Most irritating coaches

Who are the most irritating coaches in the SEC? Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution shares his thoughts today at

Gene Chizik comes in low on the irritation scale at #10. However, Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin top the list. According to Bradley, Saban is irritating because he makes all that money and wins. Kiffin on the other hand irritates people because he is stupid. According to Bradley, “He thinks the way to win is to talk trash and recruit hard. If your record as a head coach was 5-15, you’d think that, too. But he has already frosted so many people — including some who work in his athletics department — that he’d better win big immediately or he’ll be gone by 2011.”


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    Lame Kiffin would be the epitome of an idiot!! His best time was at usc being an oc. And he should have stayed at usc! He showed us nothing short of just “horrible” at the Raiders. However, he wants to come to the SEC and talk smack about Saban, Meyer, and Spurrier!! LOL Good luck Lame K. Urban and Saban will gladly hand him his ass and make him smile about it. This could be the 2nd coming of Johnny Majors!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    What is hilarious to me is how all the Tennessee fans are actively telling one another (and other fanbases) that the only reason anyone is talking bad about Kiffin is because they are scared and worried because he his making everyone nervous. I was more worried with Fulmer there than Kiffin.

    In reality, all the other SEC schools fans are pretty much questioning why Tennessee hired this guy to start with, but no one is complaining. I for one am glad that they hired such an obvious idiot. It should set their program back even further in the long run. We will all be a little sad when he is fired in 2 years.

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    Warbloggle is an Idiot

    I say we all wear #12 Stabler Jerseys to the UT game and dog cuss Kiffin and Thompson.

    I’m going to get there early and ask Lance Thompson why he’s so scared of a little redhead lady divorce lawyer in Tuscaloosa.

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