NCAA after UAB?

The University of Alabama at Birmingham could face an NCAA investigation of its men’s basketball program, according to the Legal Schnauzer blog. According to the report, “the inquiry dates to the end of Coach Mike Anderson’s tenure (he’s now at Missouri) and the arrival of current coach Mike Davis. NCAA investigators reportedly have visited with one of Davis’ close personal associates.”

UAB’s basketball program has been its crown jewel‚ sparkling amidst the garbage of the athletic department like the joke that is UAB football. Unlike the football program, the basketball program was something the school and community could take pride in. NCAA problems could taint that too.

You can thank UAB’s leadership over the last twenty years for all these problems. President after president has failed the university, and now Carol Garrison is presiding over a sinking ship.

UAB football has been a rat hole where dollars were wasted, and students weren’t making academic progress. Last year, the football program lost eight scholarships and the basketball program lost two scholarships because of the school’s pathetic Academic Progress Rate (APR).

UAB was once known for its academics. It was a place where students attended college with the purpose of getting a degree—they weren’t interested in college sports, or the distractions of campus life. UAB students were a mix of adults returning for further education and dedicated undergraduates with a focus on academics.

The APR fiasco stained that positive reputation. UAB administrators in an attempt to irritate the University of Alabama betrayed its rich history to become a football factory—a failed football factory.

UAB is a football school where 10 people show up to watch a game. UAB is a football school that has done nothing in its existence to warrant continuation of Blazer football. It should be closed and those resources diverted to other University projects.

It would be nice to say those resources should go to the basketball program—for years the basketball program brought honor to the school (despite the inane ramblings of Gene Bartow and his crackpot conspiracy theories.) That honor has evaporated through incompetent leadership at the highest levels.

The University of Alabama System should fire UAB president Carol Garrison before it is too late. Everyday new revelations emerge of trouble on Southside. To quote that great philosopher, it is time to “Nip it” before any more damage is done. Fire Garrison. End the football program, and if things don’t improve, end the basketball program. With a deep economic recession this is no time to waste money. Save UAB before it is too late. It is too important to the state to let it languish.