Projections, projections for 2009

McElroy likely to start against Va. Tech
Mr. College Football thinks Greg McElroy will lead the Alabama Crimson Tide when it takes the field against Virginia Tech in the Chick-Fil-A College Kickoff game in the Georgia Dome. What does he base that opinion on? Glad you asked.

“Star Jackson, the redshirt freshman, is talented but you can’t start him against a Bud Foster defense,” according to Barnhart.

Barnhart also provides a glimpse at other SEC West teams in today’s blog.

Most anticipated college games for 2009
Can Ole Miss live up to the hype? That will be a big question in 2009’s SEC West race, and it makes games like Alabama’s matchup with Ole Miss a highly anticipated game for the season. According to NBC Sports list of the 20 most anticipated games of 2009, Alabama vs. Ole Miss is 3b.

Bama headed to Fiesta Bowl
We’ve had early looks at the 2009 preseason polls, so why not get our first look at the 2009 bowl games? According to, Alabama is headed to the Fiesta Bowl to face California. Get ready for another strong Tide season, with another BCS bowl, or maybe wait a few more months before making those travel plans. Can you trust a projection that has Auburn headed to the Music City Bowl?

Daniel Moore lawsuit update
Ian Rapoport of the Birmingham News has an update on the University of Alabama’s lawsuit against artist Daniel Moore. In summary, the University continues to use the legal process to harass Mr. Moore. Alabama should do the right thing and end this lawsuit, but I’m not holding my breath because when has Alabama done the right thing in managing its athletic department?


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  1. 1

    errr…I think they gut that picked those bowl projections simply threw out the names of SEC teams who he thought have the coolest uniforms rather than basing them on any kind of rational criteria. He’s got Ole Miss going to the freakin’ Independence Bowl. That means he picks them to finish 8th in the conference, behind even Vandy. Yeah, right.

    BTW, I don’t have any huge issue with picking Bama to go to a BCS bowl. I don’t think it’s all that likley, but I wouldn’t be shocked. Of course, it would require that Saban string together 2 consecutive 10 win seasons for the first time in his 15 years as an “elite” head coach.

  2. 2

    Julio… it’s better than having a coach who fans can’t even compile there very own “top 10 teams” he has beaten in his career. 😛

    Look at Les Miles. He inherited a goldmine of talent, courtesy of Saban. The year that the last of Saban’s talent departs is ironically enough, his worst year at LSU. I think taking over an LSU program that had endured eight losing seasons in the ten years prior, and leading them to the national championship game does consider you an “elite coach”. Imagine how powerful they’d be if he was still there today, NINE years later…

  3. 3

    36, so by your rationale everything Saban accomplished last year should be directly attributed to Mike Shula…afterall, those were Shula’s recruits that Saban was playing with. See how silly that sounds? Coaching does matter, and Miles has gone 42-11 over 4 years in the SEC. I hate to say it, but he’s proven he’s a good coach. He’s also proven that he’s a great recruiter, so the talent will stay at LSU. His biggest problem last year was kicking Perriloux off the team at qb and losing Bo Pellini as DC. He found a solid qb in that freshman by the end of the season, and Chavis will get them in shape on D. Look out for LSU this year.

  4. 4

    Alabama will beat LSU by 14 in Tuscaloosa. Chavis’ defenses became stagnant and predictable. If we had had a QB in 2006 we would have beaten UT in Knoxville and would now be riding a four game winning streak against the Viles. Receiver after receiver was behind their defense in the final three possessions, but Pennington couldn’t find them. We return 9 starters on the most potent defense in the league last season, and while we admittedly have some important holes to fill on offense, by game nine consider them filled. 24-10. At least.

  5. 5
    E. G. White

    Just a typical barner penis envier! Saban made LSWho a NC contender and Miles, being a good coach has kept it going. Shula produced losers in spite of what we now know to be various superb recruits, and Saban in his second year almost won an NC after he added 40 of his own super recruits. As for the ‘elite’ remark – Saban has never been the head coach at an ‘elite’ school before, so plan on seeing various 10+ win seasons strung together from now on! Before you make a bigger fool out of yourself let me inform you that Mich. St. never has been and never will be an ‘elite’ program and LSU has rarely in their past ‘BS’ (Before Saban) averaged higher than 6th place in the SEC. ‘Elite’ programs don’t have 8 losing seasons in a row – even while on severe probation! rtr!

  6. 6

    Julio, you are making comparisons without presenting all the facts AGAIN. Nobody will ever accuse Saban of winning a NC with Shulas recruits, because it didn’t happen. But, on LSUs last NC, 18 or more STARTERS were Sabans recruits. Now Les Miles coached them up, but Saban got them there and Miles was handed a lot better hand to deal with than what Saban had at Bama the first year. There is a difference that you choose not to acknowledge, which is why no one can ever believe anything you post. You are just another biased Auburn homer posting crap on a Bama site.

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