Escalation in the Battle of Memphis

The cold war in Memphis has escalated with news the Crimson Caravan will make a stop in the city. The Rap Sheet, has the list of stops:
Stop 1 — Huntsville, AL on April 23rd and held at the Von Braun Center
Stop 2 — Memphis, TN on April 28th and held at the Peabody Hotel
Stop 3 — Birmingham, AL on April 30th and held at the Cahaba Grand
Stop 4 — Mobile, AL on May 5th and held at the Battle House
Stop 5 — Jackson, MS on May 7th and held at the Marriott Jackson
Stop 6 — Panama City, FL on May 12th and held at the Marriott Bay Point
Stop 7 — Montgomery, AL on May 14th and held at the Renaissance Hotel & Spa
Stop 8 — Atlanta, GA on May 19th and held at the Gwinnett Center

Anyone think Nick Saban had a hand in this plan?

How will the boy blunder, Lane Kiffin, respond? Grab your popcorn and wait. The fireworks are sure to start soon.