C been? I sure do miss him. (come on, Larry, take the bait!)

    But no, I won’t shut up. Just back your claims up with some hard facts next time, and maybe we can have a reasonable debate.

  59. 69

    BammerBrando—I don’t think Julio was trying to discount anything a program has accomplished. But as for what Auburn and bama has accomplished in most of our lifetimes, Auburn is ahead. Nothing more, nothing less. If we’re going to look at the history of college football in its entirety, both programs will need to bow to the superiority of Yale (18 NCs). Now how ridiculous does that sound????

  60. 70
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Good to see that its all in good fun. I do love smartass contests though. Out of all the people on this blog, I mmust say that you are the most worthy in a smartass contest. You have game.

    This may have gotten enough rage out of my system to last me till September.

    But bama still sux..

  61. 71

    Even Bamasgreat says Auburn has accomplished more

    bwahahahahahahahaha you are on crack my friend, another pick and choose fan by saying in most of “our lifetime” and then throws out a Yale with 18 NC’s, is that in “our lifetime”, hell no. So it’s like this:

    Alabama NC’s – 12 (the latest 16 years ago)
    Aub – 1/2 ( over 50 years ago)

    Here is a refresher of the man running the show at Aub now, giving speeches, Mr. Integrity Pat Dye:

  62. 72

    Bamaman—So it’s like this: Auburn has achieved more than bammer since bahr left. Once Dye began employing those “methods” learned from his mentor, the bahr, Auburn dominated the SEC, for the most part, during the eighties. 4 SEC titles, and constantly in the NC discussion. Overall, bammer has a much more illustrious record. Those are the facts, whether we like it or not.

  63. 73


    WHy must you always bRING ME In your Shit?
    just becuase you did
    Even if BI or Julio wasnt Auburn they would still be smarter than you Hell bit like this whole thing shoulda ended .Thats just my OPINON BITCH!!!
    You made me do it

  64. 74

    SuxBama, you can delude yourself all you want. I am done with the argument. I presented the facts, and you still are presenting a myth. Period. Bring some facts if you want to debate. We both can’t be right, so let’s just agree to disagree. I never said Bama was the greatest of all-time, just 6th best. And Auburn was 14th, which is not shabby, but NOT ahead of Bama. Which was the point of comparison. You want to talk about Auburn in a small window of time in the 80s. That hardly equals being dominated the previous 20 years. Take your ADD meds and come back with a valid argument.

    Ballplay: Good game!

    Omni: Don’t be so sensitive. Sorry you ran out of your Midol. All I said was that you didn’t want any (as you usually do). And you didn’t! But way to pitch someone else to speak for you since you lack the skills. And you know what they say about opinions…which is why I showed all of you Auburn guys the FACTS. Learn how to find them and read them.

    Bamaman: This sure is fun isn’t it? I just wonder what Auburn myth we can de-bunk next!

  65. 75
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    If you want to debunk a myth, try the 12 national championships myth. That would be a good place to start.

  66. 76

    Ballplay, I know you claim to be in your thirties which btw I don’t believe, but what was mythical about our last NC you witnessed in 92? How many do you think Bama has? How many do you think Aub has?

  67. 77

    Ballplay: Bama could claim more, but those 12 are as legit as the 18 that Yale has claimed. Some Auburn fan here was glad to point that out. But I know that I have seen 3 NCs won, with my own eyes. I know Bear won 6 at Bama, and Stallings won 1. So there is at least 7. So Bama has 7 National Championships. No question, not a myth. Now compare with the Auburn one, which has an asterisk beside it for being on probation at the time.

    So, which Auburn fan here wants to answer this:
    Why was Pat Dye fired at Auburn, and why didn’t he get a job coaching elsewhere? (Facts only please.)

  68. 78
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Not questioning the 92 win. But Brandy, do we really want to go there ?

  69. 79
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Auburn was caught cheating under Dye. He resigned / was fired. That is common knowledge. No one disputes this. We were put on probation. ent undeafeted while under probation. Unlike you guys.

  70. 80

    Okay, then. Bonus points for this question:
    Specifically what was Pat Dye caught doing?

    By the way, Auburn must have the record for going undefeated while on probation. Props to you guys for that one.

