Recruiting update & coaches’ language

Alabama landed a commitment Monday from North Gwinnett offensive lineman Austin Shepherd. Shepherd, 6’4”, 310 lbs., said the committment included a promise not to take any additional visits.

“He just wanted to be certain that I’m committed to their school,” Shepherd told the AJC. “I am 100 percent committed to Alabama and I’m not taking any more visits.”

Worry about coarse language from coaches?
Nick Saban has taken some heat for using coarse language to deliver his message (sometimes even on radio), but this time Urban Meyer is getting the negative attention for a profanity laced speech at a coaching clinic in Pennsylvania. According to the Orlando Sentinel’s David Whitley, Meyer’s language earned the coach some harsh criticism. “He’s being called a slime-ball and worse, which he doesn’t deserve. Meyer is a good Catholic and runs as clean and disciplined a program as any football superpower,” Whitley wrote.

Oddly enough, when Saban delivered a speech to a coaching clinic, it didn’t contain any profanity. “Funny, I heard Nick Saban talk on the same subject at a Nike clinic in Orlando two weeks ago. I expected Slick Nick to burn a few ears. I can’t recall a single S-bomb, and the message still seemed to resonate with the 300 or so coaches in the ballroom,” Whitley wrote.

Just wait until Lane Kiffin gets this information! Will Kiffin turn Meyer in for cussing?


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    You know. What ever happened to ethics ? Lettin a few fly on the field is one thing. But spewing s bombs f bombs an sob bombs at a clinic is another. And yes, Nicky needs his mouth washed out with some Lifeboy. Not Palmolive .

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