Leave college football alone!

I posted this note this morning, but it somehow was overwritten. Here it is again, reconstructed from memory.

Leave college football alone declares Tony Barnhart in his blog at AJC.com. Amen Mr. College Football. Amen. College football is a great game, and should be left free from congressional interference. In case you didn’t know, Congress is looking into ways to “fix” the way Division 1 football crowns its champion. (You can read all about what Congress is trying to do in the AP report embedded below.) The latest round of Congressional fix-it is being led by a Republican. Yes, a Republican—the party supposedly dedicated to limited government regulation is leading the charge to increase federal regulation of football. Hypocrisy thy name is Orrin Hatch.

Barnhart tells us what we can expect from Congress: “So we are going to get another dog and pony show where some members of Congress, who don’t know if a football is inflated or stuffed, ask questions and fawn for the cameras back home. They will blame everything from global warming to the fall of the dollar on the BCS.” He also explains why the BCS doesn’t violate antitrust laws.

We echo those sentiments. Congress should leave college football alone.