Saban declares ownership of Iron Bowl

Via the BamaBeat @ Saban said this to the crowd as the Crimson Tide accepted the Foy-ODK Sportsmanship Trophy for winning the Iron Bowl: “This is an honor for the University of Alabama and everyone associated with the University of Alabama that we have this trophy in our possession for this year and many years to come.”

Many years to come. Locker room material?

UPDATE: YouTube video of the trophy presentation with Saban’s comments


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    It’s the truth, the whole truth and nut’in but the truth and the Auturds no it. Maybe Aub could get a rivalry going with Vandy and maybe, just maybe they could have the trophy sometimes with Mr. 5 and 19.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    And how is this ANY different than Tubbs fingers ? It dont bother me. He was speaking his mind. Firing up his base. The only difference was that Tubbs did it in a warzone to boost troop morale. Saban did it in Alabama to boost the crimson necks morale.

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    Tubs did it with his photographer in a war zone to boost his popularity back home with mommas and daddies because he is/was getting his ass beat in recruiting

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    Ballplay, when you say you are going to do something, and you back it up it is not trash talking. It is stating what you want to do. He said when he got here he wanted to dominate another program in this state. And with recruiting and the last Iron bowl, he has done just that.

    But when you beat your chest and act like an idiot holding up fingers, constantly taking shots at your rival and such, it makes you look really stupid if you don’t back it up. I don’t care much for the smack talk when it comes from coaches. If Auburn needs to use this for motivation, then that tells you a lot about the state of Auburn fans psyche. I know ya’ll just need a sliver of something to have hope for the future.

    Bamaman, you nailed it. It was also why Franklin was hired to begin with. I think Tubbs seen the writing on the wall when he realized he wasn’t going to beat Saban in recruiting.

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    Brando, Tubs was holding fingers up for years starting in 2005. You talk as though last summer in the Mideast was the first time he did it. (Remember the big fuss about him wearing the “fear the thumb” t-shirt??) Tubs backed it up for a long time, but that didn’t keep you bammers from crying about it every second that he was doing it. Now you want to say that it’s ok to brag and talk smack as long as you back it up. (BTW, I agree with that statement.) As usual it’s great and wonderful if Saban does it, but it’s immoral and wrong if Auburn does the exact same thing. Wake up and smell your own hypocrisy.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    If anyones mental health suffered, it was the bama fans ego for the 6 years previous to last year. You say its not smack if you back it up ? Well dudes, last year in the desert was about the 3rd straight year he had been holding up some digits. So , uh, I would have to say he backed it up. For an awefully long time. And Brandy. I believe you read too much into the whole thing. I doubt that Tubbs had an alterior motive. But hey, so what if he did? You Bammers are the Kings of the thin skinned.

    As far as Saban goes. Like Bama said. Show me , dont tell me. He handed us our butts last year. To the victors go the spoils. Bring on the smack. Just dont run down a man for doing something positive, and try to make it into a negative. Thats a crock of crap.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    julio, great minds think alike dont they ? I didnt even see your post.

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    Our only problem, Julio, was the way Tubbs behaved while beating a hapless rival. If you honestly believe that was a fair fight for most of those six years, you sincerely don’t know a thing about football and I will lose any respect I’ve accumulated for you. Holding up fingers to brag about beating a crippled program is no different from slapping the blind kid at school and bragging to your friends that you “won a fight.”

    The difference is, in two years, with zero scholarship limitations, Saint Nick has shut your program down. He caused Tubbs to panic and hire a flash-in-the-pan coordinator, which ultimately became his undoing. He’s owned the state in recruiting, sealing two straight top five classes while getting the top players at their positions according to most recruiting services. And he bent Auburn over to the tune of 36-0. At the lowest of our lows, including the eleven sack Iron Bowl, Auburn was NEVER able to dominate and humiliate Alabama the way we did you last November. And to boot, Auburn then hires a Shula-esque replacement for Tubby who had an incredible overall record in the SEC, against top ten opponents, and a 2-game winning streak against the defending national champions.