  71. 81

    Im not sensitive you pansie bitch! I own you and will own you. You have never , NEVER shut me up you turn personal and then talk facts So here some facts for you



  72. 82

    Omni, that was pretty funny right there! But you know… sticks and stones etc. I slapped you around with FACTS about the football programs and that is all you can do. How old are you? 12-13? You did a really nice job. You being here is all anyone needs to know about you and your insecurities, and you can’t hide the fear you have for the resurgent Tide program. Why even be here if you aren’t trying to offset your fears by trying to cuss out every Bama fan on the internet, behind the screen where no one can bitch-slap you? I am sure your father/brother must be proud.

  73. 83

    Anyone? What was Pat Dye caught doing when he was fired? is there any brave Auburn fan here willing to truthfully answer that? And why he is he even allowed to have anything to do with the program anymore? Seriously, I have never understood that situation.

  74. 84

    Dude You and I were not talking about nothing. You brought me up as usual becuase YOU know I dont really know the so CALLED FACTS. I come here to read I love to read everything CF mainly SEC and I dont beleive ALL I read. I do like CAPS site (go figure) I could care less about people on both sides of this SPOUTING what they call FACTS. I am old enough to know that if you have a child with a woman there is only one assumed FACT and that is?>>>> its for sure hers! I will ask you to tell me WHAT was PD doing? I dont know I dont really care but I would like to know. I care more about Young Children growing up to be GOOD PEOPLE!
    And I love CF my Favorite Team is AUburn and then all the SEC teams behind them. I am NOT ANTI BAMA! I am PRO AUBurn

    P.S. Did ya figure out the RELATIVE HUMIDTY ONE?


  75. 85


    Dont take my name calling personally, when he calls my cell phone his name comes up as FAG. Its just a Thing ya know. I dont mean anything by it. Unless you really think you could Pop me in my Soup Coolers, and in that case I would make my BAMA Buddy SPlit Your Kool AId Pack 😉 just kidn dude….SORTA!! I ll bet we could be Friends to hell I like everyone except for people who pick on people becuase it makes them feel better.

  76. 86

    Dang Omni, this is just an internet blog. Don’t take it so seriously. You are just easy to poke at, and it is kinda like doing a puzzle trying to figure out exactly what the hell you are trying to say. Your writing skills are unique, but above average for an Auburn fan. And I know you didn’t know the facts. You are an Auburn fan aren’t you? But I am glad I could help you out. But seriously, I am just poking at you like you do everyone else here. You take the bait every time, and I can’t help myself. But you, sir, are the King of Name Calling here, and I salute you for it. So ROLL TIDE you incoherent little bee-otch!

    incoherent |ˌinkōˈhi(ə)rənt;
    1 (of spoken or written language) expressed in an incomprehensible or confusing way; unclear : he screamed some incoherent threat.
    • (of a person) unable to speak intelligibly : I splutter several more times before becoming incoherent.
    • (of an ideology, policy, or system) internally inconsistent; illogical : the film is ideologically incoherent.
    2 Physics (of waves) having no definite or stable phase relationship.
    incoherence noun
    incoherency noun ( pl. -cies)
    incoherently adverb

  77. 87

    Ty sir for your compliments! And your right I am easy to poke…. And I love the Bantor here.. Keep on Bringing it, and I will too! And remember IF….IF we ever see each other its all GRAVY BABY!!!

    I play a Game called QUAKELIVE and my name is the ERRATIC BASTARD!! I think I took the name becuase I RAMBLE ON and with some deciphering you CAN FIgure me out. Check it out sometime!

  78. 88

    Oh and just so you know too I can give you phone numbers to call and listen to my so called Incoherent.. I record Auto Attendants for Variuos companys including county govs. I just get excited
    and type shit that souns funny in my head 😉

  79. 89

    Oh don’t worry there OMNI, I have got you figured out alright. But thats okay, its all in good fun. I am sure if I really knew you we would get along fine. I have a few friends that are Auburn fans, and we do rag on each other. That is what makes college football in this state so awesome. Nothing else like it.

    I used to play Quake Arena a lot back in the day. Is Quake Live similar? I rarely have the time to play games much anymore since I have the day job, and I paint murals and stuff like that on the side and play in a band most weekends. But I will check it out and try to find on there you one of these days. It would probably be a lot of fun to shoot you in the head with a rail gun 🙂

  80. 90

    Yep! My clan name is $BA$2punk… BA stands for BAstard Assasins.
    And I would love to watch you try and dodge my Rockets. But yes its the Quake 3 game with new maps and some old ones just in a Web Browser format, and its alot of fun the addy is just set up user name and such. The cool thing is you dont have to load ANYTHING on your PC, Just internet explorer! U paint huh? I write poetry!

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