Tuberville campaigning for next coaching job

Former Auburn Tiger coach Tommy Tuberville is already campaigning for his next coaching job. A story profiles the not-so-out-of-work coach. In it we learn he is enjoying his vacation by spending time with his family, which included a trip to the Gulf Coast. We also learn he’ll be speaking at spring clinics including one at Notre Dame. We can’t forget his potential television duties at ESPN. So, he’s got some things to keep him busy not least of which is counting all that buyout money. (Off topic question, what bank does Tuberville keep his millions in? I’m betting it isn’t Colonial Bank.)

That’s nice, but the real point of the article is that Tuberbville is tanned and rested and ready to go. The article could serve as a nomination for Tuberville to land a potential Miami vacancy. The Hurricanes need new leadership as the Randy Shannon experiment isn’t looking like a success, and Tuberville’s record is impressive, both at Auburn and as a Miami assistant.

Tuberville would also benefit being at a program like Miami—a place he wouldn’t have to exert so much energy securing his own rear from the regular threat of a coup.

Another school mentioned was Texas A&M. It is a possibility if things go badly for the Aggies, but Tuberville would be far less effective there due to the competition surrounding the Aggies; it would be a situation much like Auburn in the SEC with strong conference rivals in-state and in close proximity out-of-state. Such a scenario requires more hustle, could Tuberville hustle again on the recruiting trail? The Miami job makes the most sense, and it looks like Tuberville is ready if the job is offered.