    Saban has done something, but you will never see him hoist fingers in the air or don shirts with scores on them. Tubby didn’t but still did those things, and now your program is a punchline. Your only saving grace is that Tennessee and Lane Kiffen steals all the headlines.

    And yes, the FOY trophy will remain in Tuscaloosa for a while.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    ITK……..More “weakened state” B.S. ? Please give that crap rest. You guys are good now because you dimwitted B.O.T. finally hired the best coach they could afford, that wasnt “in da familee”….Period. You guys sucked because of sucky coaching. Period. Stupid decisions by the higher ups. I mean heck. We could try the same lame arguement. Lets see………………Uh, ITK your win last year doesnt count because we sucked. …………..See how stupid that sounds ? Bama may well be a dominant team in the country. Congrats. You see, that is what happens when great coaches are hired.When sucky coaches are hired , you suck. Very simple IMO.

    You act like Auburn went 12-1 last year, with the only loss to Bama. Dude, we sucked last year, and it had nothing to do with Bama. So please quit trying to say that the only reason Auburn was good is because Bama used to suck. It only makes you look like an idiot.

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    Julio, Saban wasn’t holding up any fingers. He wasn’t wearing a funny T-shirt. He is not encouraging the fans to be assholes. Big difference. But it is smack talk, and I don’t like to see coaches do it. Tuberville and Terry Bowden were some of the worst ones to be cheesy and act like kids with it. That is what I am talking about. What I think is funny is that after Terry Bowden and then Tubbs, the Auburn people are getting bent out of shape over the minor things that Saban says. Dumb ass Auburn fans like yourself want to make the comparison that it is not any different, but I think there is a big difference in the smack Saban has done than Tubbs and Bowden did. Ballplay and you are the big hypocrites about it.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    I cant speak for julio. but you appearantly have selected reading syndrome. I said it DOESNT bother me. What bothers me is the double standard you live by. And there is no reason to call any one a dummass. See the difference ?

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    Brando, for the last time…I DONT CARE IF SABAN TALKS SMACK. I’m not complaining in the slightest. I think it’s funny that Bear called Auburn a cow college. I think it’s funny how Bear took repeateed jabs at AU all through his autobiography (remember the quote “what’s the matter honey, don’t you people take your football seriously over there?.) That’s the spirit of college fb. I’m simply pointing out your own hypocrisy and how flawed your argument because Saban is doing the same thing. You know what holding up fingers mean?? It means we own you. You know what proclaiming at a bb game the trophy will remain here for a long time means?? It means we own you. Same thing. You’re just trying to split semantic hairs about the manner in which the exact same message is rubbed in the opponent’s face.

    ITK, ballplay pretty much spelled out my response to your comments. Do you seriously not realize that we can throw the exact same argument in your face that you threw in ours for 6 years? Has a team ever been more freakin “crippled” than AU was at the end of the year? If you say Auburn made a “Shula-esque” hire in Chizik, does that now mean that any victory Bama has over Chizik doesn’t count because Auburn was crippled by a lousy coach?

    P.S. You can concentrate on the margin of victory all you want. I’ll take 6 close wins in a row over a single lopsided loss any day of the week. So would you, if you’re honest. If not, you’re an idiot.

  13. 13

    Julio: All I have to say is 6 wins is all you have on Bama in a very long time of Bama dominance over Auburn. That is why it means so much to you guys. You have a flash of being good from time to time, and that is about it. It burns you Auburn people up if Bama gets any kind of recognition for anything. If you were really honest with yourself you would realize which team in this state has the most storied traditions and players over a long history. Auburn can’t match Bama in any of that. But you guys think that you are equal with Bama in every aspect, and that is not true. Only ignorant Auburn fans like you want to discount the Bear Bryant years like they don’t mean anything, only what has happened after. You probably won’t like what the next few years will bring either. What are you gonna do if Bama puts 6 on you guys? It won’t be the first time it has happened, like it was for you guys. The Golden Age of Auburn football has just passed you by and you don’t even realize it yet.

