Could Grant head to Florida instead of Alabama?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch asks a question beginning to be asked by Alabama Crimson Tide basketball fans: Could Grant be headed for Florida rather than Alabama? According to the Times-Dispatch, “The scenario that could put Grant in Florida starts at the Univeristy of Kentucky, where a decision on coach Billy Gillispie’s future is expected today, according to If the Wildcats and Gillispie part ways, as is widely anticipated, there is a possibility that Florida coach Billy Donovan could be persuaded to take the Kentucky job, according to two sources familiar with the situation.”

If Donovan heads to Lexington, then Anthony Grant becomes the favorite to land in Gainesville.

Alabama fans were left watching the clock all day today for an announcement that never came. Most expected an answer to be made public sometime Thursday, but as the hours passed Tide fans heard only silence. Late Thursday afternoon, the Rap Sheet reported Alabama insiders never expected an answer before Friday, and Grant had up to five days to respond.

Only an idiot would create such a situation. Even if Alabama lands Grant, this has to rank as an example of how not to conduct a coaching search. Five days is perhaps the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen. Grant never should have been brought to Tuscaloosa without an agreement. But to give him five days after touring the campus? Absurd! The more I watch Alabama’s athletic department, the more convinced I am that it could be the setting for a Camus novel.


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    I thought the AD learned a lesson after the disaster that led to having to go with Shula as a stop gap. They announced the ‘top five’ candidates they were going after which led to major embarassment since they all turned us down. What a blunder!

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    I think it’s time for both Alabama and Auburn to do some serious cleaning up in the AD department. They’re both an embarrassment to the state’s top two programs.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    They tell things that embarrass them when it doesnt matter. then when they need to be open (textbooks) they are tight lipped. Makes no sense. And I know, Auburns braintrust is just as bad.

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