Les Koenning says SEC looks impressive

Chris Low has an interview with Mississippi State’s Les Koenning posted on Low’s ESPN blog. You probably remember him from Dennis Franchione’s Alabama staff. He’s back in the SEC now, and provides a very interesting take on how the SEC and Big 12 are different—I’m sure it isn’t a shock, but he points to defense.

Chris Low: How much has the SEC changed since you were last coaching in the league?
LK: It’s a speed league now more than ever. You’ve got people who can go, and I mean everywhere on defense. You look at this league on film and it’s pretty impressive. To combat that, you’ve got to have some speed, too. I was over in the Big 12 and it’s a good league. There’s some good football teams over there, but the thing I noticed in this league more than I did over in the Big 12 were the defenses. Texas Tech has done an outstanding job, but when they went over and played Ole Miss … that was a pretty eye-opening deal.