Birmingham should bid for Hall of Fame

College Football Talk reported that political and civic leaders in Dallas are attempting to lure the College Football Hall of Fame from South Bend, Indiana. The Hall of Fame would be located “in downtown Dallas near the downtown convention center.”

My question is why hasn’t Larry Langford joined the bidding? Birmingham is site of historic Legion Field. Birmingham is the Football Capital of the South. Birmingham is…

OK, so maybe Birmingham doesn’t have anything to offer the Hall of Fame, but if I were a political leader, I would pitch the Hall of Fame and the Domed Stadium together. You could spin a football mecca in the Magic City and get the bonds approved in short order because Alabamians love college football.


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    E.G White

    Yeah, but since when has B’ham been an innovative city? Starting with losing the Ala – Aub game, and then losing all the Alabama games, is when B’ham started to die. I don’t know if there’s enough motivation left to revive it. Hope I’m wrong, cause it’s all there is ‘tween Atlanta and what’s left of New Orleans. It’s the Pittsburgh and only major industrial city of the South.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Langoford pissed away a mill to put Bhams name in the hat for the Olympics a year ago didnt he ? This would be a step down for the great metropolis of Birmingham. Why would he want this when he can have THE OLYMPICS !!!!!!

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