Anywhere but Legion Field

The Rap Sheet posted a poll Tuesday asking where the Super Six should be held. I vote anywhere but Legion Field. It is hard to write that since I loved the environment of Legion Field for the state football championship. There is something magical about walking into a place filled with such history.

However, Legion Field is a disaster for holding such an event. I came to that realization when the Super Six was held at the Hoover Met. Restaurants and hotels were convenient to the field. The environment was more conducive to enjoying the experience.

Birmingham is the best place for the Super Six and the basketball Final Four due to its central location, but Mobile has its own charm and a Tuscaloosa-Auburn partnership presents the chance to see high school students playing in the football showplaces of the state.

I won’t be heartbroken to see the Super Six leave Legion Field. I would hate to see the basketball Final Four heading out of town. The BJCC is a great setting for high school basketball—unlike Legion Field, it doesn’t feel like it is about to collapse.


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