  14. 15
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    How am I a hypocrite ? Define.

    You only prove my point.

    Brandy is the

  15. 18

    Julio, how was Aub crippled with a ten year head coach and all those asst’s that have been with him for so long and no schlorship losses? Surely you do not think Tubby firing Franklin compares to what the NCAA handed us and Franchione bailing starting the worse decade in our history, if you do, you are a delusional idiot. . . .never mind you are an idiot anyway.

  16. 19

    BM, as usual, the point flies directly over your head. The point is that Auburn fans DON’T make excuses for losses, whereas bammers do for every loss they have ever endured. I don’t discount Bama’s victory over Auburn last year due to the off. coordinator fiasco. Unlike you bammers, I will acknowledge that our coaching fiasco was caused by our own incompetence rather than blaming Phil Fulmer or the NCAA. I’m simply illustrating the bammer logic of making excuses to make the point. It’s funny how pi$$ed you bammers get when soemone uses your own logic against you.

  17. 20

    Julio says March 5th 3:26pm: The point is Auburn fans DON’T make excuses for losses. . . .

    Julio says March 5th 9:23am: Has a team ever been more freakin “crippled” than AU was at the end of the year?

    Julio = HYPOCRITE

  18. 21

    Julio, I will bet your mama has an excuse for why you even exist. You spend all your time trying find an excuse to explain away why Auburn is more relevant than Bama.

    I hear you Bamaman! Julio never lets the facts get in the way of his BS. I just think it is funny that these people come on a Bama site, and the think they can convince us that all the crap they say is true and all, but it is a waste of time. Talk about being a dumbass, these Auburn guys here have got it nailed down. I don’t think they get it.

    Julio, to use Auburn logic would be an oxymoron. You guys have the most disillusioned fan base on the planet. And most insecure. You and you Auburn goons here prove it over and over again. And Omni, Ballplay, LARRY C or woodie, whatever you are, I know you want to say something, and I am sure will, ya’ll can all suck it. The fact is you guys are coming on to a Bama site, and everyone one of you guys have bitched and whined about something you didn’t like. This is a BAMA site. SO you all look pretty stupid coming here complaining.

    You all know I don’t like Auburn, but I have NEVER felt the urge to go to an Auburn site to try to set them straight. I could care less what an Auburn site says about Bama. I can pretty much guess, because the Auburn fan mentality is not a very complex thing to understand. To pull for Auburn is to hate Alabama with all of your might. That is all you need to know about being an Auburn fan right there.

  19. 22

    BM, once again the point still escapes you. julio’s says on march 5th at 3:26 pm:

    “I don’t discount Bama’s victory over Auburn last year due to the off. coordinator fiasco. Unlike you bammers, I will acknowledge that our coaching fiasco was caused by our own incompetence rather than blaming Phil Fulmer or the NCAA.”

    See, if you’ll actually read something with an open mind rather than simply glance at the name of the author and assume you know the content, you might GET the point occasionally.

  20. 23

    Julio: Break it down in simplest form: You are an Auburn fan, who obviously has an infatuation with Bama. You try to dig at Bama over every little thing, and try to disprove the facts about Bamas history every chance you get. Bamaman has you pegged by calling you out on saying you don’t make excuses. But that is what you do all the time. It is funny of you saying you have to take the whole thing and have an open mind, yet you always want to use only the facts or statistics that make your case. Leave out the facts or stats that don’t help your case. You want to leave out parts that tell the whole story also, so you are calling the kettle black. But we really appreciate your concern and interest in the Crimson Tide.

  21. 24

    Julio, the point didn’t escape me, I only posted what you said. Any reader can take it how their mind understands what you wrote. It looks like a hypocritical contradiction to me, but I am sure to a dilusional Aubbie obsessing on a Bama site it means something entirely different. Btw, I agree with Brando, I have never been to an Aub site and could care less what those inbreds are saying, I am dealing with what you inbreds are saying here. Julio, you are the only one that gets your “points”.

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