Kiffin Watch: Getting your priorities straight

Lane Kiffin understands priorities. Commentators have been rough on the young Tennessee Volunteer coach, but his latest action shows he understands what it takes to win at football—commitment.

If you aren’t 100% sold out to the process, then you don’t belong in the uniform.

Kiffin demonstrated this by kicking off a new father from the Volunteers. put it simply, “Kiffin kicks new daddy off Rocky Top” as its headline to the story where Demetrice Morley was booted off the team after a rough spring which included a suspension for one practice, missing a second practice and missing a third practice for the birth of his child.

Birth of his child? Like that is a reason to miss practice. Come on! Childbirth today is like a mini-vacation. Have you seen the birthing suites at St. Vincents? DVD players, computers with Internet connections. It isn’t like the old days. The hospital could hook up a webcam and beam the birth right to the athletic complex—you wouldn’t have to miss anything important like football practice!