Sports talk show host sent to prison

Scott McKinney was sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday for fraud. McKinney pled guilty to 11 counts of fraud and grand theft. Investors in a business run by McKinney charged the talk show host sold more than 100% of the business, and then used money intended for the business to pay personal expenses.

According to a report from, “Circuit Court Judge Thomas Remington was not moved by the “voluminous letters” he said he’d received from McKinney supporters. He gave McKinney the stiffest penalty he could under a plea arrangement reached Jan. 2.”

Comments on the website were interesting. One of the best offered a novel approach to punishment: thedeadtalkback wrote: “He should be forced to listen to reruns of his talk show continuously while he’s locked up. OOPS!… that would be considered inhumane punishment!”

Ouch. Internet critics can be tough.