Report: Grant a leading candidate for UA job

The Mobile Press-Register is reporting that Anthony Grant is now a leading candidate to land the Alabama Crimson Tide coaching job.

According to the Press-Register, “The Crimson Tide has identified Grant as a finalist in the search to replace Mark Gottfried, sources told the Press-Register today. UA officials are also thought to maintain interest in a small number of other prominent coaches such as Missouri’s Mike Anderson, Southern Cal’s Tim Floyd and Minnesota’s Tubby Smith.”

Earlier today, the Tuscaloosa News reported that Alabama would likely contact the VCU coach about the vacant basketball job.

One word of caution, the Rap Sheet reports there is no leading candidate in the coaching search.


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    Okay Capstone Reporters…talk to me. I don’t know much about Anthony Grant, other than Florida wanted him when Eddie Munster left for Orlando then came back. Are we to assume Florida’s athletic director is the end-all in identifying the next super coach? What if he just got lucky with his current football and basketball hires? Afterall, Mal Moore hired Saban, but does anyone really put stock in Moore’s ability to manage the athletic dept? (and Saban was already proven)

    So I’m asking, quick poll…if you could have any of the following candidates, who would it be?

    1.) Anthony Grant
    2.) Mike Anderson
    3.) Tubby Smith

    I’m not including Tom Izzo because that’s just silly. The above three I think are legitimate prospects. Let’s here your answers…

  2. 3

    I’d pick #2. I feel more confident in his track record; however, I’d pick Grant before Tubby Smith. Any of those three would be an improvement.

    As for Florida’s acumen at hiring coaches, I’m going to write a column next week on how amazingly professional Florida’s athletic department is compared to other schools in the SEC. I’d be happy if Alabama were anything like Florida. It goes beyond hiring coaches; it is about the entire culture. But that is a topic for another day. 🙂

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    VA Tide

    I live in Virginia and Anthony Grant would be a great hire. He has turned VCU into a good program in a very small amount of time. He is a great recruiter and Alabama would be wise to get him.

  4. 5

    I’m going to vote for Anderson. The style of play would energize the entire program and fan base. Anderson knows how to pimp a program – it would be nice to have a Coach that promotes and sales the program for a change. That would be Anderson.
    – Tubby would never come here because of his best friend David Hobbs . Don’t you think that David has bad mouthed Alabama on more than a few occasions drinking with Tubby late at night ?
    Grant may have nice reviews and so forth – but VCU is VCU and if he really was that good he would had been gone long ago. Don’t forget that Coaches are Mercenaries. Grant does not have any “wow” factor and dammit this is what Alabama Basketball needs!
    Give the Crown to Anderson ! Hail !

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    E. G. White

    I’m certainly not impressed with Grant. 24 wins is not that impressive anymore and that’s the most he’s ever won. Hell, Gottfreid was what 12-6 when he was released? He could have won 22 to 24 since Pearson went what 7-9? Not sure of those numbers, sorry. Anyway if they’re going to spend 2.5 million, they better hire someone who can get it done! Both Anderson and Izzo are gonna hit 30 wins and make it to at least the sweet 16.

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    E. G. White

    Sports Illustrated reports that the Houston Rockets assistant coach and former Bama star T.R. Dunn is a candidate. First time I’ve seen his name mentioned.

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