Look for a QB race this spring

Eight In The Box provides a summary of what Antoine Caldwell had to say about the Alabama Crimson Tide’s starting quarterback situation.

He said it would be a tossup entering spring. “He gave Greg McElroy the edge in having a better grasp of the offense because he has been around longer, but he said that if Star hits the playbook hard then the competition will be tight this spring,” according to the blog. There is more to read there on the QB situation and Caldwell’s experience at the NFL combine. Check it out.


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    A race ? Some one had better tell Brando, tmc1, and Bamaman. They are under the impression that McElroy is Namath, Starr, and Stabler, all rolled into one. But I guess its possible that yall could have two quarterbacks of that caliber on the same team. After all , you are Bama.

  2. 2

    Ballplay, can’t wait to see Larry, Moe and Curly aka Burns,Todd and Caudle. Yall would just not be the same comedy act without all three getting in after all yall are the national punchline Auburn.

  3. 3

    Star will get plenty of playing time and look for him to be a well oiled machine when he is on the field.Nick will have this young pup ready you better believe that.Star will be involved in this offense very much so in o9.

  4. 4

    JW, I believe that also, the job will be his to lose, he is going to be positioned by Saban to have the time to play just like he did Jamarcus Russell

  5. 5

    There you go Ballplay, putting words in peoples mouths again. Not once did I say that McElroy was the second coming of Namath. I just said the reasoning that McElroy is going to be bad because he couldn’t beat out JPW is flawed, because JPW was a senior and McElroy was a sophomore. An experienced senior QB will play over an inexperienced sophomore most of the time. I will reserve my judgement on McElroy when/if he wins the starting job and actually plays a few games. You are just an idiot.

  6. 6

    Gee Brando, I’m a little confused…first you defend Shane for saying that Bama’s qb play will be “much improved” in 2009 with McElroy at the helm (remember that he will throw for 3K yds, 25 td’s and only 5 int’s); now you’re saying that you will “reserve judgment” on McElroy until he wins the job and plays a few games. So tell us, do you believe McElroy will have an all SEC caliber season as you said earlier in the week, or will you wait and see if he can even win the job? Kinda hard to get a read on what you think.

  7. 8

    Julio, you are always a little confused.I have a question for you, which dysfunctional qb is the farm going to use? If it is not Kodi, Malzahn is in for a ass whipping from Kodi’s mammy. Why are you so concerned about which Bama qb will be embarassing Aub in their house this year? Btw did I mention 36-0?

  8. 9

    BM, nice reference to an African American athlete’s mother as a “mammy”. Any other racial slurs you care to enlighten us with this afternoon?

  9. 10
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    julio. Ive said it before , facts are like kryptonite to a bammer. Call them out on something they said thats undisputable. They run to the hills with the “36-0” retort.

  10. 11

    Ballplay, I guess BM’s been hanging out with tmc and his “klan” too much lately. That was almost as bad as tmc’s comment about Senderrick Marks looking at “white women”.

  11. 12

    Julio, I thought mammy was the name Aub uses all the time, since yall are the most racist school in the south.

    Ballplay, and as usual Julio is only worried about all things Bama and does not answer any question that he cannot paint orange and blue. But since you mentioned it, did I mention 36-0?

  12. 14

    Oh yea did I mention that NONE of you bummer asswhipes KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOUR TALKING about you come on this blog AND others and write your nightly PRAYERS out, riddled with insults and BLANK promises. AND BM you stupid backwoods moonshine drinking bummer. uat and its fanbase is right up there with OL MISS for racism. Check your facts and then hurl your insults ….


  13. 15

    Omni, was it not you that said I would eat my retarded ass words about Trent Richardson going to FL? Looks like your the one that don’t know what the hell your talking about. And since your the one throwing the first insults, bring it on you liberal inbred barnie homo. And a UTE is the team that beat the team that embarassed the barn 36-0 36-0 36-0 36-0 36-0 36-0 36-0 heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheehheheehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

    Roll Tide Baby!!!!!!

  14. 16

    “I thought mammy was the name Aub uses all the time, since yall are the most racist school in the south.” So BM, I guess you admit that you were dropping a racial slur when you used the word “mammy”. Glad you could peel yourself away from your aryan nation and skinhead websites to come and drop a post on this blog. You are a fine representative of the capstone.

  15. 17

    I admit that your a lowlife obsessed Bama wannabe. You are the only dickhead on here that tried to make it something it wasn’t, but that is your mo, live on big brothers website and never even visited your loser website. Do everybody a favor and get lost pansy ass.

  16. 20

    Yeah Julio and your a obsessed little peckerhead, ain’t ya PeeWeeHerman

    Omni, I personally do not hunt, that would be your lover Ballplay that claims to always go hunting. So stick to what you know which is nothing jackass

  17. 23

    But it still doesnt explain how you guys jump the “THOUGHT OF THE DAY” Like its original and change your whole thought process? Every time one of about 3 bummers in here make a statement…BAMM its your new idea of how uat football is gonna go! Now simply what is the answer to this question? McElroy…Man or no?

  18. 24

    I know many Auburn fans who have already turned their allegiance to Bama after the repeated racial tensions on the Plains. Last years white/black fights along with the hiring of an unqualified coach with a horrible record over a overqualified winner because of their skin color(and their spouse)has made Auburn the national “Plantation School”. Why would any self repecting black family send their black son to the middle of no where in south Alabama where racism is prevalent? Things are not getting better in Auburn and are not going to until the Board of Trustees/klansmen are removed. You can claim Bama a racist school all you want but no one believes it, even you.

  19. 25

    errrrr, Nate…who the hell said Bama was a racist school? I said BM is a racist. As to your moronic comments about not hiring Turner Gill, the exact same thing could be said (and a much stronger argument made) about hiring Shula over Croom. Does that hire make Bama a racist school? BTW, don’t know if you noticed, but 5 of Auburn’s 9 asst. coaches are black (highest in the SEC). That might be one little reason that a “self respecting black family” would choose Auburn. As to Turner Gill, why don’t you go ask Tom Osborne why he didn’t hire him as head coach at Nebraska at the end of the 07 season?? For God sakes, Gill was an All American QB at Nebraska under Osborne, and then was an asst. coach at Nebraska for about ten more years. If Osborne, who knows Gill as a coach and player better than anyone on earth, wouldn’t hire Gill at his own alma mater, why in the #@$! would Auburn hire the guy when he’s never even played or coached anywhere near the SEC?? P.S. How many black coaches did Bama consider after Shula got fired??

  20. 26

    Turner Gill WAS 7 and 17 his first 2 years aT Buffalo and ub his 3rd year he with a 7 and 5 HAIL MARY pass he won a MAC championship….. A FUKN MAC are you Kidding me? He isnt Qualified for ANY SEC school much less AU .. Dude talk fACTS not racial charged BS!! rookie bummer!


  21. 28
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Ill say it ……………Bama is a racist school. Do you not remember 9th grade Alabama history? Guvna Wallace in the doorway ? “Segregation today, segregation tommorrow, segregation forever!!!!!!!”. It was 1984 or so when I was in 9th grade , and it was already on the history books. One reason I became an Auburn fan. Well……..One of the many reasons.

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